Clearing with Selenite – The Sisters of the Fey

Today I’m sharing my latest post at our Sisters of the Fey blog, where we share articles about all things spiritual and magical. I wrote this article on how to use the stone Selenite to help with clearing bad energy as a follow up post to my earlier post on how to do Empathic Clearing.


Clearing with Selenite





Selenite is part of the quartz family, a crystalized form of gypsum, often referred to as ‘liquid light’. Selenite has the ability to open our crown, third eye and higher chakras, making it an excellent tool to use with any spiritual cleansing.

Selenite is found in quite a few countries such as: Greece, Mexico. and the U.S.A.. It is associated with the moon’s lunar cycles, originally named for the Greek Goddess Selene.



Selenite is known for its connection with our third eye chakra. Light energy radiates through this stone, promoting honesty and purity, forcing the holder of the stone to become open and receiving, thus helping with clearing energy blocks by allowing energy fluidity to promote raised awareness. Selenite is a wonderful divination tool for connecting with spirit guides and guardian angels. Wearing Selenite jewelry is helpful to ward off receiving negative energies and keeps the energy sucking vampires from stealing our energy.



A good piece of Selenite to use for clearing is in the form of a wand. Wands typically are about 6 to 8 inches long. The wand has more than one use. You can create a space for yourself where you like to spend time and place the wand along side any other tumbled crystals you have that you feel empowers you in a dish or a bowl and keep them near to keep good energy in the room. The wand will keep your other stones charged at the same time because Selenite is a self-cleansing stone and has the energy to cleanse other stones. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to keep cleansing your stones after taking in negative energies if the Selenite were on top of the other stones.

You can use the wand to help with meditation. Make sure one end points toward your crown chakra and the other to the root chakra (vertically), then begin your chosen mantra.

One of the best uses for this wand is for removing negative energies on your person by holding the wand and circling it around your body from head to toe. Again, hold the wand vertically and begin by circling around the top of your head and continuing downwards the length of your body down to the feet. This is known as brushing because the energy cleansing wand picks off the negativity energy that has clung to us, almost like a lint brush.

You can purchase Selenite in many forms. Some common forms are in chunks, long bars and smaller stones. Some people like to keep chunks of Selenite in some corners of a room to keep good energy or place smaller pieces on window sills. Keeping a piece under your bed is said to promote better sleep and recharge yourself.



Selenite is known as a self-cleansing stone, and has the power of cleansing other stones when Selenite is placed upon or beside them. But, like anything else, it still doesn’t hurt to cleanse your Selenite stones once in awhile if you wish, especially if you’ve been using it a lot to clear. There are two ways to cleanse Selenite. You can light a sage smudgestick and wave it over the stone or you can cleanse it like you would any other stone by leaving it on a window sill for a day to recharge by sun and moonlight. But never use another common method that is effective for many other stones by using water. Selenite is a porous stone and it must be kept away from water.

In conclusion, you can choose to place a piece of Selenite wherever you feel you need to keep good energy flowing. Below I’ve included a great short video from the Energy Muse, which will give you a good idea of what Selenite looks like and how to use it to clear negative energy.



Originally posted Source: Clearing with Selenite – The Sisters of the Fey



Sunday Book Review – Not Just Quotes by Dorothy Sander

Today’s Sunday Book Review is for Dorothy Sander’s beautiful book – Not Just Quotes. This book was a beautiful read, written from the author’s perspective on life through her aging and wisdom experiences. Besides the author’s perspective, there are also pages added after each short chapter with questions we can answer for ourselves, along with various quotes on each topic from some of the greats in literature.


I was delighted to receive a paperback copy from the author after she emailed me and asked my permission if she could add my review of her earlier book to the editorial page of this book.




Quotes, essays and reflection questions entice readers to explore the fundamental principles that guide their lives. Essays from the author on topics that include Change, Courage, Beauty, Friendship and Wisdom are paired with quotes from well-known teachers, writers and spiritual guides and reflection questions. A perfect companion for exploring personal beliefs, especially during times of transition and change. Use as a practice for those who wish to align their external life with their internal beliefs and values.


