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Updates to my Technical Madness and the Writing Muse

Well, it’s been an interesting week. After 2 weeks ago’s fiasco with my  burning through two laptops in one week and working on an old desktop clunker, I was elated to receive my new laptop a week earlier than promised! Woohoo! I’m on it now and what a wonderful feeling to be able to open a new page in lightning speed, rather than having to steam while waiting and wasting precious minutes for each new tab to open.


I’m so grateful for my new laptop, but it’s far from easy sailing yet. As we all know, setting up a new computer is like setting up the interior of our homes once we’ve newly moved in, and of course, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t create my own problems.

I made the HUGE mistake of loading my Dropbox onto the new machine before downloading my old computer’s files on with my backup disk. After downloading everything, there were 1000s of photos and files RE-downloaded into Dropbox where my storage space is very sacred. Let me tell you how NOT Fun it’s been spending my entire weekend doing delete, delete, delete as I went through every single file – worse than cleaning, even vacuuming!

Because the duplicate files weren’t enough in Dropbox, I found them in my documents, photos, even download files, taking up valuable storage space. OYE! What a mess! From the crash to setup, it’s been a royal nightmare. But it’s done now and I feel great having that same feeling I get when I get a new car, because, of course for us writers, having a functioning computer is like having wheels!

One caveat that didn’t thrill me about my new laptop, Microsoft has a great habit of taking over our computers. They also have a steep price tag for all their Surface laptops. I was royally pissed to discover that this NOT cheap machine has zero places of extra storage – no Micro SD card slot! It also is chinzty with minimal USB ports.

Now that I spent the weekend deleting, my mission is to find a way to get my stored files off my old SD card that was in my broken laptop. Sadly, the old laptop has caught the black screen of death pandemic so I can’t transfer to anywhere! My only option at the moment is to take out the SD card in my tablet and slide the one from my old laptop into there and see what I can do from there. Any other ideas would be much appreciated in comments.

On the upside of things, while searching for my Word doc folders, I came across the file for another book I’d planned to write 2 years ago, but because it’s humorous, and I wasn’t into writing a humorous book with it not being the best of times, I abandoned it and wrote another book, the one I’m now back to revisions in. I didn’t realize I’d written half a book already, lol. I started reading some of the stories, and I was cracking up at myself (is that a bad thing?), lol, which inspired me to start writing for that book again while in revisions for my upcoming one. I did that before – wrote 2 books simultaneously – Words We Carry and MenoWhat? -A Memoir. I don’t know about some of you writers, but I find it difficult to write in humor if I’m not feeling the love.

Thanks for following me on my Schleprock ride through technology.



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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, who writes from her own life experiences and self-medicates with a daily dose of humor.


  • Toni Pike

    Hi Debby, I love that you’ve revived that other half-a-book and now working on finishing it. It sounds great. I sympathise deeply with all your computer problems – so hard to get them under control. When I transferred everything from my old to new computer, the photos didn’t transfer. But luckily I could go to the Apple Store and get them to work it out for me.

  • Hugh W. Roberts

    Good to hear your new laptop arrived ahead of the promised date, Debby. I use Apple, so everything is stored up in the cloud. I’m about to change my desktop, so I’ll be backing everything up to the could before setting up the new desktop. Previously, it’s always worked well, and I’m quite good with the housekeeping of files, photos, music, etc. But it is amazing what you find when going through all those files and discovering a piece of work you’d forgotten.

    Ever since I stopped reading about anything to do with lockdown and the pandemic, my writing mojo came right back, so I’ve been able to write humour as well. If I dip into reading a blog post about the lockdown, then I can feel the writing mojo slowly trickling away. I’m glad I found out what the problem was early on.

    Enjoy the new laptop.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks so much Hugh. Sounds like you and me are similar when it comes to being influenced by the mood of the atmosphere. I should be all right side-up by the end of the week! 🙂 x

  • Norah Colvin

    So pleased you’ve got your new laptop and have it all set up as you like it. I know what you mean about all the extra work it takes. My laptop is starting to slow down a bit now, which is so frustrating, but I’m not ready to have to go through the painful process of replacing it just yet.
    Enjoy your new speed!

  • Jane Sturgeon

    I feel for you, my unicorn buddy. <3 How can Microsoft market a swanky new laptop and not have extra storage or USB ports?? It smacks of arrogance to me!

    My suggestion for transferring of files would be to use your phone if it has a card slot?

    I feel it's great that your stories on your earlier WIP make you laugh. Goodness only knows how much you need that lift right now. Flipping between revisions and writing on two different WIPs is a great idea and heaven-sent. Funny how things work out sometimes.

