Book Cover Unveiling – Words We Carry

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I am very excited to share with you today, my cover reveal for my newest book –  Words We Carry. I worked with my graphic artist Yvonne Less to capture what I wanted the book to represent.

The concept of this book is a deep look into the events and criticisms I experienced in my own life which impacted the way I saw myself; the way I felt judged by others. I wrote these essays based on various incidents and emotional slights I incurred when I was younger, and I share my strategies I created to overcome them.

My stories examine how these remembered insults play a big part in the way we begin to see ourselves, resulting in the residual damage to our self-esteem.

Much of who we are is created by the things we’ve experienced. Some people get so deflated and feel inadequate throughout their lives, not knowing how to get out of that funk, and others may not even recognize they are living it. I chose to overcome my feelings of inadequacy with whatever methods I knew how in an effort to better myself. Although some of the things I tried may sound a bit crazy, the point was, that I used what I could to help me feel better about myself and I share my inspirations and quirks in this book.

Nobody can say what it will take to make one feel comfortable in their own skin. By sharing my experience about what I learned along the way to help boost my own confidence level, I hope to inspire others to finding a positive path in finding their own happiness.


“I have been a great critic of myself for most of my life, and I was darned good at it, deflating my own ego without the help of anyone else.”


What do our shopping habits, high-heeled shoes, and big hair have to do with how we perceive ourselves? Do the slights we endured when we were young affect how we choose our relationships now?

D.G. takes us on a journey, unlocking the hurts of the past by identifying situations that hindered her own self-esteem. Her anecdotes and confessions demonstrate how the hurtful events in our lives linger and set the tone for how we value our own self-worth.

Words We Carry is a raw, personal accounting of how the author overcame the demons of low self-esteem with the determination to learn to love herself.

“D.G. Kaye offers hope to those of us imprisoned by the negative words and scripts engrained in our minds. WORDS WE CARRY, her own true story, tells us how to re-establish our self-esteem and attract the positive relationships we all deserve!”–Deborah A. Bowman, Author, Publisher, and Advanced Clinical Psychological Hypnotherapist (ACPH)

#Author #Media Kit and Bio Info (hurry, time-sensitive)


Us Indie authors certainly have our work cut out for us. As we all know, we have to wear many hats to accomplish everything that encompasses our writing. Writing is the easiest part, the part I enjoy most. But after we write our words, we set out to share them with the world, that’s when the heavy-lifting comes in. We have to polish our work by revising and editing, have a great book cover made, and find the important words that will convey in a short, condensed blurb for our readers what our stories are about. If there isn’t anything enticing there, readers are apt to bypass our books.

Formatting is a headache for many writers, and many of us choose to sub that work out. The hours in a day pass much to quickly when we have to look after all of these tasks by keeping up with our writing stories and blogs, and reading of other’s to engage socially and learn more from the info we discover from other blogs.

Marketing and promoting our work is a whole different beast we must learn to do. After all, we’ve done the hard work and if we don’t promote our work, nobody will find it. Thus, our jobs never seem to end. Having said all this, because I always like to share worthy articles that you may find helpful to your author business, some of you may be interested in a package I’ve come across. It has to do with our bios and media kits. You know, all the things we have to include for interview purposes, book promotion and social media branding?

We have different bios for the different books we write—short ones, long ones, synopsis’, reviews, excerpts from our books to include, etc. As our book catalogue grows, we have to rewrite and update our bios (if we can remember every site we have them on) so they include our newest releases and accomplishments. Overwhelming? Yes! But I’m sharing here today a helpful package I just bought to help with all of these things.

I’ve been following The Bookdesigner blog and publications since I became an Indie writer. Joel Friedlander owns that blog and business, and he is one of the leading book business entrepeneurs in the business. I have learned a wealth of information from his publications. He offers a myriad of services to writers from the people in the business he interviews, to his own experience from fonts to formatting, to book cover concepts, and the list goes on and on.

