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I’ve had a busy social weekend, and any writing time I’ve had I’ve used to work on my newest WIP. And I specifically keep some great reblogs in draft just for occasions like today for when I didn’t have time to write a post.

I came across this article from Aurora Jean Alexander awhile back on how sitting too long affects writers, where Aurora shares some great suggestions on how to combat the sitting slump. I found this helpful and hope you all do too.

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Writer’s Illness – What Sitting Too Long Is Doing To Your Body

It seems writers are at high risk due to their sitting job, to get different illnesses caused by sitting too long.

Who of us doesn’t know the situation that just when we are writing a particularly demanding scene in our book, we have to get up? Our back hurts, our eyes burn, our legs seem to be on fire, our feet are numb, and we have to go to the bathroom. And still, we ignore all these signs that scream at us to get up and walk around, and we continue concentrating on finishing our scene rather than giving our body some relief.

Studies show that sitting too long can cause serious injuries and damage to our body and can even kill us.

Some of us, in our long writing careers, can face health problems like:

  • weight gain, weak muscles, and resulting diabetes
  • poor blood circulation, possibly causing thrombosis, heart disease, cancer, and even brain damage
  • posture problems, resulting in chronic neck and lower back pain
  • eyesight problems
  • anxiety and depression

In other words, this means: sitting in front of a computer like a pretzel, hour after hour isn’t doing our bodies much good. Continue reading to see what you can do to alleviate . . .


Source: Writer’s Illness – What Sitting Too Long Is Doing To Your Body – Writer’s Treasure Chest