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on September 2, 2016
Wonderfully written book about one woman’s journey to overcome her low self-esteem and fears. The author provides insightful ways that each of us can become stronger and more confident.
on August 18, 2016

The author candidly shares her feelings over issues of self-esteem and Inadequacy that stemmed from her family life. She opens her heart and pours out the pain and suffering that she had to endure before she found her true self.

She relates her experience with ill-fitted relationships and how she saved herself from being dragged down by their harmful psychological and mental abuse. Everyone at one time can feel the angst that she describes from jealous friends, possessive mates or just selfish and self-centered people that come into one’s life.

She put her best foot forward and overcame depression and rose to the top with a positive attitude, a smile on her face, and a jaunt in her step and self-esteem. Debbie Gies is an inspiration to anyone who feels trapped in their life.

Words We Carry was an inspiring look into the life of this lovely, caring, and resilient woman told through her heart-felt words and sense of humor in the worst of times. I look forward to more insightful books by this talented author.

on August 16, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition  – 5 Stars – Honest and Sound Advice
A real treasure of honesty and sound advice. The author shares her reflections and experiences with low self esteem and how she has managed to rationalise, analyse and overcome the effects this has had on her life and relationships.
Writing about her mother who was intimidating and cold, attraction to the wrong guys, attraction to older men and many other themes, D.G.Kaye never fails to hit a nerve and turn her bad experiences into sound advice. I want every young girl to read this and understand the lessons Kaye has learned. Wouldn’t life be much simpler.
I felt often emotional reading this book, identifying with the author and agreeing with so many of her lines. A book very well worth your time.
5 Stars – Self-Knowledge
on August 2, 2016

Ever had that feeling of ‘not being quite good enough’,of ‘never fitting in’, of ‘always being on the outside’? Then please read this book.Words We Carry carries (excuse the pun) words that can hit home with a sudden realisation of why we may sometimes feel that way. I’m not saying that everyone does. And if you don’t then you’re very lucky. But, as far as I’m concerned I shall be grateful to this author forever. D.G.Kaye lays her soul bare and, by doing so, allows the reader to sit back and think; to understand that if anyone’s opinion touches a nerve, however well meant, however innocently said, there could be a reason from the past.

Reading this book gave me a reinforcement of the self-knowledge I knew was in me but… is…was my habit to dismiss because, long ago, that confidence was diminished. I’ll say no more on that. I just wanted to stress how invaluable reading Words We Carry was, for me.

The author’s honesty about her own earlier life; her own feelings of being inadequate, of struggling with self-esteem, allows the reader to do the same. Her empathy and compassion shine throughout the text.

There is no magic wand to wave away past hurts but D.G. Kaye shows how she came to terms with herself and how she moved forward. Her journey helped me to re-evaluate my own life. If the first sentence of my review made you stop and think then I urge you to consider finding a copy of Words We Carry. I thoroughly recommend it.



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5 Stars – You are worthy of the gifts in this book
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Using words, D. G. Kaye illustrates the power of words. Like using water to describe water, if we want to know what water is, feels like etc. we should step into some water. In this highly personal book, we can step into the water of our emotional connection to words because Kaye provides a steady stream of powerful emotional words.. Even though her personal experiences might not be unique to you, there is something to be gleaned from reading her stories. You may find yourself understanding someone else a little better. You could even find yourself nodding in agreement as you recognize something about yourself. Until we learn that what someone else says to us, actually says more about them than us, we may find ourselves caving to the power of their words. After all, if knowledge is power, wouldn’t self-knowledge be the ultimate power? Read this book and find out how one woman found her ultimate power. How she has built a life where the words that mean the most to her, as hers. Kaye is paying it forward with this book, using the treasure chest of gold she has mined from her own life. Thank you, Debby!
on December 30, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase  A PERSONAL CHAT -5 Stars
While reading Words We Carry I felt like I was having a personal chat with the author. The phases and experiences the author wrote about from her life are relatable and sometimes funny. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with D. G. Kaye for some girl time.


