D.G. Kaye speaks! #Womens #Empowering #Summit Live!

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post here promoting The Womens Empowering Summit. This summit is hosted by divorce coach Heather Debreceni. In the summit, Heather interviewed 23 certified experts who spoke about the topic of women going through divorce and how to handle the children who tend to get caught in the crossfire. I was ecstatic when Heather chose me, an author, to add to her esteemed panel of interviewees.


Heather found me while doing a search on the subject and she came across my book Conflicted Hearts, my memoir on growing up in an emotionally unstable home and living with guilt from a narcissistic mother.

You can listen to the live interview by pressing the play button here:


In our interview I discuss the turmoil a child can have to endure while growing up in a broken home when parents tend to get so wrapped up in their own conflicts and forget to tend to their children’s emotional needs.

Please feel free to listen to the interview and come back here and comment, or perhaps leave me a question. This is my first public interview, and I have to admit, I still have my stage fright even though I wasn’t on camera. It was a great experience, both emotionally fulfilling, and a step into speaking publicly.


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