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The #Corona Diaries- Observations on my Recent Outing


I hadn’t been out for 2 weeks – the last time I bought groceries. I try to make my grocery runs last 10 days to 2 weeks before I have to go out again. And when I do, I plan a route to cover groceries, pharmacy and health food store. But our prescriptions are up in the burbs where we used to live, and I wasn’t feeling inspired enough to drive all the way up there, and knowing I have to go up there in the next few days anyway, I decided just to pop into my local independent pharmacy to pick up a a few things that couldn’t wait and I happened to luck into his freshly stocked boxes of masks and disposable gloves. He even had a small amount of N95 masks for sale. I felt like it was Christmas!


And there’s a good tip for everyone who may not be able to find items in big box and brand retail stores because everyone is looking for the same things. It’s a good idea to try your smaller local independent stores, both pharmacies and food stores, places you may not suspect would have masks or rice or pasta sauces. You never know what you’ll come across.




While in the pharmacy, a woman turned to me and asked how do I keep my hair so vibrant without grey roots in this time, I laughed and told her I dye my own hair for 35 years, comes in handy LOL. Hey, just because I’m in seclusion doesn’t mean I have to let everything go. I may live in pajamas and/or sweat pants, and my hair may be in desperate need of a cut (even more so desperate since I attempted to crop my own top), but the crowning glory is always vibrant and my skincare beauty routine remains in full-force. These are considered essential non-negotiables for me. Exercise comes next – okay, I may slack sometimes but never on skincare.



Next, I headed for the supermarket. I’d last gone to 2 weeks prior and noticed quite a few changes since the last visit there. As I pulled my car in to park, I noticed ‘the line’. Oye, was this the line I’d heard others complain about but had been lucky enough to not yet have encountered?

I did a mental count of how many would be ahead, now lined up 6ft apart standing outside as only so many people allowed in the store at a time for distancing. At first I thought I should just get back in the car and come another day. Then I thought, as I put the car in reverse to pull out, who knows how many will be next time, better get her done.

There were 25 people ahead of me standing on our designated tape marks on the sidewalk, and it was a tad chilly for me in a spring coat, thinking it was 60 degrees out like my prior shopping day, but more like 40, oye! Only half hour wait went by til I entered. I read on my phone and was happy to find I could type on my phone with a latex gloved finger. It was nice and spacious inside and I even found toilet paper (which I bought as a top up), The shelves were all full, although I noticed I still couldn’t find raw chicken wings – anywhere, and a few items such as pasta sauces, some other canned goods, had limits.

I have to say I was impressed with the whole set up to protect both workers and shoppers. Plexi- glass now separated the cashiers from the customers. Some wore masks, all wore gloves. No using our own bags, back to the plastic they’d already taken away and now no charge for those plastic bags – go figure. Checking out was one line with taped marks for 6ft apart, but only 2 people ahead with only 2 cashiers opened and only so many shoppers at a time, it went fairly smoothly.



Four hundred dollars later I checked out.

I was exhausted from that venture of pushing and schlepping my over-stuffed buggy and 6 more bags tucked on my arm as I plowed through the underground to the elevator, down the longggg hallway to home, then unpacking it all. Oh ya, I definitely wasn’t making two trips. That would have entailed waiting for an elevator, maybe a few times, as signs are posted only one person (or family) on at a time for safe distance. Those waits can be long. I’m pretty sure what I pushed and carried today is right up there with some of my airport wheelchair stories with my husband and 4 carry-on bags, lol. I’m just about ready to move park benches I tell ya!


Have a Corona observation you’d like to share?

stay home





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  • Darlene Foster

    Who would have thought a trip to the grocery store could be such an adventure!! Because there are no vacationers and part-time residents here, our grocery store is very quiet so there has been no waiting outside. I actually saw a neighbour I hadn’t seen in 5 weeks so we were able to say hello from a safe distance, which was nice. I have been colouring my own hair for a long time so that is no problem except the brand I use is sold in a store that is closed. So I bought one at the grocery store, one I had never seen before and all in Spanish and Portuguese. I tried it a couple of days ago and guess what, it turned out alright, Like you, I will not let things got to pot. I also did my nails!! Hang in there. xo