The other day he ran a webinar on the importance of having a media kit always ready and updated. This is something I know is important and have available here on my pages menu, but I know is in dire need of repair and wasn’t sure exactly how it should appear. I missed the webinar, but thankfully got the emailed recording of Joel and publicist Joan Stewart explaining everything about the importance of and how to put together our promotional material.


Well, for a very limited time, until this Tues Sept. 30 hits midnight, they are offering up a complete package of instructions and templates with samples how to set everything up, the only thing they haven’t done is write our bios for us! I jumped on this because first of all, I wasn’t well-versed on how to put a professional kit together for me and my books and second of all, once I’ve updated my work on all these templates, I no longer have to sift through my file folder and notebooks for the numerous bios and descriptions I have written, they will all be under one file where I can find everything! This is a wealth of information for those of us who know our craft but suffer in the promotional department.

I mean, we are writers first, we can’t be expected to be great at every turn in our business without some coaching. As much as I love to talk about Joel’s site, I’m not writing this to promote him, rather to pass it on to my fellow writers, sharing how valuable this package is to our careers. And because I missed the live webinar this past Thursday and only just finished watching the recording, I wanted to write this post right away because this package special pricing loaded with goodies will expire in three days.

For the crazy price of $67 from $232. I grabbed it! If you are interested in checking out Joel’s website and perusing the many topics he covers from blurbs to ISBN numbers, do so at www.thebookdesigner   and I’m attaching the link where you can watch this webinar to find out more. Finally here is the link to purchase this kit.

I’ve got mine and look forward to diving in within the next week or so. Do let me know what you guys think after reading, purchasing or watching the webinar!

About the “Words We Carry”

shattered words

Have you gauged you self-esteem level lately? Do you get lost in the mundane day to day activities without ever giving any thought to how much you value your self-worth? Do you ever think about ways you can better yourself in order to feel better about yourself?




In my younger life, I was incredibly insecure and I was my own worst critic, but I didn’t allow it to carry through my whole life. I got proactive and begun working on the things I once hated about myself and learned to appreciate and highlight all the positives I did possess.

For a memoir writer, most of our writing pertain to events and circumstances from our pasts. Many of our experiences are not always happy. For the lucky ones who have found a way to overcome the obstacles, hurts and injustices in situations, it is a major feat and accomplishment. It can sometimes become overwhelming with the amount of memories we unlock.

When I wrote my first book Conflicted Hearts, it was written as a memoir, depicting the events I encountered, beginning with my dysfunctional childhood, under rule of my narcissistic mother. I carried my story through the years because through everything I accomplished in life, the guilt she had instilled in me followed me even though she was sporadically in my life. Much of the way I grew up living in emotional instability, seemed to linger way past my childhood.

Banishing toxic people from our lives does not make us bad people. Although it’s easier said than done, especially when compassion and guilt remain at the forefront of our minds. I looked back on my life after writing Conflicted Hearts and began to search for the reasons why I had developed such a low self-esteem and consequently the habits and quirks I developed from it and with my own tenacity and determination, learned to overcome those feelings of inadequacy in the best ways I knew how. I remembered how much I was ignored, ridiculed, taken for granted and emotionally abused, and it spurred me to write my upcoming book “Words We Carry – Essays of Obsessions and Self-Esteem”.

In my newest book, I share my stories about the hurts I endured and how they affected my identity and the low self-esteem those feelings left me with. I talk about things such as obsessions I developed in order to compensate for my shortcomings, leading me to find a way to overcome those hurdles in efforts to become a better me.

I know there are plenty of women out in the world who aren’t happy with themselves. I want them to know they are not alone and that we all have the ability to overcome our low opinions of ourselves. Even the most confident women have their own demons they’ve overcome or found a way to hide.

We all have feelings of feeling inferior at points in our lives, and we are all very good at self-criticizing. In Words We Carry, I try to convey some of these issues and share the optimism about how I found ways to overcome my own demons. I hope to empower women through my experiences in our quest to love ourselves.

