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#WATWB – Swedish Teen Activist Greta Thunberg Nominated for Nobel Peace #ClimateAction

Every last Friday of the month We are the World Blogfest members post something inspirational to highlight some of the good being done in this world to deflect from all the negativity.


This month I have chosen to share this most awe inspiring young girl who is fighting to save the environment for her generation. The world should be concerned and doing their part to start helping out the future. Greta began taking off Friday’s at school in October 2018, to go sit in front of parliament to protest for climate change. Eventually, the numbers grew deeper with many who joined her. By December 2018, over 270 joined the protests every Friday around the world. By February 2019 scientists around the world joined the movement and Belgian Environment Minister resigns. Friday March 15 2019, she asked the world to ‘skip school’  for world student Friday protest. Listen to this brilliant mind. This girl is who Nobel Prizes are meant for.



Enjoy both videos. The first one is Greta’s speech, the second one is a powerful video clip with background information.





TedX Talk with inspirational Greta Thunberg


Your cohosts for this month are:  Shilpa Garg Sylvia McGrath , Belinda WitzenHausenDan Antion,Damyanti Biswas.


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Source: Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg nominated for Nobel Peace Prize – The Globe and Mail

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