How to Boost Your Self-Esteem? Read this Book. December 8, 2014

Format:Kindle Edition
In her introduction D.G. Kaye says “I wrote this book to share the negative experiences and obstacles I’ve encountered in my own life. I have tracked my own insecurities and the self-esteem issues of my past in an effort to recognize and conquer the negative image I had of my youth…all so I could finally learn to love myself.”
Anyone who has read her previous books knows that you can count on D.G. Kaye to be open and candid and in her own words, “baring my raw self to the world.” Her honesty and transparency makes for a book that allows the reader to relate with the yearnings in all of our hearts and souls to be our true selves.
This is a book that ought to be on parents’ and educators’ to read and re-read list: “…words linger much longer than physical wounds. The damage done to our delicate egos, especially when we’re small, stays with us through the rest of our lives.”
What is comforting is that D.G. offers sound advice on how to repair our damaged egos and take care of our sense of self. She provides concrete examples of her own life and how she conquered her fears. “If we don’t take responsibly for our own choices, we can become ruled by someone else’s power. This results in us giving up pieces of our own identities to satisfy the whims of someone else, leaving us with little self-esteem…Everyone has something beautiful to offer.”
This time around, D.G.Kaye has this beautiful book to offer.
Mourning Has Broken Getting to Mr. Right Missi’s Dating Adventures Mourning Has Broken


D. G. Kaye Bares Her Soul to Resolve the Self-Sabotaging “Words We Carry” THAT AREN’T EVEN YOUR FAULT! October 30, 2014

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
D.G. Kaye uses all her feelings of empathy, compassion, and honesty to reveal the power of WORDS that hurt, destroy, and demean. Words that in most cases have been forced upon us, and we never forget their poignant sting or understand the devastating effects they have on our lives and our relationships. You create the reality that has been engrained in your mind whether it’s wrong, unfair, or just plain mean, spiteful, and filled with envy and jealousy. WE ARE THE “WORDS WE CARRY” THROUGH LIFE! Isn’t it time to delve back to the source to first recognize and then change your self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth?WORDS start piling up at a very young age…long before we understand why such labels are placed upon us by inconsiderate, angry people, usually our families, who lash out at everyone around them in an attempt to make themselves feel better. Who gets hurt? Just about everyone, including themselves. But the delicate psyche of a child, who is born seeking only love and acceptance, is so susceptible to ridicule, negativity, verbal abuse, and degradation. It is rarely a child’s fault that they are bullied, laughed at, used between adults as weapons in grownup games, or called names that stick like glue. Ms Kaye reaches back to her personal, traumatic early years to release the WORDS that practically destroyed a beautiful, giving, loving personality. In her easy, flowing writing style, where you feel like you’re communing with your best friend…sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes comedic, always strong and resourceful…you get the best she has to give to show how you too can rescript the WORDS that keep you downtrodden and afraid to ask for and receive what you deserve out of life. Thank you D.G. for this heartfelt, soul-searching book to set us all free from the “Words We Carry” that only inflict pain and suffering. YOU TOO CAN FIGHT BACK AND WIN!

 A great gift for young girls just moving away or someone … November 30, 2014

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I just now finished “Words We Carry” and wanted to come here and write a review while it was still fresh on my mind. But it is actually the kind of book that you will draw from as needed in different circumstances as the occassion may arise.
It is a journey through this author’s life, describing the effect that words have had on her. And it really makes you think twice. It helps you kind of re-evaluate your own life and agree with a lot of the points she brings up and has you feeling not so alone in your own journey.
D.G. Kaye makes you feel as if you are sitting at her kitchen table, just having a friendly conversation about “life” and experiences we have as women. I wish I’d read “Words We Carry” in my twenties! She makes you think that other people think and feel and have had the same experiences as you. She talks about abuse and red flags, jealousy and lonliness. It is empowering and real and was timely for me, since I just quit a job of ten years and am beginning a new one next week! A great gift for young girls just moving away or someone like me who has already lived a half a century, and am starting a new job! Thumbs up on this one!I am becoming an avid fan of D.G. Kaye books!Can’t wait for the next one.

 Another great book by D.G. Kaye….I’m a fan! November 1, 2014

By A R
Format:Kindle Edition
This book is so well written, it had me analyzing my own life and my own issues with self esteem. D.G’s profound words have left me with great tools I can use towards overcoming my own battles and self-healing……thank you for sharing D.G. Kaye!

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