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Does your #WordPress need a tune up?



Heads up people! Today’s lesson is about another mysterious WordPress issue it seems many of us have been encountering.


We all talk about crazy things WordPress does, sometimes without our knowing, leaving us in the dark, only to be discovered when something goes awry, or by another blogger who points out their findings, as I discovered.


Well, for a few weeks I hadn’t been receiving quite a few blog posts I follow. It took me awhile to realize because I receive at least 50 notifications on any given day. And sometimes I’ll notice that one of my favorite bloggers hadn’t posted in awhile and I’ll pop over to their blog manually to check if if they’re okay and see if I missed any posts. Usually I’ll find they may just be on a blogging break. But sometimes I find I’ve missed a slew of their posts.


This finding has happened to a few bloggers I’ve chatted with who’ve had the same problem. This prompted me to go into my ‘managed follow’ under the reader drop box in the upper left corner of our blogs. And voila! I found that WordPress had ‘magically’ turned off all forms of receiving notifications for many blogs I wasn’t receiving. So I carefully went down the list of blogs I follow, and re-selected how I preferred my notifications and turned them back on.

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So, my advice today is to go to your notifications and manage your subscriptions and follows. And try and make it a practice to check on those every once in awhile to make sure WordPress isn’t up to their shenanigans and playing hide and seek with you too.


Now I’m sure my 50 posts will become well into the 70s flooding my inbox, but what’s a blog addict to do?


Have any of you noticed you weren’t receiving the usual flow of blogs in your inbox or reader?

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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, who writes from her own life experiences and self-medicates with a daily dose of humor.


  • Wendy Van Camp

    I agree. Since around April WordPress has been acting funny for me as well. I’ve been researching the problems, but so far I haven’t found out what the issue is. Once my convention schedule lightens up a bit, I am considering moving from to a hosted location. Hopefully, that will help whatever is going on with my website.

    I’m glad to hear I’m not alone!

    • dgkaye

      Thanks Wendy. You certainly aren’t alone, there are many through the air waves complaining about wonky mysteries with WordPress. And I’m sure when you have the time to investigate you’ll be sharing on your blog. 🙂

  • reocochran

    Hi, Debby, have a lovely weekend!
    My WP is funny, sent pre-scheduled posts off with proper ahead of the dates on the wrong ones! I don’t get everyone every day, I chose to get them to arrive on Friday. Ones I follow usually like or comment, so I try with almostv50 hour summer work week to keep up. You know when someone is NOT following you, since it will say awaiting approval. I find many i follow don’t follow me. That’s okay, but I am much more likely to remember those who I am following. 😀 over 60. . .

    • dgkaye

      HI Robin! So, you’re saying WP is sending out your posts NOT on the day you scheduled? And the ones you follow you have sent on Fridays? That’s interesting you can pick the day. I have some daily or weekly. The ones I follow I get weekly and some of them post every day, so depending on the time when I’m reading, I must pick and choose which blogs to read and leave my like and comment. It’s difficult when we enjoy so many blogs but can’t possibly read them all. And you’re right, not everyone we follow will follow back, but that’s okay, because we all gravitate to different blogs we enjoy spending our time at. But in the long run, I end up following back my followers because even if for example, they write about let’s say, books in a genre that isn’t my favorite, I’ll still support them by visiting and sharing their post because I’m sure there’s people in my circles where I’m sharing to that may be interested. 🙂

  • garym6059

    Maybe that would explain this unexplained sudden loss of traffic I’ve been getting from my WordPress peeps! Freaking why is WordPress always trying to reinvent the wheel!

  • Jane Risdon

    I have not been seeing as many followers on my blog and missing those I follow too. I often check my managed posts and I don’t think that is my issue. I think FB and WP are in a conspiracy to force us into all sorts of payment schemes – I really do.

