Happy New Year
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Wishing You All A Happy New Year!


Another year has come and gone and I can say with certainty it’s been quite a year on many fronts. I’m not one to ever wish the days to go faster, especially since looking back I honestly don’t know where the year went, but nonetheless, I’m happy to kiss it goodbye.


I want to wish you all a beautiful, happy, healthy and inspirational New Year. I feel blessed to be part of this beautiful blogging community and am grateful for the many friends I have made through blogging. And on that note, I’m also announcing my annual winter vacation blogging break. Yes, soon I’ll be heading to the beaches of beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I have a wonderful social calendar lined up for the first part of my break as some family and friends join me in PV. I also want to catch up on some serious reading while away, but I don’t anticipate doing much blogging, if any. But perhaps I’ll get back to writing my next book. Who knows, I’ll go where my inspiration takes me. I also won’t be spending my evenings on the computer reading blogs as I normally do as I really need a timeout. But I know I’ll be popping by sporadically on Facebook, and I’m sure to the odd blog when time permits.

So cheers 🥂 to you all! Thank you for your continued following of this blog, and please don’t forget to come back here when I do 😍. And you never know with me, I might just feel like posting something before I return, and if I do you’ll get your email notifications to let you know I have something to share.


I found this great list of resolutions. I’m sure there’s something for everyone here to choose from. I know more than a few of my own resolutions are listed.

New Year resolutions


Happy New Year!

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