Words We Carry  will be out in late October, so if you’re looking for an inspiring read to help uplift your own self-esteem, you may want to pick up a copy.

I have been a great critic of myself for most of my life, and I was darned good at it without the help of anyone else’s criticisms to assist in the deflation of my own ego.”


What do our shopping habits; high-heeled shoes and big hair have to do with how we perceive ourselves? Do the slights we endured when we were young affect the choices we make when choosing relationships?

D.G. takes us on her journey of unlocking the hurts of the past by identifying the situations that hindered her own self-esteem. Her anecdotes and confessions about Chic-Lit for real demonstrates how hurtful events we encounter in our lives linger and set the tone for how we begin to value our own self-worth.

Words We Carry is a candid view and a raw, personal accounting of overcoming the demons of low self-esteem with the determination to learn to love oneself.

Note: The photo is not my book cover as that is still in the works. I will be showcasing the cover in the next week or so.

Ereaders versus Paperback



Many polls are taken to find out whether readers prefer reading paperbacks or on an ereading device. According to statistics, ebooks sell more than paperback but I don’t know if I’m sold on that theory. I sometimes question how this data is collected. I know that one of the U.S. biggest book chains, Borders, was closed over a year ago and I hear other tales of struggling book stores, yet I have trouble comprehending the thought that books may someday become near extinct. Every time I hear this I can’t help but think of Ray Bradbury’s Farenheight 451.

Since the time I became a published author, I was surprised to learn of just how many in my circles alone will only read paperbacks. Surprisingly as well, when I asked the younger generation, namely students, they also preferred paperbacks. I became aware of these preferences when my first book Conflicted Hearts came out and everyone I knew wanted to wait for the paperback version, not just because they knew me and wanted a tangible copy, because they didn’t enjoy reading on a device.

Statistically though, it is quite apparent to me that I sell many more ebooks than I do paperback. I’ve also conferred with other authors for their take on this and they all agreed that they sell more ebooks than paper. I guess the jury is still out.

Personally, I couldn’t live or work without paperbacks. Yes, my kindle is full of books which I enjoy reading immensely. But those are mainly novels in different genres I enjoy reading. The books I read to hone my craft of writing, I like to purchase in paperback. I need that physical book so that I can dogear, highlight and flip through the pages quickly for something I’ve marked that I need to go back to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love ereading for its convenience, especially when traveling or just going to a doctor’s appointment. I don’t have to tote numerous weighty books around and my kindle or smartphone can pick up right where I left off previously. But again, when I’m working, I don’t care to press a lot of arrows to scan for the things I’ve highlighted or for a particular page.

So with that all said, I can say that I enjoy both options. Both methods have their place in my reading world.

What about you? Do you have a preference?

My Red Sedona


Sedona was officially named in 1902 when Theodore C. Schnebly, a Dutch settler bought 80 acres of land near Oak Creek in 1901. He applied for a post-office permit. He wanted to use his name and proposed that he call the land Schnebly Station, but was told the name was too long (and quite frankly I don’t think the name would have done the beauty of this place any justice) when he made application for the post-office after many settlers complained that the mail service was very slow getting to town. His application with his name Schnebly Station was denied because the name was too long to fit on a cancelation stamp, and so he decided to name it after his wife, Sedona.

Beautiful Sedona is about a 4500 foot elevation as you drive north in Arizona, about two and a half hours from Phoenix. Along the drive and when you arrive you will see the beautiful canyons of Sedona.


A magnificent town of red rock mountains. It is typically about fifteen degrees cooler there than in Phoenix during the day and considerably cooler at night and in the early morning. In the winter they get about two inches of snow and temps can hover around the fifties. In Sedona you will find the breathtaking views at every turn, along with lots of culture, particularly from the Indian tribes who settled there from the twelfth century.


Sedona is known as a spiritual place and is known for having good vibes in its multiple vortex sites—the energy centers. Here you can find health and meditation centers, spas, springs, crystals, and numerous tours are available. To understand all about the vortexes, please click on this link



We drove up and stayed there for two days. We walked, toured, shopped, and took in a lot of Sedona’s splendor. We took two trolley tours through some of the canyons and the national forest. We also visited Boynton Canyon which is a very special place.


