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Time for a #Rant – #Covid #Vaccines in Canada the Disorderly

I haven’t been back writing much lately, due to my husband’s recent passing. But that doesn’t mean through my grief that outside influences haven’t been getting my goat, like the way our province of Ontario has become a big joke for the incompetence of our government on the handling of containment and the sorrowful lack of vaccines, and the system of no law and order when it comes to how they are rolling out vaccines at random.


When I got my first vaccine in early March, my doctor’s office managed to get me into a local pharmacy that had openings, but not for my lack of trying, I could never get through the line to book, it’s much easier for a doctor’s office to connect. The pharmacist who gave me the jab had told me there is no return date booked for my second vax, but it will be four to 12 weeks. Well, no return date, and our province has decided four months will suffice. Why? When the directives are 4 to 12 weeks by the pharmaceutical suggested dosing, and we don’t have enough vaccine around, Health Canada ‘decided’ four months is sufficient. Do we even have any data of efficacy for that long of a wait gap?

Our province did not begin vaccines with a plan of law and order. In fact, front line workers are only RECENTLY being called on for their turn. I guess they forgot that all the people who work in factories who go to work and bring home the Covid to their families are creating wild hotspots within our city and contributing to the 3000 plus daily cases daily we’re still getting. This is a fire that can’t be extinguished because our borders are a joke, as is our government, and vaccines are being sent to us willy nilly. The general public is lost and speaking out about the joke of a system where they have to look for popup places, often getting shutout because if you didn’t stand in line from the wee hours of the night waiting for them to open, you more than likely lose out. We’re like a bloody third-world country here!

Gratefully, while I was watching the Canadian news the other night, the media announced that @VaxHuntersCan, has taken it upon themselves to establish a responsible group to take over where the government sorely missed, using social media to help Canadians get a head up on where vaccines will be offered daily, how many spots, how to book, and who is sold out. From VaxHuntersCan, came another branch @VaxHookupsTO, they post specifically to Toronto’s availabilities. Note their slogan under their name on Twitter – “Here to help people navigate the overly complex vaccine rollout and do the Ford government’s job for them.” Yup, thanks to them they are helping Canadians out where our government fails.

Now, here’s the bug up my ass. As I am living in solitude and grief with the passing of my husband, I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting my second dose, where I know not where and if it will come from, so I can get the heck out of here by July/August. But hey, this country is farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from even getting close to vaxxing Canada with round one.

Here’s something that niggles at my mind. The only reason my age group was randomly called out of order, which allowed me to get the first vaccine, I found out from the pharmacist, was because at that time, (the age allowances have been changed several times since for those eligible for the Astra Zeneca – just another reason people have no confidence and don’t know what to believe about safety), the pharmacy’s vaccine was soon to expire. That’s how I got in.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when I began following @VaxHookupsTO on Twitter, they announced two pharmacies (close to me) that had lots of spots left for the Astra vaccine, that are supposedly expiring in May. So I called up both those pharmacies and told them I noted there were lots of spots on the website still available. A lot of people don’t want Astra Zeneca for whatever reasons (most of which because the government has changed their mind on age limits allowed for it and people are losing trust), so I asked if I could come in for my second dose and was refused. I didn’t hang up without making a comment, reiterating that they have vaccines, nobody is coming for, they’re about to expire, but they will go in the garbage instead of vaxxing anyone waiting for dose two. Yes apparently, in our Covid capital of Toronto where we can’t get enough vaccines, they will throw them out before giving anyone a second dose.


So I’ve been DMing on Twitter with one of the persons running this VaxHookup site, sharing about my discoveries and they are as appalled as I am. Apparently, ‘the person’ I’m chatting with runs a clinic downtown Toronto, and they told me that they will have left overs and they will personally DM me to invite me in for round two!

Thank goodness for competent citizens because certainly our government cannot seem to get their shit together!

