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Technical Update – #WordPress – #Microsoft Hijacked my Laptop

Hello blogging friends, I just wanted to share my grievance with you. As many of you who visit here know, I try to read as many blogs as I can fit in every evening. I’m having a temporary problem with blogs these days – with ‘liking’, some sharing, and some to even write a comment. It seems the full moon once again has caused me SEVERAL  technical issues. Here’s the lowdown:

Early last week, my beloved Windows Surface finally stopped playing nice with me. Thanks to the hijacker Microsoft hijacking my laptop into forced updates that wouldn’t fit in my disk space left, and TOTALLY IGNORING the 50 gigs I have available on micro SD card, the gears wouldn’t stop spinning and wouldn’t even turn off. It’s been giving me trouble for a few months now and I’d been trying to hold out for end of August school sale prices to purchase another. So in the meantime, I pulled out another old Asus laptop I had and planned to use that until end of August. But after 2 days of using that one, I got the black screen of death and toasted that one too.

On Friday, after Thursday night’s blowout, I started my search for a new laptop (again the new Surface), only to find they were sold out everywhere in various stores in my vicinity, so I had no choice but to order online (grateful to find it on sale too) and have it delivered (usually a 2-day deal), and was told it would be delivered August 5th. This came as no surprise to me seeing as every store is sold out, which I attribute to Covid and moms and teachers buying up better quality computers, as well as students, seeing as this is the only way to stay connected to loved ones and the world and reliability with a better machine.

So, plan C while waiting is to work on my very old Dell desktop, which has given me nothing but grief. It doesn’t recognize any passwords, takes 5 minutes to load a page, and the grief goes on. This desktop also does not play nice with WordPress. I’ve lost the ability to ‘like’ your posts, and in some cases, I can’t use the share buttons, and for some self-hosted and WP premium plan blogs, I can’t even comment and I can’t retrieve notifications unless I go to someone else’s blog and click on the WP reader. I also have a tablet which I try to use in the evenings so I’m not secluded from the TV at night and it seems my tablet is possessed and turns on and off at random will and won’t load some blogs. OYE!

This desktop clunker is a back-breaker for me to sit at all day too. And don’t even get me started as I’m in the middle of revisions for my newest book and this clunker has an old version of Word on it that chooses to screw up my documents. I’m trying my best to use the old version to write posts on, but I don’t dare ruin my manuscript, so once again, I cannot work on my book until the new laptop arrives.

Out of curiosity, I emailed support to find out the exact day of delivery, as I discovered in fine print that my laptop will be delivered between August 5th an 14th!!!! I emailed them to beg for early release and was told it won’t be sent til August 14th!!!!! So I am screwed! Personally, I don’t even think this clunker will live that long. So I wanted to give you all a heads up in case you think I’ve abandoned your blogs, or I’m not reading them because you may see no likes or comment. Some of you have mentioned to me that you too were having problems commenting on my posts. For this I am sorry. I have done my best to fix what I can, but because my machine is acting prehistoric, I’m out of ammo. So please bear with me and know, if you don’t see me, I’m still around.

I think as an empath, and as my Fey sister Colleen Chesebro refers to me as an ‘energy witch’, I’m accumulating wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much technical energy. What I really need is a technical break, and if this desktop dies out on me, that’s what I’ll be doing. Ironically, my trusted mobile phone still allows me to be on FB (hope I don’t curse it).

So, just know, I’m still here and fighting the tech gods daily. Thanks for putting up with craziness you may encounter on my blog.




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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, who writes from her own life experiences and self-medicates with a daily dose of humor.


  • Colleen

    Take a break, Sis. It’s not your fault. Quit apologizing for things out of your control. Just know, we all love you and will see you when you are back up and running. <3

  • Miriam Hurdle

    Oh no, Debby! I could see you’re pulling your hair over this tech things. You still managed making this post. August 14 is like forever! Did you order another Dell? I always have WordPress problems. It unfollow my bloggers on a ongoing basis. Anytime I check, it unfollow at least a dozen. Those “happy engineers” were so helpless and never knew what happened. I’m tired of complaining, so re-follow every couple weeks. It unfollow different blogs, so there is pattern.

    I guess at the meantime, you just have to do whatever you phone could do with your online and blogging.