At that canyon it was deemed a holy site back in the 1950’s by a woman named Marguerite Brunswig Staude, a former student of world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. She built the chapel there up in the canyon to represent the sacred site for prayer and meditation. It was completed in 1956. It is known as the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and it now belongs to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. The red rock formations there called ‘rock people’ are called the “The Twin Nuns” and in front of them it is believed to be the Madonna carrying the baby Jesus.




From this canyon you have a bird’s eye view of Sedona and the famed “Bell Rock” which is a canyon shaped like a bell and said to possess very strong vortex energies.


Before the tour guide even announced what we were looking at, I could have sworn I was looking at rock formations chiseled into the shape of people. But they are all natural formations over millions of years. I was fascinated by every moment I spent in Sedona.

Anyone I encountered that spoke of Arizona told me not to miss visiting Sedona and I found out why. It was truly an inspirational treat. We stayed right in the heart of the Upper Village which afforded us the luxury of walking out of our hotel room right on to the main downtown core. The view from our balcony was outstanding.


I was advised to visit “Sedona Story” by a few people and found it was located directly across from my hotel. When I went to this healing and crystal center, I had a spiritual reading done which was pretty intense. I had my Chakras read and purchased some crystals there for energy and healing.

Another day, my husband and I found ourselves walking off the beaten path on our way to explore a gallery by foot. When we realized we had walked about twenty minutes, downhill on a winding highway road in the desert sun and found ourselves gasping for air as we drank our water bottles dry, we decided we should turn around and go get the car because my husband thought he wouldn’t be able to make it back up the steep hill. As we began to head back, we took frequent rests as my husband and I had to take cover out of the heat to cool down. Within a block I noticed a lone store on the hill called “Victorian Cowgirl”.


I told him we should go in and pretend we are shopping just to get a dose of some air conditioning. When we entered I was immediately captivated by the charm and merchandise in that store. There was clothing styled from the old saloon days. Frocks, boots, and all kinds of accessories were crammed into this little store. I thought it was a costume store and asked the owner if it was, but the owner told me they are all brand new clothes and she has clients who shop there from all over to wear her clothing. I saw frocks, hats, vintage handbags, hosiery and saloon boots made of leather and lace. And of course I had to have me a pair of those.

saloon boots

One evening we drove out to a place called Airport Rd. to visit one of the vortex areas and take pictures of the sun setting there. It was magical. We got there around 6:30 pm as we were told the sun would set around 6:50 pm. When we arrived we found about twenty other people already at the edge of this canyon, complete with cameras clicking away and some sitting on rocks awaiting the sunset and/or meditating.


Within the next fifteen minutes, a flurry of cars drove up the winding, dusty road and parked and joined everyone else on the peak.

I wasn’t there but five minutes before I could feel a vibrating electricity flowing through my body, radiating through me as though I were being renewed internally. The sunset on the canyons were just like watching the pages of a storybook turn.




After that solemn event we went to have dinner at one of the top recommended Italian restaurants to eat in Sedona called Dahl and Lisa DiLuca. Lisa is the chef who took over the place as her own when Dahl retired last year. All I can say about that meal was OMG! I have been to many a five-star restaurants and this place won the award from me for best Italian food. If you happen to visit there, you will be in luck if the soup of the day is Tuscan tomato!.


After two glorious days in Sedona, we ventured back to Scottsdale for the next few days, back to our beautiful suite at the Fairmont.


We’d often stop at Wholefoods and buy some cold cuts and cheeses amongst other delectable healthy treats to enjoy for breakfast and/or lunch on our beautiful balcony at our hotel. We woke early each day and watched the beautiful sunrise from our balcony while we sipped on our coffee and had breakfast and dreamed about the next time we would be back in Arizona.


