Which Language Do You Write?- Canadian vs. American English


I just wanted to share another reblog from Diane Tibert, because as a Canadian writer, I feel it is important to share this discussion with other writers, particularly Canadian writers. It is in regards to writing in Canadian spelling versus U.S. Have a look and feel free to comment.

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Diana Tibert

I hadn’t realised it, but when I was skeptical, I was wrong.

Instead of skeptical, I really wanted to be sceptical. Yeah, that’s right. As a Canadian who strives for Canadian English, I should have used C instead of K. But as far as I remember, I had never spelt the word this way before. But then again, maybe I did while in school.

Sometimes the greatest influence on our English language in Nova Scotia is from the United States. It doesn’t help that some English teachers are ignorant to our Canadian spellings. We grow up hearing one spelling or another or both and by the time we’re my age we’re totally confused by the way certain words are spelt.

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