Note – I’d also like to add that my first dose vaccine came from India. Ironically, when India was doing so well before this next tragic wave hit them, they kindly helped Canada out with Astra Zeneca from their plants. My heart (what’s left of it) goes out to India for the horrific predicament they are in right now. It’s gut-wrenching to watch those poor people in desperation to save their loved ones. I know Canada and the US is sending them equipment, oxygen and ventilators as they so desperately need for this killer next wave that is unrelenting there. I hope other countries will send along some healthcare workers to help ease their under-staffed situation, the same way so many are helping out each other in so many other countries, including my own.

People are dying everywhere, kindness and compassion are essential in these times everywhere and from everyone. We are all one as the world.




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  • Annika Perry

    Debby, I feel for your frustration and anger! Thank goodness there is some local community organisation and how dreadful that vaccines are being thrown away. This has happened in Europe and it makes me furious! In England, they left up to 12 weeks until the second jab, a decision made as cases and deaths were so high here in January. It was a bit of a risk but it seems to be working and at least it is well-planned. I’m waiting for the call for my second one next month. Hope you get yours soon. The situation in Inda is heart-breaking … the western world has suffered but this is inhuman and something we cannot even imagine. Yes, help in all form should be sent to help … the UK already has sent a lot. The Indian government is turning away some offers and not asking for much support. Not good.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Annika. The exact problem is always politics in the way of humanity. And it’s all so very sad. 🙁 xx

  • Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Debby – I feel for you … not something you need to worry about and it does need to get sorted – let alone for your own peace of mind at this stage.

    I don’t know if you’re meant to have two of the same … I’d have thought so. I know that I and many of us in the UK have had the Astra Zeneca vaccine …

    With thoughts – Hilary

    • dgkaye

      Hi Hilary. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. At this point, I wouldn’t care if they mixed and match and gave me a Pfizer or Moderna with my Astra. 🙂

  • Elaine Mansfield

    I’m so sorry you’re dealing with loss of your husband and that’s hard enough without this chaos around the vaccine. The US seems to have a decent supply now, but there have been bungles, too, and Tr*mp supporters often decline the vaccine even though he got both the virus and the vaccine–and admitted he got the vaccine before he left Washington, D.C. Here, we made a public health issue into a political issue because everything with that T guy could be used to distort politics.

    I hope you get your vaccine soon so you can relax about that. You have far too much on your plate already. I’m thinking of you and hoping you have lots of kind and loving support to help you through this painful transition.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks so much Elaine, for popping by and leaving some of your kindness here. You said it, my plate is so full of heaviness right now and all I want is to get my 2nd vax and get out of dodge and stay awhile with my bestie in the UK. Grieving is a solo act, but having hardly anyone come visit because of our eternal lockdowns is tough on mental health for sure. <3

  • Jan Sikes

    Oh my goodness, Debby, I had no idea! I am thankful that I’ve been able to get both doses of the Pfizer vaccine and wish you could come here. I do hope there is a solution to the huge problem soon!

  • Miriam Hurdle

    It’s frustrating, the least to say, Debby. Just cross the border to go to Michigan for the vaccine. We had our share of chaos. People drove across the state to Florida for the vaccine. Now they want to see IDs. We’ve caught up and after we got the second dose, two appointment systems continue to send us message to set up the appointment.

    We’ve booked tickets to go to Aberta, but I haven’t heard of the border will be open in August. ☺️

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Miriam. Lol, I can’t just drive to Michigan, and apparently, our friend Colleen who now lives there, has only just got her appointment booked! Yes, you guys had turmoil for years and Biden has done an amazing job, especially as he entered the rubble. Who knows about our borders. They change their minds like underwear in this country about the new rules of the day or the week. I hope you at least get cancellation insurance in case the border still isn’t open. Right now Alberta is in a new wave. Not good. <3

      • Miriam Hurdle

        I agree with you, Debby. I think Biden was holding his breath and biting the teeth for years and thinking “if I were…” Once he got elected, he was ready to fire. Even Dr. Fauci said felt like his hands were tied.

