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#Writing the First Chapter Blues of a Novel – Tips and Fixes – Ruth Harris

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Today I’m reblogging one of my favorite blogs that are geared towards writers and always full of great tips and information from both Anne R. Allen and Ruth Harris. Both, Anne and Ruth write articles on the blog of Anne R. Allen


This article delves into the meat of writing a first chapter of our books. From the words of Ruth Harris:


“Your first chapter needs to be seductive, enticing, compelling and coherent. Getting it right is crucial—and it’s not easy.”

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First Chapter Blues? Tips and fixes from NYT bestselling author Ruth Harris for self-editing the first chapter of your novel.

by Ruth Harris


“Someone waves a gun in the first sentence.


In the second sentence, Jim (or is it Jill?) is walking his (or is it her?) dog in the rain.


In the third paragraph, the dog gets loose, runs into the middle of a movie set where the handsomest/most beautiful/most famous movie star in the world falls instantly in love with the owner of the toy poodle/doberman pinscher/golden retriever.


In the last paragraph, Jim (or is it Jill?) is tied up in a cellar. She or he is getting fired/laid by his/her billionaire boss. Or s/he is in the kitchen making cupcakes. Or driving a Ferrari on the Grand Corniche while some people (good guys? bad guys?) are going somewhere in a truck/tank/bus/boat/private jet.


So what is this? A mystery? A thriller? A cozy? A romance? Urban fantasy?


Who the hell knows?


Certainly not the reader who by now is gone, girl, gone.


Basically, what we have here is a mess.


Of course I exaggerate but, based on a recent random reading of “Look Inside” samples, I didn’t completely make this up, either. . .” CONTINUE READING


Source: Writing the First Chapter of a Novel Tips and Fixes

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