Taking An Overdue Break

st. martin

As many of you who follow me all know. Last year and the first part of this one has been quite busy for me. Besides putting out three books in just under a year and writing here, I’ve had my share of ‘life’ to contend with. We searched for a place to rent, put our house for sale, packed up and began moving before year’s end. We buried too many loved ones and right now my only living aunt is terminally ill, unexpectedly, living on borrowed weeks. Needless to say, I will be taking a long overdue vacation this week, and I’ll be back mid-February.

more balcony

I just wanted you all to know that it may be a bit quiet from my end during this break, but I won’t leave you high and dry. I have been putting together some terrific reblogs from some talented writers and storing them in my drafts and will aim to put up two posts a week.

writing moving girl

I plan to get to my laptop twice a day, for a limited time as internet can prove to be a bit wonky at sea sometimes, not to mention, last year’s cruise, I couldn’t even access my own website. Apparently the ship’s satellite recognized my site as ‘unsafe’ lol and wouldn’t allow me to log in. That left me with waiting until I got to a port with wifi, and schlep my laptop around an island with me for a day in order to get into my site. Sheesh, I hope I am treated better than spam this time, lol.

So, as always, I will try my best to get to my comments and most likely many blogs I follow may suffer a lack of my visits, but don’t be surprised if I surface somewhere unexpectedly!

more ship view aruba

For now I will say Bon Voyage as I get ready for a little sand and sea. And I’m sure I will have some interesting tales and photos when I return!