    • dgkaye

      Lol you go girl! Oh ya, don’t get me started about the nails that grow like weeks, you’re talking to world’s worst filer here, but the show must go on LOL. And yes, about lineups, I’d never encountered them. This was a new way to line up to only let so many in the store at a time. All I can say is, thank goodness it isn’t the depths of winter here LOL :). Also, now you know to stock up on hairdye too! I always have a 2-3 month supply in my cupboard! <3

  • sally cronin

    Sounds like a productive foraging Debby and lucky finds in your pharmacy.. I have to say that I am less picky about prices at the moment.. I get in get what I need as quickly as possible and pay up… there does not seem to be any price fixing going on and we are lucky to have plenty of fresh produce on the shelves thank goodness… ♥

    • dgkaye

      Good to hear from your neck of the woods Sal. Honestly, I can’t really complain about price gouging from what I’ve seen, yes the odd store with a couple of crazy prices. But like you said, if it’s on the shelf and we need – just take it and go! 🙂 <3

  • Pete Springer

    Four weeks of isolation for us now. Then the power went out for a time last night. I leave the house once a day and try to walk 3-4 miles, and I’ve still managed to put on a few pounds. Who knew that I’d miss the gym so much? I’m just starting to get my writing mojo back now. I’m the guy who’s never depressed, so it’s good to snap out of it.

    • dgkaye

      You have the right attitude Pete. I hear you on the gym, but if you’re still walking everyday that great, and maybe the extra pounds are from snacking? Lol 🙂

  • Sue Dreamwalker

    So pleased it went pretty smoothly Debby, it’s very similar here except for yesterday when one super market changed its rules. Without notifying us oldies.
    We were allowed in on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Fridays from 8 to 9am. So hubby went to run the gauntlet, going early to get in the long cues. masked and gloved.

    He joined one long cue to get to the door to be told if he wasn’t a healthcare worker or carer he’d have to join the other cue.
    This he did along with many more disgruntled old age pensioners in an ever longer cue, by their other door.

    The security guard came past d
    So hubby asked what was the hold up as no one was moving anywhere this was after nearly twenty minutes.

    The guard got on his phone a little bewildered as he didn’t understand the delay either. to come back to say sorry but management had changed the rules , and old age pensioners now couldn’t enter at all untill 9 am
    Another 40 minutes wait.
    Well the whole cue disrupted. Including hubby who had even looked on his email from the store that morning to check times.
    Unfortunately the security guard took the flack, as the OAPs started voicing their thoughts, some couldn’t stand for that long a time, the guard then got back on his phone where management then changed their minds to start letting pensioners in.

    Apart from shopping and pharmacy like you we don’t go anywhere other than our allotments.
    Thankfully that’s my bubble of peace. I’ve had to switch off from every thing for a while as I concentrate on creating.

    I just popped into the reader via my phone and had to leave you a comment.

    Take care of yourselves.
    Much love my lovely friend.. 💜💕💜🙏

    • dgkaye

      Hello my Lovely! Nice to see you pop by and thanks for sharing your observances. Now that was crazy and just wrong to do that kerfuffle while seniors stood in line. Ironically, I just read in our news that grocery stores are going to be making time changes again for healthcare workers too. We’ve been on the 8-9am here for seniors too, and I hope they aren’t going to make the same mistake as you guys. How about an hour earlier or later for healthcare workers. That way everyone gets a fair time slot. But glad you’re getting what you need and staying masked and safe! Keep doing what you’re doing – oh, and creating for us too. <3 Hugs to you across the pond Sue <3 <3 xxx

  • John Maberry

    Ah, such a different life–elevators, tunnels and underground walkways. Decades now since we lived in that world. So long I gave no thought to those dwell in tall condo and apartment buildings during the pandemic–even as the news carries the clapping and other celebrations for the doctors and other healthcare providers on the frontline. What must THEY do to maintain distance? Just as you describe.

    For us, it’s just the tape on the floor and the plexiglass at the checkout. Wishing more registers had tap to charge–less contact with the chip end of cards. Realistically, not not much risk on the card surface. Wipe if you want to–just don’t mess with the magnetic parts or you signature.

    • dgkaye

      Good advice with the cards John. Tap is everywhere here and until the virus came along, tap had a maximum cap of $100, which was raised to $250 in the last few weeks by the banks. Amazing that some stores won’t even take cash!

