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Cutting Emotional Cords with Archangels

Welcome back to my Spiritual Awareness series. While we’re still on the topic about angels, today I’d like to share with you a method of how to remove internal negative energies, or energetic form of attachment, with the help of two of our highest Archangels, Michael and Raphael. We are all connected to higher source through vibrational energy, and we refer to ‘connected’ by way of etheric or psychic energy cords. But what are these invisible cords? And how can we eliminate them to help release a negative energy connection we prefer not to keep within us?


We can learn to practice the art of cutting these invisible cords. And to help with the releasing of these cords that sometimes drain us and sap our energy unknowingly, we look to Archangels Michael and Raphael. Michael is the highest in the order of all seven Archangels. He is recognized in Christianity, Judaism and in Islam. Raphael is regarded as the angel who possesses God’s healing powers.

The energy cords we’re most linked with are people in our close circles, and almost always, family. These same cords also connect us to profound events in our lives that remain in the back of our sub-conscience – some good, some bad. And it’s those unhealthy attachments we want to eliminate.

All the negativity we carry because of unhealthy cords that bind us should be cleared from within every once in awhile, just as we cleanse ourselves and our homes. If you find yourself continuously carrying bad feelings, harboring negative energies, reliving unpleasant events of unfavorable conditions, or taking in energies from someone close to you, allowing them to take up too much residence in your head leaving you feeling unsettled within, it’s probably time to begin cutting.


There are various methods we can use to cut the cords that weigh us down, but the first step is to relax, do some deep breathing, and meditate for a few minutes to bring on the calm. Then we are ready to call on Archangel Michael to assist us by closing our eyes and concentrating and asking Archangel Michael, to please remove the cords that bind me.


It’s also important to recognize where your energy is draining you to specify the cords you want severed. Again, you can ask Archangel Michael to help to open up your awareness and to help find the draining cords. Then follow the cord(s) in your mind’s eye beginning by visualizing the cord from the top of our heads, following through to the heart, and feel this cord, then visualize Michael’s power of white light surrounding you. Keep the visual of white light around you to stay grounded. Visualize the heavenly archangel using a laser beam of light or by Michael holding a handheld vacuum (this one works best for me) penetrating through your head right down to your feet then visualize the act of burning or cutting, or sucking out these cords and being drawn and released through the top of your head. When you feel the cords have been released, ask for Archangel Raphael (the healer) to seal the open wound from where the cord was removed by focusing on thoughts of joy and love in your heart. By severing these cords, it makes room for peace and clarity.

Our angels are always with us, but they will never impose themselves in our lives unless invited to. This is known as free will. We need only ask for their assistance and keep an open heart when summoning. It’s almost like when we pray. If we don’t consciously pray, our angels are still always around us. But when we encounter times when we need help and pray to the angels, they hear our thoughts and are invited in with our calling.

Below is an example of what you can say. Don’t get all caught up in wondering if you’ve used the right words – speak from the heart. You may speak verbally or silently in your thoughts. Spirit speaks through thought. You may use any variation of calling your angels you feel most comfortable with. Just remember to close off the wound after the cord cutting.

Example for calling on our angels:

Archangel Michael, please pull on the roots of the cords connecting me to (name or situation) by using your light and sword. Release the roots and cord to divine light.

Now envision a shower of divine light all around you and the person you’ve just cut the cord from to send off the negative energy. Then you can ask Raphael to seal the wound, which should leave you feeling more centered, balanced, and feeling lighter within.


  • You can always call on your angels to ask for help.
  • Keep track of your feelings before and after cutting cords.
  • You can always hold or surround yourself with your favorite grounding stone while doing this.
  • Smudging yourself and/or your surroundings after a cord cutting session helps to remove the negativity after the cord removal.

You can learn more about the various types of cords that become attached to us:
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I found this helpful video to give you an idea about how to perform the cord cutting with angelic diviner, Melanie Beckler

I hope you enjoyed learning how to help yourselves from being drained by negative energetic attachments. Are any of you here familiar with this process?

©D.G.Kaye 2022

My thanks to Debby for another fascinating post on the spiritual side of our natures. I know she would love to hear from you.