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Writer’s Tips – #BookMarketing – #SocialMedia, Using Screenshots, Podcasting, Interviewing Characters

Welcome back to a new edition of Writer’s Tips. In this issue, I’m sharing some interesting articles on writing our book’s characters, writing good endings, marketing with social media and with using our mobile phones. Take a look!



How to turn your book into a Podcast by Joanna Penn

Book Marketing: How To Turn Your Book Into A Podcast




How to interview your book’s characters by Kate Johnston

Source: How to Interview your Character – KATE JOHNSTON | Story Coach



Marketing with creating images on your Iphone or Android, from Natalie Ducey

How to use an iPhone Mockup ~ a win-win for marketing and building connections across social media! – Natalie Ducey


For those of us using Androids instead of Iphones, here’s an additional link Natalie has shared to capture screenshots for Android users


How to conquer using Linkedin for marketing, by Social Media Guru – Frances Caballo

How to Conquer LinkedIn – Part 1


How to find the ‘holes’ in your story’s ending with editor/author, Roz Morris



From Ruth Harris at the blog of Anne R, Allen – Adding ‘rogue’ characters to add more compelling fiction to your stories.

Rogue Characters: The Secret to Compelling Fiction




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