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Sally Cronin

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sally Cronin, you should check out her blog . Sally has a diverse blog and is well known in the blogosphere. She is educated in health and nutrition and has written several books. Sally also reblogs so many wonderful blogs of others on a regular basis, and quite frankly, I don’t know where she finds the time to write and read, and comment on so many blogs. She is one of the most generous sharers of other people’s works and also runs many interviews with artists, writers and musicians. I am honoured to have her as a friend. Her blog title is aptly named for the myriad of topics she covers and is very knowledgeable in.


Sally often runs series on her blogs such as The Sunday Show and The Five Star Treatment, where she introduces an author/artist and talks about them and their work, and now her newest series is The New Book Fanfare, which introduces readers to author’s new and upcoming books. Sally kindly invites authors to submit their books to her so she can showcase the author and their books on her blog. Here is her latest invitation to submit for a showcase on her blog:


“Many of your are familiar with the Five Star Treatment that has around 50 books now in the directory.  This is for books that have been published in the last few years but might enjoy some time in the spotlight.  If your books have had great reviews then perhaps it is time to share that with a new audience.

It is quite useful if you are about to release a new book and would like to pre-promote by showcasing your previous work. When I post I automatically put the images in for as many previous books as will fit…. and also links to your main selling page so that when readers click to buy one book they see them all.” . . . Read More by clicking the link below:


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D.G. Kaye ©August 2015

Who’s Reading Your Books?

 My point of view

Writers have to keep in mind who their target audience is. These questions remain tucked in our minds while we write, to give us a sense of who our words are geared towards. Are we just sharing our words randomly to see who’s ears they fall upon, or are we aiming specifically to a target genre?


In writing memoir, we are writing our truth and most likely, our audience will be readers who enjoy memoirs, autobiographies, and most importantly, the subject of what the theme of the memoir pertains to. But there is also a small other category of readers – a mixed bag I’ll call it, and some of those readers are people we know – people we may never have considered that would read our books.


What surprises me is when I find that people in my real-life circles have read my book – people I’d never have thought would even have the interest. I came across three of those people recently at my sister’s 50th birthday party.

Conflicted Hearts Cover SMALL revised

When I published my first book, Conflicted Hearts, I was proud and scared at the same time. Not only was I bearing my soul to the world, but people who have known me for decades, yet never knew my intimate details now had access to them if they chose to read. My mother was also still living at the time of publication, and although she was already bedridden, her feisty, angry temperament had yet to decline. I was afraid she’d find out about the book and that was just one more fear I had to worry about regarding my mother. But I proceeded to publish anyway after much deliberation. That process became part of my ongoing learning how to overcome the guilt I seemed to always carry when it came to my mother.

Meanwhile, back at the party, and a little backstory:

Growing up in my pre-teen and teen years, I looked after my younger siblings while my mother tended to her desires of staying in the limelight and keeping a very active, social life thriving. My brothers had a group of friends that were always at our house, the central hangout, and those friends remain as close family friends today. To me, they were like extended family and like having more brothers to watch my back. They are still very close with my brother Robbie, and I occasionally run into them at family social gatherings. What surprised me was that with my brother’s decision not to read my book, for his own personal reasons, it never dawned on me that his friends couldn’t wait to devour my book.

I was sitting in my sister’s backyard this past weekend, mingling with old friends when Lawrence, one of my brother’s friends, sat down beside me and proceeded to recite intimate parts of several chapters of Conflicted Hearts to me. I was shocked to learn of his great interest in my book while simultaneously laughing with him at his analysis and depictions of my stories. He was eager to reminisce about my family events and wasted no time in teasing me about my ‘scandalous indiscretions’ as he had described them. We laughed and talked about the writing of the book, and after getting over the initial embarrassment I felt about him closing in on so many personal details, I actually felt flattered that he had taken in almost every word and event in my book.

Not long after Lawrence and I were chatting, two more of the group of Robbie’s friends joined us and began chiming in about my book and how they loved and related to it. Shane was quick to point out that he went beyond downloading the ebook like the others, and ordered himself a print copy. Lawrence chided Shane that he had to one-up the guys or maybe he just had to buy a copy because he liked my author picture on the back of the book. The whole discussion became quite comical.

