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Vaccines – Scam or Scare?



Is it any wonder that people are so confused on whether or not to get vaccines for themselves or their children?

Many conversations are abuzz on the topic of vaccines of late. Mothers worry whether or not by protecting their children with vaccines, will it bring on autism. Currently there is a lot of chatter on the debate of the Measles vaccine. Many question the ingredients added to these vaccines to make them viable, wondering if all the additives to the vaccine serum itself are more harmful than the disease. I know I question them. And then there is the question of the efficacy itself of the said vaccine. I have my own doubts and questions as well, particularly about the Shingles vaccine.

For the past few years my husband has been urged by his doctor to get vaccinated for Shingles. Me, not being a fan of such vaccine, as well as the Flu vaccine, decided to delve further into the pros and cons. I personally did not see a great benefit of this vaccine based on what I had summed up from what I had read. Nonetheless, when my husband had his annual physical last week and was once again advised by his doctor to have it, he brought up the subject again when he got home and showed me the prescription he obtained to get the vaccine and was to take it back to his doctor’s office to have injected. I looked at the literature that the doctor had sent with the prescription and thought I’d stew over it for a few days before I decided if I wanted my husband to have the injection.

When I read up on the subject, these were the facts listed on the brochure:

ZOSTAVAX does NOT protect everyone, so some people who get the vaccine may still get shingles. However, if you develop shingles despite being vaccinated, it CAN help reduce the intensity and duration of pain.”

The next day my husband took it upon himself (he’s a big boy now) to pick up the prescription and have the injection. He shared this with me after it was done. He also brought home the receipt for the vaccine of which he paid $207.00. Besides my reservations about the efficacy, or the need for the vaccine, I was shocked at the sticker price.

Apparently there were no real side effects listed on the pamphlet, but I googled some forums. Later that afternoon, my husband ran a high fever and got deliriously tired and extremely nauseous, diahrea and chills for the rest of the week. Google had displayed many people with these symptoms. Coincidence? I don’t know, but $207, yowza! For a ‘maybe it will work, maybe not? It sounds a lot like the Flu vaccine that many people I know complain about when they get it –  they get the flu anyway.

Personally, I think it all goes back to Big Pharma and another Cash Cow. Scam or scare? What do you think?


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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, who writes from her own life experiences and self-medicates with a daily dose of humor.


  • Ralph

    Sorry to hear that your husband had side effects Debby. I hope he is better today. I haven’t been approached at all for flu etc. jabs, thank heavens. I am amazed at how much you have to pay for medication. I am due for my drip tomorrow and as I am on the Spanish National Health everything is free unless I have to pick up medication, ie. tablets from the pharmacy where I have to pay a wacking token payment of 20-30 cents per box. I reckon you are being ripped off by the drug companies in N America ! <3

  • Diane Tibert

    Vaccines have always put me on guard. As a parent, I often wonder if they’re all necessary. I do my research on each and consider the pros and cons. I’ve never taken a flu shot, and I won’t let my kids get it either. When they are adults, they can choose for themselves, but while they are under my care, they won’t.

    There are several studies suggesting that if you regularly get a flu shot, your immune system doesn’t fully develop to tackle the virus, and so when you get sick, you really get sick. My kids sailed through the H1N1 (Swine Flu) when it hit about six years ago. Two of their friends who regularly got the flu shot were hospitalized because of it. These friends were the ones who brought it in our house.

    The flu shot is a no brainer, but there are others that make me feel guilty. Well, society makes me feel guilty. The worse thing about going against society is that you are instantly labelled a horrible mother if your child is inflicted with something because they never got their shot. There’s no consideration given to the fact the child may have come sick with the illness regardless if they were vaccinated or not; not all vaccinations work on everyone.

    The old school teaches us to listen to the doctor; they know best, but I’ve seen too many instances where the doctor was wrong or lazy or bought out by drug companies. I consider them consultants now. They do their tests, give me their feed back and then I go off and do my research, and then I make an informed decision.

    I’m sure this debate over getting vaccinated or not will continue long into the future.

    The price of the vaccine your husband bought would have made me not get it even if I wanted to get it.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for taking the time to write here Diane. Yes, vaccines will be surrounded by controversy for years to come I should think. Everyone has their opinion and I wrote mine here and from what I can see, we both feel the same way.

  • Christy Birmingham

    That’s not good about your husband 🙁 Is he feeling better today, Deb? My dad got the flu vaccine this year upon his doctor’s request a few weeks ago. He was feeling under the weather when I saw him a few days ago. Oh dear, I don’t know… I just want everyone to be healthy… HUGS

    • dgkaye

      Hi Christy. It’s kind of crazy with vaccine controversy. Everyone has their own opinions and should do what’s right for them. I always like to research anything foreign that will be put in my body, including pharmaceuticals. We have to be our own advocates when it comes to health decisions. And thanks, after a long week and a half, my husband has been slowly turning back into himself these past two days. I hope your dad doesn’t suffer side effects. xo 🙂

  • Sue Dreamwalker

    Deb sorry to hear about your Hubbies reaction.. Personally I do not believe in such vaccines, although some have irradiated disease, Such as TB and Smallpox etc… But we are going back a ways when I think then the pharmaceuticals were in their line of work to help heal.. Today I feel most are in it for Profit.. The scary thing is how much is being pumped into our young children…
    And when you Really Dig Deeper you will find out lots LOTS more that will put you off … But you have to dig for the Truth..
    I dare not leave a link for Last time I did on someones blog Lol I got scammed But you can find one interesting video upon my Truth Page… Its not about Vaccines, but Geo-engineering
    Its an eye open also .. x