My 5 Star Review:

This is a most beautiful book – from cover to words. Sander takes us with her on these short. yet, powerful self-reflections on the various elements of life through aging and wisdom. Some of the many topics covered are about love, joy, friendship, fear, forgiveness, and many more. Each chapter is written from the author’s perspective on the aforementioned topics, accompanied by questions she leaves with us to fill out on our own with lined spaces for us to express our thoughts in answer. To end each chapter there are beautiful quotes the author has compiled from some of the literary greats of our time, which relate to the topic of each chapter.

Two quotes that stuck out to me from Sander’s writing are on forgiveness and happiness.

Forgiveness – “The first step in finding forgiveness is to turn away from the other and turn toward ourselves.”

Happiness – “You cannot become unstuck by focusing on something outside of yourself, because the stuck-ness lives within you.”

This book is timeless and one I now keep by my bedside for a daily dose of inspiration.

#WATWB – We are theWorld Blogfest – Wrapped in Courage

For this month’s We are the World Blogfest contribution, I wanted to share a wonderful project called ‘Wrapped in Courage’. This campaign runs all year round but it’s particularly highlighted in the month of November for Women’s Abuse Prevention Month.


Wrapped in Courage campaign is organized by the Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses.  It was created in 2013. Every year throughout the month of November, supporters call on all Ontarian’s to show support for survivors of women abuse by purchasing a purple scarf from the local women’s shelters.

A campaign to end violence against women

The Courage of a Woman is NOT Enough

Now in its sixth year, shelters across the province are engaging the community to become more aware of the often overlooked issue of woman abuse in Ontario.

November is Woman Abuse Prevention Month. The purple scarf is a symbol of the courage it takes woman leave her abuser. However, the courage of the woman is not enough. It takes the strength of an entire community to end violence against women.


It is estimated that 20-30 women are murdered annually in Ontario by a male partner – current or previous, and is the number 2 reason for emergency police calls.


About Wrapped in Courage


Wrapped in Courage Campaign

Source: Wrapped in Courage


Every month a growing number of bloggers take part on the last Friday of each month to share some of the good things going on in the world. If you’d like to take part in sharing a post for #WATWB, you can add your link to your post HERE.


This month’s hosts for the WATWB are:    Shilpa GargInderpreet UppalPeter NenaLizbeth HartzEric Lahti.

School Days, Reminiscences of Debby Gies (D.G. Kaye) | Norah Colvin

Norah  Colvin is running a wonderful author interview series on her blog where she interviews writers, asking them questions about their ‘schooldays’. I was thrilled to be invited over to Norah’s to share some of my own young school days stories.


School Days, Reminiscences of Debby Gies (D.G. Kaye)


Welcome to the School Days, Reminiscences series in which my champion bloggers and authors share reminiscences of their school days. It’s my small way of thanking them for their support and of letting you know about their services and publications.

This week, I am pleased to introduce Debby Gies (D.G. Kaye), author and blogger extraordinaire. I can’t remember when or how I met Debby, but I do know that very early on I read and thoroughly enjoyed her travel memoir Have Bags, Will Travel. While Debby has done far more travel than I, there was much in her book with which I could identify. I remember laughing out loud in places, surprised to find there was someone else who shared similar obsessive behaviour.

Debby is a prolific writer, mainly of memoir. I have read others of her books and never been disappointed. Her style is open, from the heart, and conversational. You could be having a chat with a best friend over coffee, sharing love, life and laughter. In fact, those are things we both have in our blog taglines. How could we not be friends?

Since our first encounter, Debby has been a constant supporter of both my blogs, always dropping by to share some words of wisdom or encouragement — a true champion.


What did you like best about school?

My teachers. I had developed several rapports with teachers in many grades. When I look back on those days, I know it had to do with the compassion and extra attention they gave me that I didn’t receive at home.


What did you like least about school?

