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Welcome back to my Spiritual Awareness posts at Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord Blog Magazine. In this post, I’m talking about Meeting People for Reasons and Seasons and Life Lessons. (Originally published at Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord Blog Magazine.)


Explore the spiritual side of our natures as D.G. Kaye shares her experiences and research into this element of our lives.

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The People We Meet in our Lives – Life Lessons – Reasons and Seasons

Welcome back to my Spiritual Awareness series 2023. I’m recently back from beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. And I’m kicking off the spring talking about why some people we meet in our lives stay for a short time, while others may stay a lifetime – reasons and seasons.

Do you ever stop and take inventory on life and the relationships we have and have had with others? We remember a person who was significant at one point in our life, and magically became insignificant or disappeared, without a breakup or bad blood, they just disappeared from our circle? Something may remind us about someone who once played a part in our life, even for a short time, and have us wondering whatever happened to that person? Sometimes we sporadically think of that person and remember when they were in our lives, having us analyze the relationship as we go into hindsight and see why they were there, their significance in our life at the time. I like to refer to these short-term relationships as seasonal relationships for reasons. Season, representing the amount of time their purpose was put into our lives, and the blessings they leave behind because often, they came into our lives to teach us lessons or lead us into new directions.



The people who come into our lives for brief stints appear for reasons. Not everybody we meet in life is meant to be a permanent part of our lives, and the universe tends to send us people when we need to learn something.

The universe has a way of knowing what we need in our lives at different times. There’s a popular phrase – What we focus on, we attract.

Have you ever woken up and something annoying happens, and it sticks with us and ruins our whole day? For example: you get out of bed and stub your toe, you’re making coffee and you drop and break a cup, then you curse and say to yourself, “I can see what this day is going to be all about.” Then your day continues to be aggravating? It’s like saying, “Oh, what else can go wrong?” Don’t ask! It’s like you’re daring the universe to show you other unpleasant things that can happen, because you invited it in.

The universe is all knowing. It’s like it has ears and eyes. So better to think positive and say something more on the lines of, “Well, that sucked, and glad it’s out of the way, now I can get on with my day and make it a better one.” Focusing our attention on something we wish for, can eventually have us meet people who may be steppingstones to people who may further introduce us to avenues or even people that we are focusing our attentions on, or simply to guide us to where we need to move next.

Yes, that is the power of positive thinking and intentions. Focusing our intentions on what we want, not what we don’t want. This is all part of the Law of Attraction, and it’s a thing. And the same thing happens to us when we meet people in our lives, they either become friends, lovers, acquaintances, or merely someone in passing, because we have something to learn from them in a multitude of ways. Ultimately, it’s for a life lesson, be it simple or big. That person may just be passing through our lives, but leaves something behind for us. A lesson. There’s always a reason. Therefore, that person may not have fit into our life for long-term, but they served a purpose in our life by entering it. It could be for one of a million different things, anything from something we learn from them, to someone else we meet through them, or for something we may have to teach – them.



We don’t meet people by accident, rather we encounter those who are meant to cross our paths. We may not realize it initially, but some people we befriend are only meant to come into our lives for a specific amount of time before they fade out of our lives or are evicted from our lives. Some relationships weren’t meant to exist for a lifetime, but merely for a designated amount of time to teach us something. Everything in life is pre-destined so the time limits spent with these messengers who come into our lives depends on the needs we’ve met or require of them.

Even the people we’ve met who we don’t desire to have in our lives have something to teach us. Perhaps we may meet someone who constantly tests our patience, or maybe we’ve had some unfinished business from a past life with, these people we meet may come into our lives to enlighten, encourage, motivate, remind us, or hold space, at a perfect time when we’re in need of something or a sign, or some guidance, and although that person may not stay long, their invaluable lessons will remain.

In some instances, some people come into our lives to ‘hold space’ so to speak. An example of this is from a slice of my own life. If we’re hoping to meet someone we can have a fulfilling and healthy relationship with, and we end up in a failed relationship with a ‘fill-in’ until the right person comes along, we may feel deflated from such a relationship because they ‘wasted’ our precious time, but we discover when we look back, that it wasn’t time wasted. Instead, look for things you learned from the time in that relationship.
Did you choose to enter that relationship just because you were so happy to finally get in a relationship, feeling like at 30, I’m getting old and there’s a sell-by date. Settling? I know I was. Friends told me I’m so picky, I don’t give men a chance, I’m intimidating. So I caved, and I learned more about life in those seven years I was trapped, and sadly, hadn’t realized until two years in. Yes, naïve. Then. Abuse is something I have much experience with and don’t often write much about publicly, because I still feel vulnerable and petrified of being stalked again.

But I digress. I wanted to use my own experience to demonstrate that being tied up in a bad situation for so long was definitely, not fun, but truly, a learning about life experience, and at the same time, it was a ‘holding space’ time because it wasn’t time for me yet to meet my husband, he wasn’t yet divorced, as he was when I finally met him. And at that time of his life if I’d met him I would never gone out with him, lol. And often our funny life moments would come up in our conversations and I’d lament to my husband that the guy took up seven years of my life. And my hubby would say that it was meant to be that we’d be together, and so it was meant for me to spend that time learning lessons and being with someone temporary.

Okay, I digress again. So, have you met someone who was dishonest? Were they abusive, did they add any value to your life? Even if the answers to those questions were negative, we learned what we don’t want in a relationship, and that will better prepare us for the next one and the one that’s meant to be.

We can meet people anywhere – a store, a party, a bus stop, online or by introduction from a common friend. We might get lucky and make a lifelong friendship, or perhaps enter a new romantic relationship with that person. But whatever the reason we met and regardless, if they are short or long-term relationships, there is always something of value to learn from them.

We attract what we allow and focus on, even in our sub-conscience. So next time we find ourselves questioning why someone entered our life for a short time, we should look deeper into what we are learning from that experience, then look again in hindsight.

Every Single Person We’ve Met in our Life is There for One of These 5 Cosmic Reasons:

  • People who awake us – agents for changes to happen
  • People who remind us – goals, where we need to be
  • Those who help us grow – showing us the way, our path
  • Those who hold space – temporary people to learn from until we find the ones we need in our life
  • Those that stay – the rare and precious people who never leave us

Enjoy this video to learn more:


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