      • John Maberry

        Hey, cash is the dirtiest of the ways to pay–even without the virus! Surprising the cap. Hadn’t heard of that south of the border. No cash would be a problem for a friend, who doesn’t use cards for anything!!!!

  • Toni Pike

    Some great advice, Debby – and people here have made some wonderful discoveries in places that used to be restaurants, now selling some food items and other supplies. In Canberra, the shops seem to have settled down and there is evidence the panic buying seems to have eased off. I’m so pleased to hear you’re keeping very safe. Toni x

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for sharing what’s going on in your neck of the woods Toni. I’m glad the panic buying is calming where you live. I think it’s all fear-based on the unknown, because this virus has so many unknowns yet. I know for myself, I’m not a panic buyer, but with every shop I do, I stock up on certain staples even if I don’t need them because of the uncertainty. Fear does crazy things to people, especially food hoarders who worry about what if the stores all closed up, something that people probably worry about at the back of their minds. You just keep doing what you’re doing and stay safe too! <3

  • Carol

    Some lucky finds for you locally Debs…I agree that sometimes the local shops have what you want as everyone flocks to the bigger stores. Luckily I haven’t come up against any queues the stores are spookily quiet but I am guessing what with the hotels not allowing new guests and the airport on lockdown..no tourists yeah!

    Travelling between provinces unless urgent and can be proved is also in place so people are shopping locally…which means I can shop in peace with no shortages or queues…
    As for my hair, it is au natural and has been for a few years…I also let my son give me a trim with the clippers…he has made a good job…phew! I knew he would as in his words he is anal when it comes to hair…fussy…

    Be well and stay safe xx

    • dgkaye

      Hi Carol. Ya, I get what you mean about eerily quiet, that’s how it is here. I have to say, it makes for driving a pleasure once again! As for my hair, oye! I wish I had the gift of haircutting, LOL. Send me instructions! LOLOL. Keep doing whatever you’re doing and keep safe! <3 oxox

  • Robbie Cheadle

    A lucky venture to the pharmacy, Debby. We can’t buy certain products at the pharmacy as other shops are all closed. Things like reading glasses are covered up as non-essential which I found very aggravating as my dad recently broke his. Our shops are also only allowing a few people in at a time but are currently well stocked.

    • dgkaye

      Well I’m glad to hear no shortages Robbie. I find that strange you can’t buy readers, except for the fact that it’s probably because they won’t allow trying on. I wonder if you asked if you could buy a pair without trying if they’d allow? That’s weird if they don’t. The good part about pharmacies here, so I learned is there’s a difference between Big Pharma chain pharmacies and independent pharmacies. I was told the Big pharma only has a particular list of suppliers they are allowed to purchase from, where independents can order freely from wherever they want. That’s how they get more access. Stay safe Robbie! <3

  • Marje

    My hair is getting long and I’ve decided I quite like it. Lol. When I was standing in a supermarket queue one day this young woman kept turning around and glaring at me, even though I was standing well back from her. She was young and frightened so I didn’t let it bother me, too much!

    • dgkaye

      Oh ya Marje, the paranoia around some you could cut with a knife. But anxieties are high and we can’t really blame anyone for fears. As long a it keeps them distanced we’re good. And yes, the hair thing for me is getting out of control, lol, but at least my greys are incognito! <3

  • Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Debby – well done is all I can say. At shopping times like this … I’m glad it’s just me – at social times it’d be good to have family around … but shopping is ok. I’ve had one confrontation with our pharmacy – they were rude, their system is up to maggots … I hardly ever go – and that’s why … always the same: I must move to another chemist … everyone in the line agreed and concurred.

    I can walk to town and buy small amounts … but my arms can get stretched! I stopped at a bench and had a chat with someone … and then on Monday when I came out of the shopping centre – the bus was there … so I hopped on – my arms didn’t need stretching any more!

    I have been to town with too many in front of me – so left that shop and walked up the road to see if I could get in elsewhere – yes … fairly easily … I’m glad I live where I do!!