I hated gym class. I was not an active child, more of a thinker than a doer. I didn’t like the ugly uniforms we wore that weren’t the least flattering, especially for girls carrying extra weight, and I didn’t enjoy sports. I was the proverbial girl chosen last when picking teams. Here’s the girl who always kept a high 80s average throughout high school until the year I actually failed gym, which cut into my good grade average. Seriously, who fails gym?


What work or profession did you choose after school and was there anything in school that influenced this choice?

While in school I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted to do. My initial goals were to become a journalist or a lawyer. I had the grades to do so but not the inspiration nor the encouragement to follow through. I worked in the clothing industry for a few years in my early twenties, started as a salesgirl, working my way up to managerial positions and buyer. The fashion bug hit me early. I then became an executive secretary for a general manager of the Carlton Inn Hotel – best job ever! And then I moved on to run an office for a construction company for a friend and later did the same work for an architectural firm. After ‘those days’ I went to ‘dealer’ school where I became a licensed blackjack and poker dealer and worked in the casino business until I met my husband. . . Please continue reading at Norah’s blog.



Source: School Days, Reminiscences of Debby Gies (D.G. Kaye) | Norah Colvin

I’ve Been Nominated – Sunshine Blogger Award | Stevie Turner

I was thrilled to be nominated again for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Stevie Turner.



Thank the person who nominated you and provides a link back to their blog so others can find them.Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.

Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.

Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.

List the rules and (optional) display a Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or your blog site.


As usual, I share my awards with all my fellow bloggers so I nominate you all, but as part of the protocol (and fun) is answering the questions. These were the questions and my responses I answered to Stevie’s questions:


Do you think authors having many social media accounts is a good idea?

I believe an author should have as many social media accounts as they please. They just have to take into consideration that they must babysit all these sites. I’d suggest finding what sites get you most engagement and stick with those.


Do you submit your work to agents, or are you happy staying self-published?

I’ve never submitted my work to an agent and I’m quite content being in control of my own work and royalties.


Do you think authors should give away their work for free?

That’s an age old question. Giving books away free hurts, but unfortunately in a sea of books we have to use this method sometimes to generate readership and garner reviews.


If you have an email (mailing) list, how do you gain more followers for it?

I have a sign-up here on my blog for readers to get notified of my posts. Honestly, I don’t have much experience with Mailchimp other than sending out my weekly blogs. Through the years, I’ve acquired several hundred followers. I put all my book announcements in my blogs and always felt I didn’t want to bombard my readers with yet another newsletter.


If you had to be confined to one social media account to promote your books, which one would it be?

As much as I hate it, I have to say Facebook. I hate everything that site stands for and all the data stealing and re-selling.


Is book promotion worth it?  Do you gain sales by your promotion efforts, or is it all just a time suck?

I go through periods of being fed up with spending money on ads and not always a good pay off. But I can say that I at least garner some new reviews from those promos, and reviews are essential to help sell our books.


What’s the best part of a doughnut?  I would say it’s the hole in the middle, but I’d love to hear what you think.

Lol. I’ll definitely say the hole because I don’t eat them.


How would you go about ‘kissing the sky’ like Mr Hendrix did?

By astral planing in my dreams.


Can you dance the Tango?

I absolutely cannot dance the Tango, and pretty sure I’d put my back out on those huge dips, lol.


What strange phenomena have you experienced?

Oh my goodness, way too much to list here!


Do you want to live forever?

Some days I think so, others, when I think about how old and decrepit I’d look and see the direction in what a lot of this world is coming too, I think not.


Source: The Sunshine Blogger Award | Stevie Turner

Sunday Book Review – Deadly Quotes – Escaping Psychiatry 3 by Olga Nunez Miret

My Sunday Book Review for Olga Nunez Miret’s – Deadly Quotes. This is the 3rd book in the Mary Miller Escaping Psychiatry series where the author uses her own forensic experience as a psychiatrist to write her engrossing suspense series.





