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Writer’s Tips – Scams, Video Marketing, Book Selling, Photo Library

Welcome to this month’s edition of Writing Tips. Learn about why Amazon isn’t the only game in town from 111 Publishing. Hugh Roberts is back with more great blogging tips. Two great posts from Nicholas Rossis on email video marketing and how to get our digital signatures for documents. And I took the liberty of sharing an important scam alert in these times of Coronavirus where many dirtbags take advantage of ripping off people by email.


Doris Heilmann of 111 Publishing with information on diversifying when it comes to selling books.

Are You Still Selling Books Only Via Amazon?



Nicholas Rossis shares the value in Video Email Marketing. Is it the next best thing?

Email Video Marketing


Hugh Roberts, blogging guru, offers up 21 Great Ways to spruce up our blogs!

21 Ways To Freshen Up Your WordPress Blog And Help It Standout


Hugh Roberts with blogging tips on how to access a secret photo library right in your WordPress dashboard.

How To Access And Use The WordPress Free Photo Library



Another great find from Nicholas Rossis is Wondershare Sign X. Ever have a document that requires a digital signature and wish you didn’t have to print, sign and scan back? Nicholas shares a helpful app.


And last of all. I came across this informative article from Norton Antivirus, informing and alerting about the new Corona cyber scams going on with emails. Get informed so you don’t get caught!




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