        • dgkaye

          WordPress often does tweaking and also when they do updates, some of the functions go wonky. As far as notifications go, you have to check them in your top left corner by clicking on wordpress logo and manage your notifications. When the list of blogs you follow comes up, you need to make sure the ‘turn on’ notifications button is on and choose the frequency you wish your emails delivered. And as far as not seeing your usual followers around, I’m willing to bet they too haven’t yet noticed that they have to reninforce their notifications.
          As far as getting us to pay for stuff, if you owned your own site you’d have free reign to do what you like. But FB is definitely on a tear to make us spend money to boost posts so all our followers can see our posts. It’s up to us to decide if we want to pay. I don’t pay. If people want to see my posts they can come to my page. But for book promotion it may be worth paying $5 to boost a post as an advertising cost. We all know not much is free anymore. 🙂

          • Jane Risdon

            Ah thanks for this, I do turn on notifications etc. I think you may be right others need to do the same. FB is just annoying now. Thanks once more, appreciate your time and effort. Hope to see you again soon. Have a brill weekend. It is hot here…hard to write. 🙂

          • dgkaye

            Thanks Jane. Lovely to connect. And I hear you on the ‘hot front’, it’s a sweat pit here in Toronto too, lol. 🙂

          • Jane Risdon

            Yes for us it is hot and of course without AC it is challenging. But, we must not moan, it may not last. I love Toronto. Went there on tour with one of our bands a while back…I seem to recall doing a show with James Brown at Inn on the Lake, does that ring a bell? I may have the name wrong, but it was a lovely venue. Keep cool 🙂

          • dgkaye

            Thanks for sharing Jane. You are so right, in a blink of an eye we’ll be wearing winter gear.
            And how fascinating, doing a show with James Brown! I used to be a musician years back, exciting times! I’m not sure I’m familiar with Inn on the Lake. If it was a long time ago, you can be sure the landscape has changed in this city as it’s become a Metropolis. 🙂

          • Jane Risdon

            I thought after and wondered if the hotel (I think) was something else on the lake. I have moved so many times I don’t even know here to look for the memorabilia. What did you play or did you sing? Fascinating 🙂

          • Jane Risdon

            It wasn’t far from there. I wish my brain would work re memory sometimes. Huge hotel and venue (possibly conferences too)…it was a fab setting and huge place. e were there about 3 days and I really cannot recall much of it as in the middle of a long tour. All venues, hotels and cities are a blur to me. What sort of music did you sing?

          • dgkaye

            Lol, talk to be about memory . . . that’s why I wrote a book – Menowhat? A Memoir, lol.
            I was in a band and did the circuit with clubs for a few years- pop. But I studied music and operatic voice training in university. I had big plans to become famous, lol. But back in the early 80s it was difficult to get ahead here in Toronto in the music industry if you didn’t have the right connections.

  • marianbeaman

    Yes, I’ve had to fix subscription problem by going into notifications –> manage my subscription feature. I guess connections sometimes go limp – or disconnect completely. Maybe our favorite WP Happiness Engineer failed to show up one day – ha!

    You are kind to care!

  • Aquileana

    Thanks for the tip dear Debbie… as my blog grew up, I decided to put bloggers who usually visit my posts (better said, liked my posts) in lists on emails and then labeled them… just to keep it handy…
    Anyway, I receive thousands of notifications every monday and I am now wondering if you can tell me if there is a way you could think of right now in order to put off email notifications… Happy weekend. Love and best wishes. Aquileana 😉

    • dgkaye

      Hi Aq. Yes, you can turn off notifications, the same way you can turn them off. Go to the top left of your blog ‘WordPress’, and click on manage your notifications. When the list opens up, go down through each one you don’t wish to receive and ‘turn off’ notifications. 🙂 <3

  • halfeatenmind

    I’ve noticed that problem happen more than a few times. This included new followers not showing in my email, and more recently, when someone likes one of my posts, the email shows up twice in the inbox. Weird WordPress wizardry at play :/


  • Sue Dreamwalker

    Thank you for this Tip Debby, I do also need to clean up and manage some of my notifications.. During one week of not logging in or into my emails I had over 1000 new posts from WP.. so I need a way to control those in priority of importance to me.. 🙂
    And Yes..

    PS I was not impressed with my new anti virus control blocking you.. 🙁 but found a way around it..

    Love to you Debby you are important to me.. LOVE Sue xxx <3

  • Sacha Black

    This has happened to me a few times I have to say. Which is an excellent reminder. I ought to check. Although I am a little slack at the moment. Trying to meet my self imposed deadline has me cutting back on the reading 🙁 but a girls got to do what a girls got to do.

    • dgkaye

      It’s happened to so many Sach. And it seems even after we’ve made the adjustments, it happens again. So a weekly check is good if you can do it until our faith is restored in Weirdpress’s wonky ways. 🙂

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