Writing—So Easy a Caveman Can Do It | Kristen Lamb’s Blog


This is a great article written by Kristen Lamb on her observance on how writers are taken lightly and most times for granted.

When the words flow beautifully in a book or a movie the writing is sometimes overlooked and taken for granted but heaven help us if there are mistakes, we are going to hear about it.

Kristen also brings up the question about why Indie musicians are admired by people yet the stigma is still there for the Indie author.

I love this article and have often wondered about much of the same. Kudos to you Kristen for standing up for all authors. You hit the nail on the head when you said our words are taken for granted and without them, there would be no good movies, books and articles.

Her post is a most interesting read for readers and writers alike.


Writing—So Easy a Caveman Can Do It | Kristen Lamb’s Blog.