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Writer’s Tips – The Classic Editing Experience vs. #Gutenberg, #Podcasting on WordPress, Grammar Goofs

Welcome to a new edition of Writer’s Tips. In this compilation I’ve collected along my reading travels, I found an informative post about using the new WP editor, and another interesting find from the WordPress website – WP now enabling podcasting, and some excellent tips for bloggers.


Starting Your Own Podcast on WordPress.com



I came across this WordPress post from one of the ‘Happiness Engineers’, who explain lots of questions bloggers have about the new Gutenberg editor. I highly recommend bloggers on the new editor to check it out, and those (like me) who stubbornly remain with the old editor, to bookmark this for the day we are forced to using it. Be sure to read comments there too, as they are just as educational.

Source: The Classic Editing Experience is Moving, Not Leaving – The WordPress.com Blog


Grammar Goofs to Avoid by Kathy Steinemann Part 1



Part 2 Grammar Goofs by Kathy Steinemann



Donna from Retirement Reflections, offers some interesting and new tips to help bloggers

Your Best Blogging Tip


I hope you enjoy this edition of writer’s tips.



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