Death by natural causes. That was the official explanation. Until they found the quote.
Killing isn’t as difficult as people think. In fact it can be quite easy.
Was it a novel the dead man had been writing? Was it an eerie suicide note? Was it murder?
Mary Miller and Leah Deakin, friends and doctors, are not sure there is a case worth investigating but are intrigued. Could a serial killer behind bars have orchestrated another killing spree? Can the clues be found in his own autobiography?
The fourth book in the Escaping Psychiatry series sees Mary, psychiatrist, survivor of attempted rape and murder, and amateur crime investigator by default, team up with Leah Deakin, an FBI pathologist, in a case that pitches them against a man who loves to play mortal games. Will they be able to stop him? And at what price?
If you enjoy reading gripping psychological thrillers, prefer strong female protagonists, feel oddly attracted to ultraintelligent and twisted baddies, and can’t get enough of challenging mysteries, you shouldn’t miss this novel.
Discover Mary Miller’s new adventure, and if you’re new to the Escaping Psychiatry series, you can read the prequel Escaping Psychiatry. Beginnings, in e-book format, FREE.


My 5 Star Review:

This is Book 3 in the captivating Mary Miller series where Mary gets involved with fellow doctor and pathologist Leah Deakin to solve the mysterious new serial killings case of Deadly Quotes.

The author Nunez-Miret uses her expert knowledge as a real life psychiatrist to bring to life in her investigative characters and pulls it off perfectly – like watching a real-life crime drama.

We are engrossed in this tale of murder where the suspect is already in jail. This is an intriguing start to the story which progresses with the discoveries of some new dead bodies and only quotes left behind on the corpses’ computers, taken from a book written by a serial killer still in jail. The investigation keeps us glued to wanting to know the facts as much as the investigators do and keeps us wondering if the killer in jail is responsible for these killings or could it possibly be a copycat killer.

I’m not about to give out spoilers here, but if you love a good mystery with well written investigative story, you will love this book as well as the others in this series. These Mary Miller mysteries are all standalone reads, so don’t feel like you have to have read the others, although well worth the reads, to keep up with the mysteries.



Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Easter Parade Blog Party – Saturday 20th April and Monday April 22nd 2019 – Party Time. | Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I wanted to share Sally Cronin’s post and help spread the word for her fun Easter Parade blog party taking place at the Smorgasbord this weekend. Sally always has a fun blog party going on for the holidays. And this weekend she wants us to bring our hats with us and come visit! Check out her post and don’t forget to drop in this coming weekend!



I am sure that most of you will be busy over Easter with family and friends but, you know me, any chance for a party.

Apart from an opportunity to share your blog and books, it is also a chance to meet others who will be featured or who drop in.

There will be food provided as always and something to drink as well as a bit of music.

Just to make it a little interesting and since it is Easter……..I would like you to participate by sharing a photograph.

Option One – The Easter Bonnet. . . Continue reading by visiting Sally’s original post for more details.


Source: Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Easter Parade Blog Party – Saturday 20th April and Monday April 22nd 2019 – Party Time. | Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

The High School Reunion – Have You Ever Attended One?

While I was away on winter vacation, one of my oldest school friends, Cindy, who I grew up with since aged 7, Facebook messaged me that there was going to be a high school reunion, called the ‘Birthday reunion’, because most of us would be celebrating a big scary birthday this year. I told Cindy, I’d think about it and get back to her.


I pondered going, off and on, right up until the day of the event. I was never one who attended such events, but I seriously gave it some thought. My first thoughts were to not go as I’d declined two other invitations over the decades. My logic was that while in high school, I didn’t socialize much with anyone except a very few students and my friend Cindy, her then boyfriend who became her husband, and Cindy’s younger sister.

My high school was out of my living district, which had me taking a 1/2 mile walk to the bus and 3 consecutive buses to get to school and back daily – save for those days after I got my licence and managed to take my mother’s car to school because most often she was picked up for her daily socializing jaunts, or when Cindy got her own car and we’d ride together. And most of my friends went to the school in my designated living area. William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute was known as a highly academic high school with a gifted program. Several students from that school went on to become successful lawyers, doctors, politicians and writers. Another notable from my high school, ironically, didn’t finish high school, got expelled and went on to become a Hollywood star with Deal or No Deal and now America’s Got Talent – Howie Mandel. He was a few years ahead of me and ironically, my mother was friend’s with his mother but I didn’t know him well, but I rode the bus with his brother Steve to school for years.

