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Writing Tips: CreateSpace Closing, #Blogging Tips, Publishing Advice, First Sentences


Tips for Writers


Today’s Writer’s Tips are brought to you by David Gaughran, Deborah Jay, Anne R. Allen, and Hugh Roberts.



CreateSpace is closing in a few weeks. Apparently, authors books are being offered to be moved over in a series of moves. We have to wait until we see the invitation popup on our Createspace dashboards.

Source: CreateSpace Closing – It’s Official | David Gaughran



Hugh Roberts is back again with a fun yet informative post for bloggers to understand all the available parts of our blogs.

5 Powerful Blogging Tools That Will Work For You


Some great advice for all writers , how NOT to get caught in a publishing trap by Anne R. Allen.

9 Pieces of Bad Publishing Advice New Writers Should Ignore


Deborah Jay has a fantastic post, with examples, about how to write better sentences.

How to write attention grabbing sentences: active vs passive construction #amwriting



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