How One Amateur Blogger Improved Her Writing with an SEO Plugin – ALWAYS WRITE

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Today I’m sharing another interesting article from my blogging friend Marsha Ingrao’s blog at Marsha has been working diligently to discover the world of blogging and how to get more traffic to our blogs using SEO (search engine optimization).


Ya, she gets as freaked out as we do when it comes to learning new things and methods to build our blogs and readership, that’s why I love her articles because she’s no different than us when it comes to being overwhelmed by all this information and as she learns things, she shares by breaking things down into bite sized pieces. While I have chosen to use the “Ultimate SEO‘ plugin instead of Yoast, the same info applies except for some varying features on both.


Have a look at Marsha’s article below:

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Attention Amateur Blogger!

An amateur blogger can benefit from plugins not available on Adding the Yoast SEO plugin improves and focuses writing skills.

What Is Your Blog’s SEO Score? As an amateur blogger, I paid very little attention to anything SEO. If I saw those three letters together, my eyes glazed over. Continue Reading….

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