    Wrapping you in much love, always. <3 <3

    • dgkaye

      Thanks so much Jane. Another good idea. Yes, when I get myself sorted from the complete move, my plan is to check out that card and transfer over, by hook or by crook lol. The hits keep on coming, and I keep slamming them down like wacamoles lol. I’m busier than ever LOL. Hugs for the inspiration. Hugs flowing back <3 xox

  • Marian Beaman

    Well, Debby, after the storm, the calm – mostly. I’m happy that you landed right side up with your technical madness and that your writing muse still well and active, with this comment: “I didn’t realize I’d written half a book already, lol.”

    It’s good to see your humor return. Yay, I say! 🙂

    • dgkaye

      Lol Marian. Yes, it did duplicate. No worries, I deleted the other. That was weird as WP usually doesn’t duplicare, it tells us we’ve already commented? Who are we to question the WP gods, lol 🙂

  • Lisa Hutchison


    What a good feeling to have a new laptop and congrats on its early arrival. My laptop is slow at times, I am contemplating upgrading myself.

    Happy writing!!

    Many Blessings,
    Lisa xoxo

    • dgkaye

      Hi Lisa. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, we all dread setting up a new one, and if you’re anything like me, you will wait til your old one is on it’s last legs LOL 🙂 Blessings back my friend. 🙂 xx

  • H A Melton-Butcher

    Oh Debbie – so not fun … but we just have to settle down and sort it all out – don’t we … so congratulations on getting most of it done. It’ll be wonderful when it’s finished and you’re whizzing about the machine with all its bells and whistles newly added by you! Yay another book to finish off … while humour – has to be right in the moment – difficult now, particularly for some. Take care – Hilary

    • dgkaye

      Thanks so much for your kudos Hilary. Yes, one does have to be in the cheery frame of mind to appreciate humor. <3 But that book won't be happening til next year <3 Hopefully things will be better then. :)

  • Jim Borden

    best of luck with the new computer; there always seems to be a lot of up-front time getting it just the way you want it.

    and what a nice surprise finding your humor book – it must be good if you were laughing at it yourself!

  • Pete Springer

    Oh, gosh! At least you lived to tell about it, Debby. I’m glad you found the hidden remains of your story. I’d say it’s a good sign if you’re laughing at your writing.

    I wish that computers and most other forms of technology came more intuitively for me the way it seems to for others. I can’t imagine living without it, but it sure is a pain in the butt when it doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. Meanwhile, I’ll be the guy holding on to the caboose as it goes careening down the tracks.

      • Carol

        Ahhhh I feel your pain, Debby… am getting my new laptop today once set up hopefully it will be a joy not to have to take a nap while it is deciding whether to let me do something or just deciding to close down which means I have to reset the clock etc etc… Or change browsers or just not do something.. I haven’t been on Pinterest for months and a few other sites and stats don’t work even if I change browsers… It will be bliss to be able to just do… Have fun on your new laptop Hugs xxx

        • dgkaye

          Ouch Carol, I feel for you. But yay to the new one for you too. After you have fun putting it together and making it your own, you will enjoy the new feeling of ‘speed’, lol. <3

  • Diana Peach

    Setting up a new laptop or computer is a bear, Debby. Ugh. I just went through it a few months ago and it took me two days to get everything set, downloaded, find account numbers, etc, etc. My husband “disappeared” for those days since he knows I get grouchy and have tantrums! Lol. I’m glad you are up and running! Enjoy.

    • dgkaye

      LOLLLLLLLLLLLL Diana, you hit a funny bone nerve with your comment about your husband lmaooooo. My hub has visited me in my office a few times since setting up the new one. He asks, ‘How’s the new computer going? Can I assume well since I don’t hear you throwing things and cursing loud enough for the neighbors to hear.” I kid you not LOL. 🙂 😉 x

  • Jacqui Murray

    I was saying nasty words about my new bought-at-Microsoft-store ( the ones that have now all closed for good) a while ago. They took in my old computer and didn’t replace it for five days, after promising to turn it around faster. So, like you, I was stuck on an alternate laptop. Not fun. I’m growling just thinking of it.

    Putting the SD card in a different digital device should work. No reason it won’t if it was working before. That’s the joy of storing stuff on them–they’re portable. Saving to the MS OneDrive just isn’t as easy as my Google cloud (or probably your DropBox). But I think they want you to use it, which is why they give you a bunch of cloud space for free and don’t provide enough storage on the laptop. I just keep plugging in external HDs!