After the lengthy book discussion, and after I got over my surprise and back into my comfort zone, I began to feel proud that these guys had taken the interest and time to read my book. Other than immediate family and close friends, I’d never considered how many people that know me personally would actually read my book.

Near the end of our ‘bookchat’ Lawrence repeated his hysterical summation to me on my chapter about what happened to me in Greece. He informed me that he is awaiting a sequel to my book, and asked if I would include him in it. He suggested I put him in some exotic locale and call him Alejandro (complete with tongue roll). I laughed hysterically and warned him that he should be careful what he wished for.

I have actually been working on the sequel to Conflicted Hearts for the past year and a half. It will be a book of unfinished things, and words said and unsaid, after my mother’s passing. There certainly aren’t any exotic locales in that book, but perhaps I may mention Lawrence in it as he related an interesting story to me at the party about my mother.

Is it any easier to imagine anonymous people reading your memoirs as opposed to someone you know?

Social Media Assessment | What I Learned


I am reblogging a wonderfully informative post from Sherrey Meyer, a memoir writer. Sherrey hired a media assistant, Frances Caballo, to assess her social platform, and she was kind enough to share the results with us in her post.

Social Media Assessment: What I Learned

“In one of my posts last week, I shared my experience working with Frances Caballo of Social Media Just for Writers. Frances assessed my social media presence as well as my site. The outcome was beneficial in many respects, and Frances’s comments brought greater clarity to how I spend my time.” Read more by clicking the link below:

Social Media Assessment | What I Learned.

Anne R. Allen’s Blog: What Happens to Your Blog when You Die? Why You Need to Appoint a Social Media Executor NOW

reblogging I love following the blog of Anne R. Allen. Anne is an author, and a well-known blogger for sharing up-to-date tips and helpful articles for writers on what’s current in the publishing world.


I thought it was important to share this post because it raises a question about what happens to a writer’s works and social media platforms if they were to die? This is a subject nobody ever really wants to think or talk about, but if left without consideration, we’d be leaving a little unfinished business behind and quite possibly a whole heap of royalties, if we are published authors.


Click on Anne’s link below, and get a wealth of information to protect yourselves and your loved ones in the event our inevitable end should arise.


Source: Anne R. Allen’s Blog: What Happens to Your Blog when You Die? Why You Need to Appoint a Social Media Executor NOW

Author Interrupted


They say, ” what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. After these past few months, I’m thinking I should be made of kryptonite by now.


This has certainly been one summer that has passed me by. I’m not sure if it’s the planets colliding, or that ‘Murphy’ hasn’t hopped on my shoulder, but certainly some bad entity has entered my orbit.

bin-160461_640 (2)



It’s been an ongoing love affair since June with me and the good old government. In early June I was randomly selected for an audit. I’d never been audited in my life, and oddly enough, since I only began submitting expenses for my book writing two years ago, my number came up—for a two year audit.

I have an accountant that looks after mine and my husband’s affairs and he is very efficient and a stickler for staying within guidelines. To help curb costs, I do a lot of the legwork involved in preparing for him to do taxes, and so naturally, that meant me digging through, photocopying, and matching receipts in what feels like a mountain of paperwork.


After all was prepared and sent, I received notification that my ‘author business’ wasn’t a business. Really? So I’ve worked day and night for almost the last three years building a platform, reaching out to readers and writing books and apparently that isn’t work in the eyes of the government. I was mortified at their reply and charge back. After speaking with a helpful agent on the phone about my dismay, I was instructed to write a letter and resend for another check. This resubmission is now once again in their hands.

It seems our tax department has a theme of businesses to check on, which changes every few years. Apparently, these past two years have been the theme of ‘authors and bloggers’. Me, being the one in a million girl for things to happen to (for everything except winning lotteries), was one of the chosen.


Within two days of hearing about my submission declined, my husband got notification that he was now being assessed for three years. Was this a coincidence? I think not. If I thought I’d already been to hell and back, I’ve been knee-deep in the process once again; this time a lot more difficult as his income entails a lot more detail than mine. After spending a week in search mode for all his paperwork, I’m buried in putting together everything requested to prepare for the accountant.

These last two weeks have been unbearable; sucking every ounce of life and joy out of me. My newest book was supposed to be published already, and in between this mess I’ve left my graphic artist midway in my cover design and my editor in long delays between responses to edit. Who the heck can concentrate?

