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#WATWB – Young Children Performing Daily Acts of Kindness

We are the World Blogfest


It’s that time of month again where authors contribute to #WATWB – We are the World Blogfest by showcasing some of the good things being done in the world to counter-act the negativity.


For this month’s contribution I’d like to share a video I came across, where one little girl shares her Daily Kindness Calendar where she colors in her kind acts daily and offers some great suggestions for kids to create smile cards and thank you notes to give to their fellow classmates to leave a smile and a positive message in their day. This is a wonderful project that teachers are teaching kids to use kindness in the classroom by filling a bucket with good deeds.


Kindness Activities for Kids



#WATWB runs monthly on the last Friday of every month. If you’d like to join in by adding a post of positivity, you can add your post link HERE. This month’s hosts of the Blogfest are: Eric LahtiInderpreet UppalShilpa GargMary Giese and Roshan Radhakrishnan Please link to them in your WATWB posts and go say hi!


If you’d like to join in the #WATWB, please add your link HERE


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