New Years wishes
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New Year’s Wishes from – Always Stay Humble and Kind

New Years wishes


Wishing you Health, Happiness and Peace


I’d like to take the time to sign off the year here sharing a little thing I like to add when sending greeting cards. When I sign a card, included in my wishes, I always add before signing the card – wishing you happiness, health and peace.  It makes no difference if I sign ‘best wishes’, ‘with love’ or any other sentiment, but I always felt an overwhelming compulsion to add in those wishes. I can’t think of anything else in the world that matters more than health, love and peace, so instinctively I like to send those wishes along with my greeting. What else doesn’t take up much room but comes from the heart and can fit in an envelope?


I’d like to wish you all a beautiful new year filled with love, hope, and happiness and good health. And I wish peace for the world and all of God’s creations. If we can remember gratitude, kindness, patience and to love one another, it would be a huge step to turning the world back into a positive force.


In the words of Tim McGraw . . . . . .



Happy New Year


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