    • dgkaye

      Hi Miriam, you know the gruel with WP. Yes, I find often, blogs I follow aren’t being delivered to in my inbox or no notifications. WP has a world of glitches themselves. Happiness engineers is a hilarious term, it sure isn’t OUR happiness lol. <3

  • Pete Springer

    I’ve been relatively lucky since I started, but lately, I have quite a few sites where I can’t leave likes either. I haven’t run into any that I can’t leave a comment on. When I log out and log back in, I can usually like the posts, but who wants to do that all the time? Good luck! I’ll wait for your Word Press tutorial to come out any day now.😎 I shouldn’t joke; I know how aggravating it can be. Best of luck to you, Debby.

  • Toni Pike

    Hi Debby, I totally agree with you – we are all at the mercy of these tech companies and their whims, and they have much to answer for. That delivery date is just not good enough. Toni x

  • Deborah Jay

    Arghh! I feel for you. We rely on these beasts for so much these days, doing without them isn’t an option 🙁
    You told me you couldn’t ‘like’ my post last week, now I know why!
    I too fell foul (in a different way) of the Microsoft update: my laptop apparently did not have the necessary memory space available either. I tried plugging in various memory sticks I happen to have lying around but none of them had enough capacity, so I sat down and ordered an external hard drive. While waiting for it to arrive, the damned laptop completed the update somehow, so now I have the extra drive sitting in its package on my desk, not needed.
    I think I’ll keep it anyway, and maybe use it to back up some things, although I pay for a subscription cloud backup which has never failed me through 5 changes of laptop over the years, but you can never have too many backups, can you???

    • dgkaye

      Deb, that Microsoft is out of control they way they have us and our computer by the short hairs! They pile on about 20 gigs of bloated shit in order to do a big update then we have to search for it after the download (if it even works) to delete the download file not erasing the update, but for those not aware, every big update leaves bloatware on our precious storage space. Keep the extra drive. I’ve relied on Dropbox for years for my cloud through all my computers, but I do a hard back up too so that when my laptop dies I can just copy over everything to the new one. Worth the investment! <3

    • Carol

      I hear and feeel your pain… WP advised me to change browsers and that helped commenting and likes.. my old girl needs a new companion as she is too old to cope with windows 10 so sadly now Windows 7 has been abandoned by microsoft.. I will to succumb… So I really feel your pain as all the devices are dying around me… Sigh.. Xxx

  • Harmony Kent

    So sorry for your technical woes, Debby. That’s no fun at all. I’m having issues galore with WordPress at the moment, and that’s frustrating enough. Hope you get sorted soon and sending hugs 🙂

    • dgkaye

      Thanks bunches Harmony, I’ve heard of so many of us having glitches galore, but this one takes the cake lol. Amazing how much we can feel the advancement of technology when we go back to an older machine lol. 🙂 xx

  • Norah Colvin

    Thanks for the heads-up, Debby. Technology can be such a pain. It’s great when it works. When it doesn’t it’s beyond belief. I hope you get your new Surface sooner rather than later.

  • Hugh W. Roberts

    Oh, dear! Sorry to hear of your technical woes, Debby. I’ve never had any problems leaving comments on your blog. And, as you know, I don’t use the ‘like’ button unless I leave a comment.

    I hope the new laptop arrives by the 14th. In the meantime, now seems a great time to have a break from the world of technology. I hear it does the soul, heart and mind a world of good. In fact, I can confirm that it does just that! Enjoy the time doing something else.

    • dgkaye

      Thank you Hugh. I am managing to do stuff with lots of workaround. Keeping me away from a computer is like weaning a child. I haven’t yet learned to adjust, but I’m trying. Hugs xx

  • Diane Tibert

    Take advantage of this tech craziness and give yourself a break from all devices. We all need it now and again. Due to circumstances out of my control in spring, I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts. It’s been wonderful. I’m outside doing things I love (hiking, boating, fishing, gardening), visiting family, reading books and learning new skills. My time on the computer has dwindled from about nine hours a day to only two or less (and that’s mostly to learn how to tie a new knot). When I return this fall, my batteries will be recharged and I’ll have fresh ideas for my novels. However, I hope your new laptop arrives lightning fast, and you have smooth sailing afterwards.