    • dgkaye

      Thank you so much Sue. I’m with you on the theory, hence, I only mentioned Big Pharma, and hesitate to say a lot more about it myself. I have had many discussions with a very great man, a naturopath who has guided my health for well over a decade now. We are friends and we often have great chats on the medical system of today. I couldn’t even begin to write here the things I’ve heard from him. He is a brilliant man and will one day win some sort of nobel prize, or that’s what I keep telling him. He goes to Germany often and brings back more wisdom and medical innovations for his cancer clinic that he runs here in Toronto. I also have other western medicine doctor friends which we exchange views on pharmaceuticals and again, I don’t wish to get into such things on my blog. I’ve studied naturopathy for over two decades, almost thought about getting certified but realized it was more for my interest than for a career that I did it. Perhaps one day in years to come I may talk more about things but for now, just know that I have a good idea what you are referring to. I shall check out your link. Thank you. <3

      • Sue Dreamwalker

        Reading your reply its obvious you understand totally what I am saying, and I quite understand about not getting too involved here, as your blog is about writing Not world issues.. I have acupuncture on a regular basis, and have found this route along with altering one’s diet can help enormously to heal and bring ones health back in alignment.. I also Practice QiGong .. And have taken myself from walking with a stick, in constant pain back to 100% better health than I was back in 2002. Where It took around 5 yrs to get diagnosed with Firbromyalgia, as Drs said it was my age, my mind, and just gave me pain killers which didn’t work on the pain, but gave me an ulcer.. So I ditched all the meds, and took to alternative therapies and self healing. And have never Looked Back.. <3 xxx

        • dgkaye

          So it seems we have even more in common than we initially thought? 🙂 I am a firm believer in acunpuncture as it helps me immensely as well. I also stay away from pharmaceutical drugs and found the supplements that give me much better quality of life. We all know it takes time and patience and a lot of studying and reading to learn about how are bodies function, not to mention, it costs a lot more to live this way, sadly. These are some of the points I touch on in my upcoming book. 🙂 xo

          • Sue Dreamwalker

            Yes but then when you weigh up the costs of pharmaceutical drugs, even with the NHS here in the UK, unless you are on benefits you have to pay per ,prescription and once on one drug, its not long before another is prescribed to counteract the side effects and you find yourself upon a cocktail of them.. My Late Aunt was taking around 11 different tablets 4 times a day…. And I bet your book is well worth the read Deb, for your knowledge and writing skills express themselves in clear and in humour, as I have seen from some reviews I have read .. The Menopause springs to mind 🙂 <3

          • dgkaye

            Thanks again Sue. I have many opinions and always worry about putting them out there in the world. But all my books are told from my perspective about events I experienced in life. I like to blog about things I find poignant in my life that I come across, as well as articles in writing to share with other writers, because I remember how foreign the world felt to me as a first time self publisher and how I searched many avenues for helpful information. My upcoming book is called, Random Rants and Reminisces. It’s a book of essays on my memories about topics I miss about the good old days and rants about things that have changed with the decades and the impact they have left on me. A sincere opinion of the changes without getting too politically involved. 🙂

          • Sue Dreamwalker

            Your new book sounds to be a good read.. Yes lots of things which have changed with the decades I can relate to 🙂 Have a fabulous week.. and thank you again for taking the time to reply 🙂

  • Let's CUT the Crap!

    Sorry your husband suffered adverse effects from the vaccine, Debby. My doctor finally talked me into getting the flu vaccine after I avoided it for years. Last November was my second time and I decided to stop at my local drugstore. After the injection, the druggist asked me to stick around for about 15 minutes. I asked why and was told in case I have a bad response, they are close by to help. WHAT? Turns out I was fine but this is the first I’ve heard of this. My doctor never asked me to hang around when she gave me my first shot. What the heck?

  • Deborah Jay

    There was a shocking documentary last week in the UK, after someone made the link between a rash of children across Europe suddenly developing narcolepsy, all within months of each other. The common factor?
    The swine flu vaccination during the pandemic in 2009.
    The condition is irreversible and untreatable, causing these poor children to fall asleep without warning at all times of day, and many times during each day.
    The drug company involved refuses to pay compensation because they ‘don’t feel that the condition interferes with quality of life’,
    Huh? Explain that to a child who will never drive, never hold down a job, never be safe with a cooker etc. etc.
    And on another level, I just stopped having my dog vaccinated – most vaccines are effective for up to 10 years, yet they insist on annual boosters, and there is a verifiable link between over-vaccinating and canine cancer.
    Yes, there are some things that vaccines are necessary for, but beware of drug companies’ greed.

    • dgkaye

      Deb that is awful! I know many people don’t like to hear others shun vaccines, but like you and I are saying, it is up to us all to do the proper investigating before we inject foreign things into our bodies. The biggest problem is ciphering out the good amongst the propaganda. 🙂

      • Deborah Jay

        Isn’t it just? I’d like to know why so many doctors take pharmaceutical reps at their word, apparently without doing their own research on a drug. I’m sure time is a factor, but this is people’s lives they are messing with!

        • dgkaye

          This is the sad truth. They prescribe from their rep’s advice, and what they aren’t sure of, they open up the Merck manual. I’ve had this discussion with doctor friends. It is the pharmacists who are well versed. 🙂

          • dgkaye

            Deb, absolutely, if you ever want to know exactly what the drug prescribed does inside your body and its adverse affects, always check with your pharmacist. That is what they went to school for, not the doctors.

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