I was an awkward teen with no sense of self-esteem and felt like the Ugly Duckling most of my school life. No boys ever looked twice at me and most of the girls traveled in packs or what I often refer to as ‘cliques’. For a girl who was always thinking and had a lot to say about everything, I was quite introverted and timid while in school and didn’t form many relationships, which never inspired me to go to any reunions.

I struggled with my decision to go this time. But I finally decided maybe it would be interesting to see some people of the past and find out about how some of their lives progressed, and of course, see what they looked like now. Plus it would be a good time to spend some time with Cindy. I decided that I came a long, long way from high school days, now comfortable in my own skin, an accomplished writer and author, and a bounty of life experience, and maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to go.

The event was held in a lovely but rather small restaurant and patio cafe, but sadly, the weather was so darned cold and actually snowing again, which put a damper on sitting outside on the patio. The food was great, the music totally took me back to my teenage years, and most of the faces I’d drawn a blank to identifying. But thanks to my trustee friend Cindy who stays on top of many social circles, she was able to identify every questionable face I asked her about.The evening somehow transported me back to some memorable moments back in time.

We arrived early so we could eat something before the crowd piled in. It turned out we weren’t the only ones with that idea. When we arrived there were already more than a dozen people there sitting down at a table eating. So we grabbed ourselves a table and ordered some food. Before long, the introductions began. For a good part of the night, I felt like that old wallflower from back in the 70s as I was quite content remaining at the table and observing, but my trustee friend kept introducing me to people of my past. “Sorry, I don’t recognize you” was the most popular response by many. And in true social form, Cindy would add in, reminding people I had long blond hair back then. That hint clicked with some but went over the fence with others.




Many introductions were brief, some I engaged in conversation with for a short while – small talk and pleasantries, but no real stimulating conversation, except for one girl who I’d barely known in school, but for some reason we just clicked in our conversation about life. She was actually the only person who’d asked what I did for a living or was I retired already like it seemed many girls were. My new friend informed me she was going to retire from doing public relations this year and enjoy the rest of her life. I told her I was a writer and she seemed stoked to meet a ‘real author’, lol. We exchanged email addresses at the end of the evening, and hopefully we will connect.

Three different guys came up to me announcing they remembered me. I laughed to myself thinking three males actually remembered me, one who I recognized and the other two I drew a blank about until they brought up some shenanigans from days past and we had a short chuckle over. Besides another old school chum, only one other girl remembered me, as we were school friends, but I’d completely forgotten about her. She sat down to chat with me. The talk was small and short and although it left me feeling as though we had nothing in common, it was nice to see a friend from the past.

I observed a lot that night and had little flashback moments of many of those students back in the day, remembering who hung around with who, who were the shit disturbers, who were snobby ( a very common trait back in those school days), who ignored me and who were nice to me. I observed their faces and demeanor, curious to see who aged well, who let themselves ‘go’ and who were still friends with their old cliquey groups. I came to realize how far I came from those days, not just in life, but how much I’d grown within myself, how confident I now felt among my old school peers, despite them never knowing.

I looked at that evening as a ‘night out’ and a chance to revisit a past I had no real fond memories of. Perhaps I had an inner desire to show up and present myself as no longer the quiet ‘Ugly Ducking’ of yesteryear, kind of like a “Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee” moment. Sure I’ve aged along with everyone else, and I’m no longer the girl with the long blond hair and glasses, but a now secure, dynamic, still wrinkle-less redhead with glasses who finally found her voice in the world. I had no intentions of going back to the past, only to visit how time had treated my old school alumni and a curiosity to see how they’d fared in life since. I’m glad I went to my first and only reunion. Everyone should experience that once, and for me, once was enough.

Have you ever gone to a school reunion? If so, how did it make you feel?