    Take care – interesting to hear the tale … stay safe – Hilary

    • dgkaye

      Hi Hilary. Good to hear you’re soldiering along just fine. But please do be careful in those shops with close contact. I do hope you wear a mask when out? As for a rude chemist, you bet I’d be on my bike finding another! We have so many pharmacies here so it wouldn’t be difficult to find a replacement. We’ve moved several times over the years but have always kept with same pharmacy because of the excellent care and service we get with them. It’s worth the extra miles to stay with them. Stay safe my friend!!! <3

  • Joy Lennick

    Another day in lock-down, so what upbeat person can I contact, thought I…Aha – know just the gal – Debby! Re shopping, you did well. I don ‘t drive and two people are not allowed in a car in Spain…so my eager husband is up like the lark and often first in the supermarket twice a week, strict instructions ringing in his ears…Meanwhile, I do what’s necessary and sometimes not…then check my laptop and get cracking. As I read and write such a lot, I sit too much but am mindful of what a plum duff resembles (me), so exercise and tour the ‘estate’ (Urbanization) and swimming pool a few times. Not content with that, I recently took to dancing around the washing poles (it’s a ghost-town here) hoe-down fashion while singing, until a man with his dog came along. I sheepishly stopped and said ‘Good morning’ and to his credit he did reply…accompanied by an odd look! We find ourselves in an unbelievable situation, don’t we, Debs! But what wonderful human beings walk this planet of ours. As in WW11, the camaraderie and tireless unselfishness knows no bounds. I feel humbled to know of their heroism, We owe them so much. Take good care. Virtual hugs. x

    • dgkaye

      Ah Joy, I enjoy your breath of sunshine visits. I would have loved to see you dance around the poles LOL. Yes, we do know that with this virus comes a lot of lessons on humanity. Certainly a time for gratitude and reflection, and yet sitting on our bums a bit too much on the computer (I’m very guilty of this lol). And your husband the brave soldier – I hope you wrap him up good before sending him out, but no doubts you do. And interesting about one person in a car? That’s odd if you are the same family isolating together. why not being in the car together? In my building there are notices at all elevators and lobby that only one person OR same dwelling family on one elevator at a time. This makes for some long waits for an empty elevator to surface, but totally understandable as it would be difficult to distance in an elevator. I’m glad you’re staying safe and humorous my dear friend!!!! <3 Hugs back at you to Spain!!! xoxox

  • Stevie Turner

    I haven’t been brave enough to attend a supermarket in person yet, but have managed to order online and get shopping delivered. Having a reduced airway like I have and standing in front of people coughing or sneezing behind me doesn’t fill me with undiluted pleasure.

  • Jim Borden

    sounds like you were at Trader Joe’s; happy to hear that you were able to get most of what you needed. And that’s great to hear about the pharmacy having some hard to come by items. We’ve been using a grocery delivery service, and it seems to be working out fine so far.

    • dgkaye

      Hi Jim. We don’t have Trader Joe’s here, but I do love that store. Yes, plenty of independent stores have supplies, just have to know where to go, lol. Grocery delivery is too crazy for me. Every time I spend an hour on a user unfriendly shopping site scouring for items I’m looking for, I discover no grocery delivery slots at the end. It would be nice if a message would come up before wasting my time. The old adage – you want something done, do it yourself 🙂

  • Jacquie Biggar

    Did you see the news report of a physiotherapist (I think it was?) who started an exercise routine while standing in line at a Costco and most joined in? So cool!
    We get our groceries delivered or I order online and then go to the store for pick up. I call to say I’m there, they take down my license plate for verification and ask me to open my trunk then return to my seat while they load up. It works great.
    For prescriptions, Mom gets them delivered to the door straight from Costco pharmacy and their fill fee is less than the pharmacy she previously used! It only takes 2-3 days to arrive, too.
    Hope you stay safe; Ontario and Quebec are really getting the brunt of this thing 🙁

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Jacquie. We have lots of delivery options here too. I’d still rather pick out my own goods if I can, and I’ve been duped on 2 deliveries already, so I’m not interested. Yes, it only makes sense that Ontario and Quebec are getting the brunt because those 2 provinces have the most snowbirds! Travel brought this virus to town no doubts. The good part are keeping the death numbers low – if that even makes sense :(. Glad you’re all set up. Keep safe! <3