Hello, I Must Be Going


I’m back from my amazing adventure in Arizona! I mentioned my love for the desert here before and that I would be venturing out there early fall for a time out and a scout around to look for a winter property. I don’t usually like to announce to the universe that I’m on vacation, but I’m always happy to share my adventures upon returning.


I chose the title for this post, Hello, I Must Be Going, a title used on one of Phil Collins’ old album covers because it describes how I feel about returning home from a most amazing place—Hello I’m home, but I must get back soon to Arizona.

I always felt that “I’m home” feeling when I’d land in Las Vegas, but this was different. Something I can’t actually put into words touched my soul as I stepped into Phoenix Harbor airport and it never left me. Even as I boarded the plane to come home to Toronto, I felt as though I left my heart in Arizona (not San Francisco). I’ve been to many states in the U.S. and to many other parts of the world, but I can say with certainty, that the people of Phoenix, particularly Scottsdale, are among the friendliest people I’ve met. It didn’t matter whether they were waiters, hotel staff, gas station attendants or otherwise; happiness was everywhere.


The sun was hot, 109 degrees and no matter which direction I looked out, the scenery was breathtaking. What’s not to be happy about? Heck even the TSA security guards were joking and friendly at the airport, definitely something I never feel in my home airport. I talked to everyone I met, taking in their happiness and hopefully spreading my own joy along the way. We made some wonderful new friends, which makes it all the more fun to go back there and spend more time with them. I am sending a special shout-out to Larry and Lois in Scottsdale. I miss you guys!


We stayed at the beautiful Fairmont Princess Scottsdale hotel. I can’t recall ever loving a hotel and staff so much anywhere as I did at the Fairmont. Besides the gorgeous scenery on the grounds with its 64 acres property, the staff were impeccable, kind, friendly, obliging, fascinating, and any one of them would go out of their way to accommodate our every whim. If I tell you that those bellmen and car jockeys are unbelievably accommodating and felt like family, that would be an understatement.


Special thanks to my new friend Jerrod who always had our car awaiting us! These guys are outside all day in the sweltering desert heat running back and forth valeting cars. They are never without a smile or humor.


Is Scottsdale where all the friendly people live? Is it why they dub Phoenix Harbor airport the friendliest airport in America? The scenery only intensified the beauty of the city. I can’t even recall how many times a day I’d just stand in awe and repeat the word “beautiful” when I’d take in the views around me. The scenic desert with its wide roads and palm trees and low rise buildings and marley roofs and the cactus-lined shoulders of the roads don’t let you forget you are in a vast desert.


We rented a car from the airport and that was the smartest thing we did. Because of the lay of the land it would have made it difficult to walk to all the places we wanted to see or it could have cost a fortune in cabs. You need wheels in the desert and a half-decent car with powerful air conditioning.


We loved going down to Old Scottsdale where it was once the Old West decades ago. Many stores still try to represent those olden days of cowboy and Indian locales.



You can still find a few saloons there as well. It was down there that I purchased my first cowgirl hat(s), and yes, they came fully adorned with bling!

cowgirl bling

The hub treated himself to an authentic pair of Tony Lama cowboy boots, and we found numerous other souvenirs and artifacts to bring back home.

cowboy boots

Oh and, we had to purchase another suitcase to get all of our things home. Route 66 no doubt! Yes a lot of Route 66 souvenirs to purchase were available there. My husband chose a suitcase with Route 66 signposts splattered all over it. No doubt it was easy to spot coming off the luggage rack at Toronto airport!

route 66


On day four, we decided to leave our beautiful suite at the Fairmont and journey up to the magical, mystical land of Sedona. It was a two hour drive, north of Scottsdale. A mere hour or so just south of the Grand Canyon. Sedona is the land of the red rock mountains and the powerful energies of the four vortexes (more about these in my next post) within the town.


I think of it as a slice of heaven.


Don’t even get me started on how ridiculously stunning the views are in Sedona and along the 179 North highway driving to Sedona. But I am going to save some of that for my post next week. Stay tuned for part two.

Have you ever been to this gorgeous part of the world?