#Women’s #Health Week – Saving your own Life


Sally Cronin from www.smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com is doing a wonderful series on Women’s Health and has graciously asked me to contribute one of my health issue stories to her series. Please take note that what happened to me certainly can apply to anyone, not just women.

“Welcome to the second post in the feature today and I am so pleased that author D.G. Kaye accepted my invitation to guest post. She shares her story about a health issue that could have gone unnoticed at great risk to her life.”


Connecting the Dots by D.G. Kaye.

It was the tiniest of dots; not much bigger than the size of a pinhead. Most people wouldn’t even have paid it any mind. But I am not most people.

As a girl who has experienced her fair share of health concerns, I made a pact with myself to practice a healthier lifestyle and to become more in-tuned with my body. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a hypochondriac, but because I have been challenged with cervical cancer, glaucoma, and a near fatal diagnosis of Crohn’s disease at the age of forty, my instincts instruct me to pay close attention to any suspicious “red flags” that capture my attention. . . READ MORE by clicking on the link below: