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You can find Part Three of the series: Empaths and Energy Sucking Vampires and Narcissists

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Welcome back to my spiritual empath series. This is the last part of the empath series. In the three other episodes, I’ve talked about empathic communications, how to shield from negative energies, and energy sucking vampires. In this part, I’m going to share tips to help you decide if you are indeed an empath.

First, I’d like to share the two different definitions between empathy and sympathy. These two words are often misconstrued.

Meanings defined by

Sympathy –  Noun,

the act or state of feeling sorrow or compassion for another

Empathy –  Noun,

the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the emotions, thoughts, or attitudes of another

If you’ve been following this series, you have already gained some information about being an empath and all the good and bad that come along with being one. Often referred to as both – a blessing and a curse.

The word ‘empath’ is often thrown around loosely, and often misconstrued with other spiritual terms pertaining to psychic abilities. But plenty of empaths live among us, many you may know, and many you may never have guessed are empaths. You may detect from some friends or family who cannot watch a movie containing scenes of violence (like me), one in your circles who acts like a mother hen, always willing to help, or the one who is first to take care of a sick loved one. These are your typical empathic people who hold a great amount of compassion as they have the ability to feel other people’s pain and struggles as though it were their own. Besides the people empaths choose to help, they are extremely vulnerable to selfish, psychopathic, and narcissistic personalities who will attempt to drain them dry for as much giving and attention they can get.

Below are some telling signs to help you find if you too are an empath:

  • You are very perceptive and highly in tune to the energy and vibes around and feel an inner knowing about something that just feels amiss
  • You relate to other’s problems as though they were your own and feel compelled to help others by absorbing their energy
  • Your desire to listen to others and try to help find solutions is more than you like to share your own problems
  • The energy you give off can be felt by others, often attracting stranger to feel the comfort to talk to you without ever knowing you and often feeling like they know you from somewhere without ever meeting you before
  • You have a strong interest about the spiritual world and metaphysical things and the universe
  • You have an opened mind and a desire to learn new things and always seeking information
  • You are a black sheep and don’t follow the masses and dance to the beat of your own thinking despite taking in what others have to say
  • You are a free spirt abhorring conforming to anyone’s rules and you are most likely a creative of some sort
  • You often get overwhelmed in a crowd of people
  • You are a peacemaker among friends and family because you’re uncomfortable around discord
  • You can be moody because bad energies are affecting
  • You have a strong intuition
  • You can detect insincerity and you will dodge such people (politely) as best you can
  • You struggle with setting boundaries

If you can check off most of these points above, you are undoubtedly, an empath. And if you would like to learn more about being an empath, I encourage you to explore books and videos to help you get to know how you can use these abilities to the positive and learn to disregard the negative energies you attract.

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The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People
By Dr. Judith Orloff

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and possibly learned more about yourselves and/or someone you know.

In the next series, I’m going to be talking about angels.

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My thanks to Debby for another fascinating exploration of the world of an empath . I know she would love to hear from you.