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I’ve collected some helpful articles for writers and authors over the last two weeks – something for everyone. From editing to blogging, to self-publishing and marketing – Enjoy!



Anne R. Allen with an informative post on how to find legitimate publishers and scams to beware of

Source: How Can You Tell Legitimate Publishers from the Bad Guys?



Editor, Jeri Walker with some excellent tips on where to market our books




Thanks to Nicholas Rossis for this excellent information on extra income for authors

Amazon Advertising: The Machette Effect



How about a new social media platform I came across on Janice Wald’s blog – Mostlyblogging.com

Check out wakelet.com



Do you follow the Bookdesigner? If you’d like to learn about what makes a good book cover, Joel Friedlander, a.k.a. The Bookdesigner has an open invitation for authors to submit their new book cover to be critiqued by him. I’ve learned a lot from him on what elements a cover requires by reading critiques of the books entered, and I’ve entered all of my own over the years. I will add that I tied for nonfiction winning book of the month a few years ago with my book – Words We Carry, and happily settled for the Gold Star for a close second.

e-Book Cover Design Awards, September 2018



Hugh Roberts is back with more detailed information how to make your blogs presentable and comfortable for readers

7 Things You Can Do To Make Your Blog Posts Standout And Get Read

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  1. Thank you, Debby for sharing. I went over to read Jeri’s post and it’s very helpful. My break is over and have to keep moving forward. <3

    1. Fantastic Miriam! Jeri’s blog is always a wealth of information. <3

  2. Many thanks for the great links, Debby! I’m thinking of taking advantage of Joel’s offer and have him critique my book covers 🙂

    1. You are most welcome Nicholas. And thanks for always scouting out the latest in Amazon for us! Yes, you should enter your books as you publish with Joel. I believe you can only enter most recent books as there is a cut off date. Go ahead an enter your Toaster book. 🙂

  3. Thanks again for including a link to the most recent of my blogging tips posts, Debby. It’s very kind of you. I appreciate it very much.
    Have a lovely weekend, and don’t forget to put your clocks back (if you do that in your part of the world? Is it this weekend? They went back in the UK last weekend.)
    Hugs to you.

    1. My pleasure Hugh. I try to cultivate links that will benefit writers and bloggers and your blogging tips are most helpful! Thanks for the reminder, yes, we used to turn back clocks the same as you, but new law came in 2 years ago adding the extra week. I’ll look forward to the extra hour back LOL 🙂 xoxo

  4. This is a great collection of experts, Deb. I’ve used Joel for consulting–helping me with specific problems on my writing. Excellent resource!

    1. Thanks. Joel is one of the leading pioneers in the Indie revolution.

  5. There you go again, always shining a light on my next step. I’m thinking ahead to book marketing and appreciate the tips. Today I contacted a librarian about sharing my book when it is published next year. I’m glad I live in a big city in that regard.

    Thanks, heaps! I will have to bookmark this post for future reference, FOR SURE!

    1. So glad I could be of help Marian. Marketing is a never-ending journey for us authors. I’m sure you will revert back to some of these helpful posts by some generous writers. 🙂

  6. Thank you Deb, the list you have compiled for us is appreciable! I have read a few.

    1. Oh wonderful Balroop. So happy to hear you found these resources of interest. 🙂

  7. Great shares, Debby. I always have a couple that I need to follow through on to see what’s up! Thanks for taking care of us. 🙂

    1. My pleasure Diana:) x

  8. Thanks Debby.. all very useful… terrific list.xx♥

    1. Thank you Sal. I hope you found something of interest too <3 xx

  9. Great tips all around, Deb, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Ter. Thanks, and glad you found the helpful. <3

  10. Always interesting. Yes, Janice Wald’s site is good, been following for some time.Thanks for reminding me of these. Good luck all. x

    1. Hi Jane. Thanks for stopping by. Happy to share some good stuff here for you all. <3

  11. WOW Debby what a wonderful collection of links of valuable tips you have gathered all in one place.. I will be saving this page to my browser Debby for future references…
    One never knows when I will get my own act together… <3

    Sending HUGS your way

    1. Lol, I hear you, always good to have on hand! 🙂<3 Hugs received and returning!!! <3 <3

  12. Flipped for safe keeping.

    1. Ah, thanks Ellen. Good safe keeping. 😉

  13. Thanks for curating this collection of useful blog posts and informative articles, Debby.

    1. My pleasure Norah. I hope you found something useful here. 🙂

  14. Great variety of updates here for writers, Debby! I’ll check out Hugh’s post today on getting more reads for blog posts.

    1. Glad you found them useful Christy <3

  15. Thanks, Debby. Great posts and thanks for sharing such useful resources.

    1. Happy to help Olga <3

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