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    I don’t know why, Debby, but every time I prepare to go out into the world for groceries, I feel like I’m embarking on a big-game hunting expedition for all the stress it provides me! I’m glad you were successful, and it’s smart to get it all done at once. One week, one store lets you bring in your own bags, the next week, they didn’t. One grocery store changed their entry, you pick up carts outside, but cart wipes were inside. I mentioned this to the store manager and he explained they wiped the carts every HOUR. Um hello?? When I venture out, I pack my purse with my Buff mask (I can’t breathe in ANY mask), a baggie of wipes, hand sanitizer in both my purse and my car. I have to think twice about every detail, so I literally get anxiety just thinking about a trip to the store. I successfully managed to trip to Costco last Friday, going at 9:30, thinking they opened at 10, and expecting a long line outside. No line, doors had opened at 8:45am. I’m glad I’m able to work from home to be able to go any time of day. I needed to grind my coffee beans (love my Kirkland Colombian medium roast and refuse to be alive without it), so someone has to do it for you. No toilet paper, but I had bought their huge case two months ago and now down to the last 12 rolls. I placed on online order through costco and it will arrive in 2-3 weeks. No problem-o!
    Who would have thought that these everyday tasks would make good blog posts? Signs of the times? Glad you and your hubby are well and safe and enjoy your Earth Day!

    • dgkaye

      Sounds like you got your system down pat as I have Terri. And like you, yes, I do feel like I’m entering a dystopian world of leftover fallout every time I go out too. Gloves, masks sanitizer extras in purse and in car too! We have to do what we have to do to survive! As I write here, I’ll be venturing out again today as Hubby has bloodwork to do at the lab and since we’ll be out, we’ll pop into the health food store along the way home and call it a day. And I believe the earth enjoyed a beautiful Earth Day as emission and pollutions decline! <3

  • Diana Peach

    I’ve noticed that people are being careful and respectful. Our rural grocery stores don’t have lines, but we don’t really need them since there just aren’t that many people. I’m amazed that not everyone wears masks, though, the selfish idiots. Anyway, thanks for the tip about the smaller stores. And that’s great that some needed supplies are getting onto the shelves. 🙂 Stay safe and happy. <3

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Diana. Yes, I agree, lines aren’t what we would naturally think of as lines nowadays. Here, just lined up waiting turns to enter to keep minimal people in stores at same time. With 6ft distancing tape marks on the group it makes the lines look longer, but like you said, most people go out as least as possible so they really aren’t that long. Yes! Stay safe and never go out without a mask! <3

  • Miriam Hurdle

    At the indoor farmer’s market, we used to bag our own for some items such as nuts, sugar, grain, candies, mushrooms… Now they’re all bagged in an one-pound bag. All the shops that are open have lines and markers for 6 feet distance. The lakes and parks have somewhat more people but not in close proximity. I guess they can go anyway where else freely.

    I love your pharmacy adventure!! I dyed my dad’s hair for many years since his hair turned grey real young.

    • dgkaye

      It makes me happy to hear about places abiding by rules and doing their best with newfangled ways to keep us safe Miriam. Here, we even have some stores that don’t want cash! Stay safe <3

  • brigid gallagher

    Like you Debby, I am only shopping once a fortnight, and putting my freezer to good use as always. I have only gone out shopping twice since my isolation ended. Each time I went at opening time which was a joy. I visited the pharmacy on Monday and they had a limit on people allowed inside plus an assistant asking us Covid symptom questions inside the door. All very reassuring. Looking forward to seeing my hairdresser when rules relax…

    • dgkaye

      I’m so glad to hear everything is being looked after in your neck of the wood Brigid. Yes, we all crave a haircut!!! Keep staying safe! <3

  • Vashti Q

    Hi, Debby! It’s pretty much the same here. Did you ever think you would experience something like this in your lifetime? It’s surreal. My neighborhood supermarket has a delivery service. My husband wanted to try it. For a small fee you pick what you want online and a designated person at the market would bag it all up for you and deliver it. So far it’s been working out fine. We try to do groceries every two or three weeks. I never thought I would say this, but I kind of miss doing my own grocery shopping. When will this end! 😉 <3

    • dgkaye

      Never Vashti. Never in our wildest dreams. But I’m glad you have a system that seems to be working out for you. Yes, we have lots of delivery services here now, but the wait times for slots or deliveries is very long. Imagine a whole society wanting to order online, how many shoppers would a store need to keep gathering for these orders right? I wrap up and go out every week to 10 days and do my rounds and get what I need myself. I just put on my superhero cape and get her done! <3 xx