        I have free cancellation for the booking of the hotel and used milages for the tickets. If I had bought the air tickets, I could only get credit but not refund. The milages can go back to my account. 💖😅

  • Toni Pike

    Sounds like absolute chaos, Debby – no wonder you’re at your wit’s end. We’re having a lot of problems with the rollout in Australia, but I think it’s improving. Here, it’s recommended to have the 2nd AstroZeneca vaccine 3 months after the first, if that is any help. I luckily heard about one doctor’s surgery that had a lot of vacancies, and managed to book my 2 jabs with them. Sending hugs to you. Toni x

  • sally cronin

    Well said Debby and thank goodness you have a local organisation who is on the ball and hope they DM you soon to get that second jab. As you know I have just got on the waiting list for my first but at least they did take care of the vulnerable and front line workers first followed by vulnerable within age groups, with the limited supply they were given.

    Politicians seem to think that a degree in political science enables them to take leading roles across governmental departments they have zero experience in. Many have never even worked outside of politics and in many cases our countries are being run by amateurs, and their only apparent expertise is climbing a ladder.

    I know there are some competent people in government but it seems as in any cut throat business, tall poppies get cut down and it is who you know and not what you know that gets the titles..

    Our lives in their hands…..♥

    • dgkaye

      Sal, you said it all, and so succinctly. The wrong people are so often in the most important jobs without the proper experience. Sadly, you hit it on the nose, too often it’s ‘who you know.’ <3 xx

  • Sharon Marchisello

    Sorry, Debby, for what you’re going through. It has to be frustrating, on top of your grief and other attentions. But in a way, it’s comforting to hear that other countries are experiencing just as much disorganization and chaos as we are.

  • Elizabeth Gauffreau

    The fact that some places have managed the vaccine rollout like a well-oiled machine (my state of NH being one of them), while others have completely bungled it sure says a lot about needing competent and caring people in leadership positions.

  • Stevie Turner

    The UK has sent oxygen to India – every day on the news bulletins we see how terrible it is over there. I hope you get your second jab soon, Debby. I’ve decided not to go ahead with my second dose due to 6 weeks of side-effects that I really don’t want repeated. x

  • Marje

    That is so ridiculous Debby. My goodness I hope you get your 2nd shot soon. And the situation in India is just so devastating. Frightening. We are not safe and have a long way to go. Sending love and hugs, Marje x

  • Olga Núñez Miret

    I’ve been trying to follow what is happening in different places, and I know each country (state, territory…) is doing its own thing, sometimes seemingly without rhyme or reason. There are few certainties, and even when recommendations are followed, they change so often that it must be difficult to know what to do, but complete disorganization is definitely not the answer. Here they’ve gone by ages, starting with the older population and also professionals exposed (although, I’m not sure everybody who should, has been included), and we’re going down by age (my mother has had her two doses, and I’m waiting on my first appointment. In theory, the appointments for my age bracket start next week. We’ll see). The Astra-Zeneca situation is complicated here, because some of the younger people who had the first dose now find they don’t fit into the recommended age to get the second, and there isn’t a firm decision on what to do. But here they have been sticking to the 4 to 6 weeks between doses for the rest of the vaccines.
    The situation in India is terrible, and there is help being sent, but it’s probably a drop in the sea. I wonder what will happen if Biden’s support for waiving the Intellectual Property Rights for the vaccine goes ahead. I think the pharmaceutical companies will kick back, for sure, but I think this will only be solved when everybody everywhere has access to the vaccine.
    I hope you can get your vaccine sorted and your plans go ahead. Being alone at moments like this is particularly difficult. ♥

    • dgkaye

      Everything you said Olga. The rhymes and the reasoning doesn’t make sense. We’ve jumped ages here, vaccines, order of importance. Apparently, waiting til next week-ish for a report from the UK on whether it’s advisable or beneficial to mix vaccines. Everything seems to change daily here. 🙁 Yes, the aloneness is haunting <3

  • John Maberry

    Mindboggling! I had no idea Canada–or at least Ontario, had so badly bungled the vaccination rollout. Sorry to hear of this insult added to your suffering of the loss.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks John. But aha! Guess who managed to get her 2nd vax amid the madness? Yup, me. And I will surely be posting about that soon! 🙂

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