    Glad things are straightening out!

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for your advice Jacqui. Sadly, this laptop is a chintzy on USB ports as their help. I can’t leave an external plugged in because I use that port for my wireless mouse. Arg! 🙁

      • Julie Holmes

        I ran into the “lack of enough USB ports” thing with my new computer, and I finally gave in to it by getting a bluetooth mouse, so I wouldn’t use a USB port. It’s pretty good. Logitech. Also, there’s always SD card to USB adapters. Jacqui’s right, any other digital device to read the card should work fine. Good luck!

        • dgkaye

          Thanks Julie. Oddly, I have a bluetooth mouse which requires inserting the thingee to the port. But I’ve ordered a data port hub to plug in for more ports now, as well as a new backup harddrive, lol. I hate this tech stuff! 🙂 x

  • Olga Núñez Miret

    I know a writer who always has “4” books on the go! I’ve never quite understood it myself, but he has a very rigid schedule, only writes at certain times in the day and dedicates a specific amount of time to each book. Before I started publishing I had quite a few projects on the go, but many of them I just abandoned because they didn’t seem to be going anywhere (and there they are still).
    I’m sure you’ll manage to set up your computer to your taste and find solutions for all the issues (if you use a digital camera you can also transfer the SD-card there and from there download the images to the computer, pretty much as from a phone, I imagine).
    I agree on the humour side of things. I am a fan of dark humour, but even for that kind you need to be in the right mood.
    I look forward to hearing more about your projects.
    Take care and good luck, Debby.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for the advice Olga, and for sharing some of your own issues working on more than one book. I think this project will work out well, as I’m in revisions for one book and still writing for the other, so this gives me a go to project when revisions get frustrating, or when the creativity isn’t flowing for the other. 🙂 <3

  • John Maberry

    My, my, my. We’ve had our desktops four years now. You know what that means–no more than another year or two and we will be going through all this happy horse manure. UGH! My sympathies and congratulations?

      • John Maberry

        You got that right. Had a BSOD last week and going through the stop code fixes didn’t cure why it happened but wasn’t a lasting thing. Then I did an update this AM and go another one for the same stop code. Again, no lasting problem just reboot and recover open docs.

        • dgkaye

          Don’t get me started on what I went through today because of the big WP update it did 2 days ago, leaving half my plugins not working, no images, no tags, no links. Three hours later, I found a forum with 1000s of people having the same issue who are still on the classic editor. Finally a thread where a coder made a temporary plugin to make everything work until each plugin coder comes up with an update. Oye!

  • Rob Goldstein

    Setting up a new computer is a pain and I despise Microsoft for constantly trying to hijack my machine: NO. I don’t want to use the Edge and stop changing my settings!) IOW, I feel ya, 🙂 )

    • dgkaye

      Hi Rob. Lol, funny you mention Edge, I don’t like it, and yes, it still keeps trying to take me there. Yes, that’s what happens when big corporation are allowed to become monopolies! 🙁

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Eek, new computers and software. Not a fan of surface after mine died after one year. Luckily, i was covered under Costco’s concierge service and got a Dell laptop as a replacement. I pay for premium Dropbox and it’s worth every penny…got photos? Lol!
    I’m glad you got your humor muse, Deb! You infuse a lot of humor in your blog posts so I’m sure your book will be on point with that!
    Hang in there with technology! I have to teach all classes online this Fall, 3 weeks away, which means Zoom meetings with IT for assistance! I could barely log into Zoom without issues this morning, grrr. The IT guy send me a how-to right after. Sigh…

    • dgkaye

      Thanks so much Terri. Yes, I think I’m going to have to start paying for Dropbox. It works for me. Through the years I’ve managed to get a few people to join it with my link which gives me and extra 1/2 gig for signing someone up. I need more people LOL 😉 x Good luck with your Zoom teachings. I know how confusing it can be after using it a few times for family Zoom meets. 🙂

  • Marjorie Mallon

    Glad to hear about your new laptop and finding a humorous story too! That sounds like fun to explore. I find that when I try to write dark horror sometimes it comes out more like dark horror humour. Lol. Sorry to hear about your FB woes too. FB is really daft, can’t figure out their stupidity at putting supportive community members, good people like yourself and Willow in FB jail.