  • Pamela Wight

    No matter where we live, it seems we are living similarly now with the Covid-round-the-world. I’m doing some online grocery shopping (not satisfying, but a way to get basics at the house – like wine). 🙂 And I shop at our local grocery store every Sunday morning. At 8 a.m. Not a long line then! I’d like to be like Pete and walk 3-4 miles a day, and I do on nice days. But here in NE we’ve had snow/sleet/wind/ice/rain more days than sun. In April! Mother Nature is NOT happy with us. So on those days, I ‘yoga’ and dance. Need to keep the blood moving and the mood upbeat. xo

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for sharing your great tricks to stay active Pam. Ya, I think we’ve been having the same weather. Hopefully another week or two will be ideal for walks. Glad you have your grocery deliveries set up. I gave up on that and venture out weekly too. It’s exciting just getting into the car LOL 🙂 xx

  • Liesbet

    Hi Debby!

    All the precautions and rules at your grocery store are the same as here in Massachusetts, except for mandatory masks within the store – to be worn by employees and shoppers. Not too much choice with the products and no flour. That wait outside, in the cold, does suck, though. But it differs upon the days and times of the day. $400? Wow, you weren’t kidding when you mentioned that at my expense posts. 🙁

    I am beyond annoyed and sad about the reintroduction of plastic bags! While I’m excited about the improved air quality during this pandemic, garbage, for sure, is piling up with all those one-use items like plastic bags (which we reuse as garbage bags), gloves, and wipes!

    Mark and I could go two weeks with our groceries as well, but since we shop for my in-laws every week, we shop for both households, each of us with our own cart. I’m not sure what Mark’s mom’s bill was, but it must have been higher than our $65 as they buy more meat and are particular about their products.

    • dgkaye

      You know the gruel my friend. Just came back from another chilly lineup outside the healthfood store. Oye! Another $300 gone with the wind! <3

  • Sherri Matthews

    Hi Deb, I’m late, catching up as always. Same here with the lines, self distancing, plexi glass. But I am one of the very few wearing my mask and you would think I have three heads with some of the looks I get. Mind you, I go in with my black mask and sunglasses lol so maybe I do look a bit menacing. Good, haha!!! I go weekly as with having to get mine and hubby’s, V’s supplies and my mothers, it’s too much to do a massive shop, so easier to go weekly. It still takes three hours or so though by the time I line up outside, get it all, and drive home. Then to divvy it up, do all the disinfecting, go to Mum’s make sure it’s all wiped down and keep self-distanced from her. And in the supermarket, it’s exhausting by the time I’m done after people-dodging, making sure to follow the arrows they now have to keep everyone in the same direction and the looks if you don’t…yowzer!!! So here we are, my friend, doing the same thing and the best we can. I’m with you too on the skincare. But my hair, I haven’t done my own roots for years. Luckilly with the sun we’ve had lately and going in the garden, it bleaches my hair so the roots blend in sort of ok. I havent’ touched it since before lockdown, going on 7 weeks, and it’s longer than it’s been for a long time lol. But I think I might keep it this way and start doing my own roots. I have a colour I managed to get at last…saves me a fortune for later, I think! You look fab, no matter what you do! Love you, my friend. Keep safe and keep well <3 <3 <3

    • dgkaye

      You’re so funny. We have the same protocol here in our stores now too – plexi-glass, outside lineups and one way arrows. Only most establishments open have clamped down and masks must be worn to enter. And I say good! So let them look all they want, we have to stay safe. I’ve been wearing masks for all outings, including the elevator lift to the mailroom in my own building, since my return in March before many weren’t wearing them, lol. Never too safe. And the hair, lol. maybe time to learn to do your own? Paid off for me LOL. Keep safe my friend!!! <3 xx

      • Sherri Matthews

        Yes exactly, bring on those masks and good for you. Ha, I think that will be a desperate day when I start trying to cut my own hair. I tried it once and let’s just leave it at that lol!!! Roots I can do, so maybe I’ll just keep it growing for now lol. Thanks, my friend, and you keep safe too! <3 <3 <3

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