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Test Yourself – How Professional are You Publishing? Part 1 | Savvy Book Writers

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I came across this interesting article from Savvy Bookwriters about the importance of building an author platform. I subscribe to their blog posts and newsletter, as they are always full of great information for writers on the topic of self publishing.


Below is a snippet of the article on building an author platform. It’s a quiz for you to take with a checklist of important things to do to give your author platform visibility.

“Are You Ready to Answer these Questions?
… and add up your “YES” answers at the end of this little test. Don’t worry, no one is seeing your answers, and how favourable you compare. The test needs to be split in two parts as there are so many test questions.  Today’s questions are regarding your author platform, and the next one will be about the publishing process and your sales efforts.  I think it’s a great way to see what you have already achieved – and where there is room for improvement. Ready? Here it goes: . . .”  CONTINUE

Source: Test Yourself – How Professional are You Publishing? Part 1 | Savvy Book Writers 


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