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Writer’s Tips – Gutenberg How To, 89 Instagram Secrets You Need to Know, Free Logos

I’ve picked a few articles to share for today’s edition of Writer’s Tips after visiting fellow blogger’s pages. Nicholas Rossis shares some great info on where to pick up some free fonts and a site for 3D mockups for our books. I have to great informational  articles from blogging guru Hugh Roberts on how to add images and slideshows to our blogs. A complete step by step guide to using Gutenberg editor by Natalie Ducey. And some useful information for authors on using Instagram and social media by Anne R. Allen. Something for everyone!


I recently posted about free fonts and free 3D mockups. This latest resource rounds up nicely these two design-related posts by throwing some great images into the mix. PNGkey has a stunning number…

Free Transparent Logos and Images



Hugh Roberts with some helpful information for bloggers on embedding slideshows on your blogs.

How To Add A Slideshow To Your WordPress Blog Post Using Gutenberg



More helpful hints from Hugh Roberts on how to add images in the comment section of a blog – make sure you have permission first!

How To Add An Image To A Comment On A WordPress Blog



Block by block – A step by step guide to using Gutenberg editor by Natalie Ducey

Getting Started with Gutenberg – A How-To Guide for Creating Engaging Blog Posts with Gutenberg.




89 Helpful tips to use Instagram as an author’s tool

Source: Instagram Online: 89 Instagram Secrets You Need to Know





And another informative post from Anne R. Allen – How to use social media effectively for authors

Authors, Don’t Run From Social Media: 10 Tips to use it Efficiently and Avoid the “Cesspool.”






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  • Norah Colvin

    A great collection of posts, thanks, Debby. Some I’ve read before. Some I’ll be popping over to read. There’s always room to learn something new.

  • Hugh Roberts

    Thanks for including not one, but two recent posts of mine, Debby. 😀

    Have a lovely weekend. It’s a bank holiday weekend here in the UK, and the forecast is for snow showers and frost! 🙄

    • dgkaye

      My pleasure Hugh! And so gross, we had snow this week too and rain all week long – so nasty! I’m hoping this is the last day of the wet stuff and real May will start next week. 🙂 xx

  • Jacqui Murray

    Good tips though I have to confess: I gave up on Gutenberg. Every once in a while, I hear something cool about it, rethink my decision, and then reject it. I guess because much of what Gutenberg does in its boxes I can do without.

    Oh well….

  • Vashti Q

    Hi, Debby! Happy Friday! Thanks for this collection of helpful posts. It’s great to be able to click to them from one post. Pinning for future reference and sharing! 😀 xo

    • dgkaye

      Hi Vashti. Happy Friday my friend! 🙂 So glad you found them helpful. And yes, I always make my links so you don’t have to leave the page to view the links. <3 xx

    • dgkaye

      Most welcome Balroop. That’s make 2 of us not using it, as well as many others. But for those curious, Natalie’s post is a great step by step 🙂

  • John Maberry

    More great stuff. Still not ready for Gutenberg. I’ll check back periodically for upticks in the ratings but so far as I can tell, most people think it’s the worst thing since moldy, unsliced bread. LOL

  • Elaine Mansfield

    I tried Gutenberg for a few weeks, but didn’t want to give it the time it needed to master the art–so I returned to the old WordPress. I may try again this summer when I have time. Your post will help me. I’m careful in my use of social media because it’s a sinkhole. Many people encourage me to use Instagram because I share many photos, but I haven’t done it. Twitter (less and less productive, I find), Facebook, and Linked in are more than enough.

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for sharing your experience Elaine. We all find what works best for us on social media and focus there or we could spend all day on social media! For me Fb (although I hate it) and Twitter are my drugs of choice, lol. 🙂

  • Janice Wald

    Hi Debby,
    Thank you so very much for linking to my 89 Instagram Secrets in your roundup post. I’m glad you felt it was valuable enough to share with your readers.
    I thought all the posts you chose were great choices.
    Nice to “see” you.

    • dgkaye

      Hi Janice. Thanks for dropping in. Yes, your post was immensely helpful. All of your posts are full of such great info and I’m happy to pick and choose what I think would most resonate with my readers. 🙂 <3

      • Vishnu

        hi Debby – thanks for including the instagram article. I found it useful but it does take a chunk of our time to be posting regularly in the social world.

        • dgkaye

          Hi Vishnu, I agree with you, if we were to work with every social media site we wouldn’t have time for anything else. We must pick and choose what works for us best. 🙂

  • Liesbet

    Again, thank you for sharing these tips and articles, Debby. Another nice round-up. I’ll have a look at the complete tutorial for Gutenberg as I still need to be convinced of its advantages. I have changed over and am learning the ropes, but I’m disappointed about their way of posting and integrating photos into the text. There are definitely some bugs still and – for me – less flexibility and professionalism with the photo galleries.

    • dgkaye

      Well it sounds like you’re still in the majority of us who don’t care for it Liesbet. I refuse to use it too, but if you’re already using and having problems, Natalie’s post should prove quite helpful. 🙂 x

  • Kate Johnston

    I’ll have to take a look at the Gutenberg article–still not a fan and have gone back to the classic editor plug-in as a result. It’s just time-consuming! Blogging is a lot of work, and I don’t understand the need for such difficult layout. Thanks, Debbie!

    • dgkaye

      Thanks for adding your take Kate. I’m totally with you! But for those who are using it and having difficulty, Natalie’s post is quite helpful. I’m thankful for the the classic editor plugin, lol. 🙂

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