    • dgkaye

      HI Diane! Nice to see you pop by. I have noticed your long absence, and I commend you. Thanks for the advice. Honestly, The thought of being on computer for 2 hours a day sounds heavenly. Stay well and I look forward to your return. 🙂 x

  • Jane Sturgeon

    You poor lass with all this stress. Yes, to Colleen’s kind comment. Take a break, if you can. We all know that if you are quiet, there’s a darn good reason. You have built up a wealth of loving energy with your support and kindness for others, so ride that wave for a while. We are here for you. <3 <3

    • dgkaye

      Thank you my Lovely for your kind words.I know you just went through a lot tech grief yourself. I know we have to ride it out, but the agro! LOL <3 xoxo

  • Marian Beaman

    Oy, vey! I was able to read your post in its entirety and LIKE it too. Even shared on Twitter.

    While I am familiar with the gremlins of the online world, your problems seem excessive, especially since you have tried so many work-arounds. May the tech gods finally see what a devoted writer and blogger you are and put down their swords and declare peace. So, sorry! Huge hugs! ((( )))

  • Noelle Granger

    I am SO sorry to hear this – I know how frustrating this can be. I had my computer crash a couple of years ago for unknown reasons. Thank heavens I had saved virtually everything to an external drive. I’m sure this is especially hard because of all the virus stuff. Hang in there. We’ll wait for you!

  • Jacqui Murray

    Oh yuck! Just yuck! I love my Surface Pro so I know why you want a new one. I’d suggest things like 1) change browsers, 2) use Google Docs and then download to Word when you get your new device, 3) toss it out the window and see if it bounces–but I know you’re pretty tech savvy so you’ve probably tried all of those!

    Good luck and I’m sending you positive vibes!

    • dgkaye

      LOL Jacqui, I’ve already thrown it on the floor! I had my hissy fit days ago. Yes, I know we are Surface girls! It’s no doubt they are sold out all over here. Thanks for the tips about working on Google Docs then transferring to Word, that will help immensely! Thanks for the vibes, and see you here Friday, as I managed to get your post up! 🙂

  • Chuck Jackson

    I hear your pain. Don’t worry about you loss of connection to your blogger followers. We understand and at one time been in your shoes. We know you will continue your support as you have in the past. Anyhow, take a short vacation from your hectic schedule until your new laptop comes in. Don’t forget all the fun it is to set up a new computer. For me, it never goes easy. HUGS

  • Liesbet

    Oh Debby! What a nightmare! Especially since you’re working on your manuscript. Yikes. Not fun to have to stop the creative progress for that reason. All this must be a “renegade” thing. I always think about you when I see that word and occurrence mentioned. And, now it makes sense why your comment on my last post showed up as an “anonymous” commenter. I detected it was you, though. That says something!

    • dgkaye

      LOL,you detected it was me? I guess you know my comment style :). Yes, it’s bloody awful (as I type on this clunky keyboard). Yes, I had 3 chapters left in round 1 revisions. This book has had several interruptions since its inception. The old version of Word is a mess. I wouldn’t dare try and open my MS on it with the way its behaving because it will screw up the formatting. As it is I’m having a nightmare with it trying to write to columns due. Oye! 🙂 x

  • sally cronin

    So sorry you have had this protracted nightmare Debby and the more technology we have the more we are at their beck and call.. I am sending you as many vibes as I can and sorry not there with the tequila….♥♥

  • Damyanti

    Oh that’s not fun. Hope your troubles are sorted soon. Use this tech situation to take a well-earned break. We’ll all be here when you return. Hugs.

  • Lauren Scott

    Sorry about your tech grief, Debby, I understand. I don’t like the new block editor, so “we” argue with each new post. Hope you’re taking a break and remembering to breathe. Take care of you! 💕

    • dgkaye

      Hi Lauren, thanks for popping by. Yes, it’s been a long gruel without a reliable computer. But, the tech gods must have heard my curses and cries, because the new one came early – yesterday. Now I’m typing on my new beauty! But still have work to do on setting up completely. I can breathe. <3

  • Olga Núñez Miret

    Oh, I’m pleased to hear that you finally got the new computer. Sorry, when you talked about the technical problems I tried to check your blog but couldn’t find anything (mind you, my own technology is tired as well), but I hope life gets a bit easier now. And good luck with your new book (and never worry about us, blogger friends. I tend to worry if I don’t see the usual people in case something has happened to them, but otherwise, I hope they’re having a nice break). Take care!

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