Writer’s Tips – Author’s Toolbox, Scams, Search Engines, Freelance Writing and More!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my Writing Tips edition. This is the first post I’m sharing of 2020 on tips this year since I was on a winter hiatus. I picked out some posts I found had great information along my blog and newsletter reading, and I think  all writers will find these posts helpful in some way. There’s always something in my tips that you may not need now, but more than likely you will need at some point in your writing career, so you may want to create a folder for yourself in your files or in an app file for future reference. I personally, have all my reference files in the Evernote app, in case you’re looking for a recommendation. (No, this isn’t a sponsored ad, just trying to be helfpful.)




Google Keep – a great note taking tool by Jacqui Murray (I use this on my phone. It comes in handy for making lists of things to remember.)




Anne R. Allen with some great information on Publishing Scams to beware of:

10 New Publishing Scams to Watch Out for in 2020



The Bookdesigner demonstrates how to use Amazon’s Search Engine

Amazon is a Search Engine–Make Your Book an Easy-to-Find Product



Deborah Jay has some terrific information on how to get our books in more categories




Anne R. Allen again, with great tips on how to write a good Query Letter

How to Write a Professional, Not-Embarrassing Query to an Agent, Reviewer, Editor, or Blogger



Janice Wald from Mostlyblogging.com sharing some freelance writing websites




Doris Heilmann of 111 Publishing offers some interesting tips on how to get more exposure for our books

Sweepstakes: Getting Your Book Message Viral



Nicholas Rossis has an excellent share for creating your  Online Signature for documents you have to send back signed



I hope you find these tips as helpful as I have.




#Writing Tips – 595 Power Words for #Writers, Book Cover Elements, Downloadable Fonts

This week’s edition of my Writer’s Tips are jam-packed full of goodies for writers and authors. You’ll find excellent tips from Anne R. Allen’s blog, free font downloads courtesy of Natalie Ducey, everything you want to know about choosing and making book covers, and more. There’s a ton of great info here I’ve bookmarked to include in this post. Of course, we can’t remember everything so do yourselves a favor and bookmark to file these articles because you will wish you had them to refer back to at some point. 😊




Wonderful post from Anne R. Allen and Ruth Harris with some wise advice from some of the greats- The Secret Power of the Delete Button



An informative post from Anne R. Allen with some helpful tips on how to make your blogs stand out with great content with how to’s on highlighting, fonts, headings and more!  https://annerallen.com/2019/03/how-to-write-web-content/




A handy PDF free to download with a huge list of words to extend your vocabulary


Source: 595 Power Words That’ll Instantly Make You a Better Writer • Smart Blogger



Free Fonts to download to beautify your blog, shared by Natalie Ducey-Smith  https://designbundles.net/free-design-resources/flourish-dividers-and-text-frames/rel=7cbuor




Part 2 from Natalie Ducey-Smith – How to download those fonts



How to create your D2D Author page by Doris Heilmann of Savvy Bookwriters






Great tips from the Kindlepreneur – Dave Chesson on how to create the right elements and fonts for your book covers.




Nicholas Rossis shares a great 3D Mockup bookcover site to help you create your promos





And last for this edition is a worthy article to bookmark with a wealth of information for authors – 50+ Publishing resources on everything from editing services to distribution and book cover design services to marketing tools plus more!



50+ Publishing Resources You Should Know About