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Writer’s Tips – Writer’s Block, Author #Marketing, Hiring #Editors, and Blog Tips

Welcome to this week’s edition of Writer’s Tips. This week’s focus is on all things books – finding the right editor, conquering writer’s block, news from an author convention, Goodreads for promoting books, and of course, more good tips on blogging.


Hugh Roberts has another informative post for bloggers

Source: 15 Blogging Mistakes Every Blogger Should Avoid – Hugh’s Views & News  


Doris Heilmann from 111 Publishing is offering up some good tips on what to look for when hiring an editor


How to Find the Right Book Editor


Deborah Jay has just returned from the Edinburgh 20Books author event with some great information about the publishing industry and what authors are doing for marketing. I’m sharing 2 of her posts here today.


Book launch strategies – what’s working in 2019 #20BooksEdinburgh


Kate Johnston is sharing an inspirational article for writers – 3 Steps to Unblocking


3 Steps to Transforming a Blocked Mindset into One that Thrives


Christine Nolfi on how to increase book sales with Goodreads


Using Goodreads to Increase Book Sales

Happy Writing!



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