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#WATWB – We are the World Blogfest Face Masks Help the Hearing Impaired Community

Welcome to this month’s #WATWB – We are the World Blogfest. This is a collective effort by many authors who’ve joined in to share something good, inspiring and uplifting going on around the world to deflect from the negative, every last Friday of the month.


In this post I’m sharing a beautiful initiative taken on by  17 year old Isabella who is making masks to help the hearing impaired. She first began sewing masks when the Coronavirus broke out then switched to making masks for the hearing impaired. Below is Isabella’s story. The article is from Goodnet.com, written by NICOLE NATHAN BEM.




“Wearing a face mask is mandated in many countries around the world, providing well-needed protection. Yet people who are hearing impaired and rely on visual cues and lipreading, are having difficulty communicating with those who wear masks. Isabella Appell, a compassionate 17-year-old teen from Thousand Oaks, California, has decided to lend a hand. She is voluntarily sewing transparent masks and donating them, reopening the world to the people who are hearing impaired.

Isabella, pre-coronavirus, had been attending high school by day and sewing by night. When the pandemic first arrived, she started sewing regular face masks for other people.

She was soon troubled to hear there were no transparent masks readily available to assist people who need to lipread. As a result, she decided to make them herself and created a home-grown venture called Talking Masks. Her home-made vinyl masks are specially coated with an anti-fog spray that enables people to clearly read lips. . .”  please continue reading Isabella’s story


If you’d like to contribute to #WATWB with a story of your own, you can add your link HERE to share a good deed in the #WATWB Facebook group. 


Source: 17-Year-Old’s Clear Face Masks Help the Hearing Impaired Community – Goodnet



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