  • Jessica Norrie

    I dropped Dropbox years ago for the same reasons as you…but hey! Finding half a novel already written! Either you are amazingly prolific or you’re super absent minded. Just wanted to say congratulations on that find before I go searching through my own computer files in the hope that…

    • dgkaye

      Lol Jessica. I write in longhand, but had entered some random chapters in Word files. A lovely find for sure, lol. Happy hunting, I hope you find a gem! 🙂 x

  • Marian Wood

    Sounds like you have had a very stressful time. My laptop broke as well, the screen has broken. Thankfully though most of my information is in one drive. I purchased a new HP laptop.

    Just a thought will your tablet connect to your new laptop via USB? .. to then transfer data across.

    Take care, hope things get less stressful! X

    • dgkaye

      Hi Marian. Well, it sounds to me by the amount of writers I’ve heard about in these past few weeks, that many of us have experienced tech woes. Either a huge coincide or Windows helps computers die! Thanks for the tip on connecting the tablet, great idea! I’ll keep you posted. <3

  • Amy M Reade

    I’m thrilled for you that you found a half-written book! And it makes you laugh, so bonus! Looking forward to hearing more about it. I definitely feel for you with those computer problems, as you know. I’m in a constant state of tussle with the Microsoft program on my new computer.

  • Pamela

    Good gracious, you make me dizzy miss LIzzy (for some reason this song popped in my head). But whenever I hear/read technical ‘stuff’ – like moving over to a new computer/laptop, I get heart palpitations and a bit of dizziness. You are so much braver than I am, Debby, barreling your way through it. I throw my hands up and let my guy take over, but like Diana mentions, then he gets really grouchy. 🙂

    • dgkaye

      Lol Pam. I have no choice but to learn and do. I am the technical person in my household, lol. Yes, it’s a gross gruel, but someone has to do it. 🙂 xx

  • Lauren Scott

    I’m overwhelmed just reading about your technology troubles, Debby, but glad you’re up and running with your new laptop. We should be shopping for another laptop, too, as one of ours is on the blink, but procrastination wins so far. 🙂 Happy Friday! 💗🌻

    • dgkaye

      Ha! Thanks Lauren. Procrastination was winning for the last 2 months as I tried desperately to hang on til end of August when most sales come out for school. No such luck, procrastination usually ends with a black screen LOL. I wish you luck 🙂 <3

  • Deborah Jay

    Yikes! I know a bit about making such mistakes and that endless delete, delete, delete of duplicates. I am now forewarned to think about this more logically before I have to change to a new laptop, which undoubtedly will happen sooner or later. I made a bit of a mistake recently – got taken in by slick advertising and bought a ‘Photostick’ to back up my pics. Not the best move – it could only hold less than a third of my photos, and stripped away the cover pics from the folders icons on my laptop, which fortunately returned after the enforced WP update – so I guess at least that was useful for once!
    Bonus, finding half a book written already! I look forward to a humorous read from you <3

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for sharing Deb. Don’t even get me started with the ‘stick’. I’ve used 3 over the last few years, and nothing but incompatible gruel. I’ve just ordered myself a brand new backup harddrive while I will keep plugged in. Enough shenanigans, lol 🙂 xx

      • Deborah Jay

        Lol, I’m too scared to plug it back in. Into the bin, another lesson learned.
        At least the external hard drive I bought recently will come in handy – I’m appalled to hear how little hardware connectivity there is on your new laptop – I still have one with a CD drive, though I had to search to find it. When I am giving certain presentations it’s so easy to pop in a disc to demonstrate something. Guess I’ll have to start putting info onto thumb sticks, or external hard drive, or whatever they come up with next.
        I reckon it’s just another way to keep us buying new tech 🙁

  • Liesbet

    Yay, Debby! I’m glad you’re (almost) all set again! Starting on a new laptop is very time consuming. I do this about every four years and I’m extremely fortunate to have a man who knows how to handle this kind of thing. First, Mark always deletes everything the machine comes with. Then, he transfers my old files over and installs the programs I need. I think it takes him about 24 hours to have me “installed”. The last time he did this was on my birthday last year. That was a nice and welcome gift, as my old computer had many issues, but luckily not the black or blue screen of death!

    My tablet – which is five years old – is giving me annoyances now as everything takes ages to load an I have to reboot the thing twice a week. But, I don’t want a new iPad as long as this one somewhat does the job still.

    Happy writing! It’s always nice to stumble on your own writing and actually think it’s not half bad. 🙂

    • dgkaye

      Lol, thanks Liesbet. Seems as writers, we all live the same tech gruel. Yup, about 4-5 years is about all we get ot of a machine before it goes wonky. You are lucky to have Mark to assist you. For me, it’s me, myself and I. 🙂 x

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