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#WritingTips: Abolish the Adverbs | Writing Forward

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As writers, we’ve all heard the many warnings about using too many adverbs in our writing. Although we try our best, or choose to ignore the warnings about over using adverbs, this article by Melissa Donovan is a clear and concise lowdown about how adverbs can hinder our writing and why. Melissa offers up some great examples demonstrating different methods for working around a sentence omitting adverbs.



“What are adverbs and why are they frowned upon? How can you cleanse your writing of them?”


“Adjectives and adverbs are modifiers. Adjectives modify nouns whereas adverbs modify verbs, other adverbs, adjectives, phrases, and clauses. In fact, an adverb can modify an entire sentence. This gives adverbs a rather large playing field; maybe that explains why they are overused. . .” Continue Reading 


Source: Writing Tips: Abolish the Adverbs | Writing Forward

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