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This week’s edition of Writing Tips offers lots of great information and opportunities. Sally Cronin is running a wonderful series at the Smorgasbord – Potluck, where she takes the liberty to dive into our archives and choose articles to feature on her blog, If you’d like your posts to get a little extra attention, you may want to sign up to be featured. Details are in the post below.


Anne R. Allen is featuring an interesting article about ‘where not to waste our self-publishing dollars.’ And as always on Anne’s blog, she offers links at the bottom of her posts for writers about current writing opportunities for writers, book sales, and more! I’m also sharing one of those links offered by Anne for a place to submit our writing with many categories and genres available.


Co-Authoring a book and worried about how you will split royalties? Check out Publish Drive that works with KDP and many other platforms


And last, but certainly not least, the Kindlepreneur is back offering up some great information for authors when choosing categories for our books.




Donna W. Hill’s Potluck feature at Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord has some helpful advice about editing.

Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives #Potluck -Advice for aspiring #writers: Get Your Editor On 2015 by Donna W. Hill



Anne R, Allen featuring Nate Hoffelder with some very wise advice on where NOT to spend our self-publishing dollars.

How to Waste Money When Self-Publishing a Book



I also found on Anne R. Allen’s blog, a great list of Literary Journals accepting roughly 50% of submissions.

20 Approachable Literary Journals



Check out this royalty sharing program for co-authors.

New Royalty Share System for Co-Authors from Publish Drive



The Kindlepreneur shares some great info for authors on how to choose best categories for our books.

Source: The SECRET Method to Choosing Amazon Book Categories [2019]




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