I’ve tried to keep up with reading blogs at night, and social media, but the truth is I can’t concentrate on anything until I get this task finished. My nerves are shattered, my intestines are knotted, and I don’t remember the last time I slept through the night.

So, with this all being said, I’m sure you can appreciate that my gravatar has been a little sparse lately on many of your blogs. I just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t disappeared completely off the map, and when I get through these next few weeks, I’ll be back with a vengeance. Until such time, just know that your comments don’t go unnoticed, and when I get a spare moment where I get some ‘me’ time, I’ll be circulating around the blogosphere.

Miss you guys!


7 Vital Website Ingredients for Authors AND Editors | @Belinda_Pollard



Here’s some insight from my friend and author Belinda Pollard. Belinda writes a lot about the publishing industry, and shares some great information here on revamping her website. We all know that WordPress can sometimes be tricky at times, so perhaps Belinda’s experience may be helpful to some.


I was recently forced into changing the design of this site, because the little piece of software that controls its appearance was no longer supported. (Rats.)

This turned out to be a good thing, because it made me think hard about what I wanted on my site. I mulled over what helps or irritates me on other people’s blogs and websites. (A blog is just a type of website that has new content added regularly. They’re all websites.)

I had to update both this site, which I write as a publishing . . .” Read More:

Source: 7 Vital Website Ingredients for Authors AND Editors | @Belinda_Pollard


DGKaye©July 2015

What’s Your #Workspace Like?

office puter

A writer’s space is usually one where they spend much of their time, if they’re working full-time at home like I am.

I was recently inspired to write a post about my workspace by a company named We Work. They are a company that provides people with temporary work spaces, for personal use, or for seminars. What a neat concept, no long-term commitments or leases. They have locations available across many of the United States, and some countries now in Europe. Taking stock of my little space I’m now working in, I’m thinking how nice that possibility sounds to have my own private getaway space. But for now, I won’t worry about that until I start selling a gazillion more books!

my copyrights
Proudly displays her copyrights on four books.

office desk My set-up is designed for my sometimes, scattered functionality. As many of you know I like to write my books and blogs out in longhand. I try to allot designated time to my writing, but I often find myself jumping between writing, and back-and-forth to my desktop computer or laptap to look up something. In between those times, I’m on my computer for lengthy times, either editing what I’ve written or reading numerous emails, publications, and working with my social media platforms. books My space has changed from the way it used to be. I moved into a condo earlier this year, after living in a house for almost two decades. Gone now is my once big office and space. My cabinets and files are now stowed away in a third bedroom, which I like to call ‘the storage room,’ and my desktop and bookshelves have taken up residency in a cornered off section of my living room. books mine When I need to sort out chapters from my manuscript, I have the use of my long dining room table to accommodate me. If it gets out of hand for space (like it had not too long ago while I was reorganizing chapters of my latest upcoming book,) I resort to creating piles on the floor. Wow, am I prehistoric or what? But it’s quaint, and it works. dining room Many times while I’m out, I stop at one of my favorite coffee houses to pick up a soy latte. I always take notice of the many people sitting at tables, engaged in working on their laptops. I often wonder if any of them are writers, besides the students working on their papers, and many others just having a coffee and playing on social media. I know many writers like to go to a coffee house to work sometimes. I’ve sometimes considered doing that, but somehow, I never have. I find working in a social environment too distracting. For me, writing is a solo act. When I’m working, I like to have my reference books handy. I’m sure it’s part of my being a packrat. And I don’t intend on packing a suitcase just to sit at a café and work. I don’t turn on the TV or radio during the day, as I find it can be an easy distraction. It’s already enough that I have to put up with the constant clatter of machinery from the outside renovations being done to our complex. The on-and-off again sounds of drilling and jackhammering up old cement often grates on my concentration. I set up a schedule each night of the things I want to accomplish the following day. And I usually stick to it, if life’s pressing matters don’t interfere. I treasure the moments of silence from outside, and try to get most of my daily writing done in between those workers’ outside, lunch hours, and upon their daily departure. These days, I’m especially liking the rainy days, when there’s no work being done out there. And on some other days, I sometimes pay heed to some advice staring me in the face as I go to take another sip of coffee: mug life isnt measured It says: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths                                                   we take, but by the number of moments that take our                                                   breath away.”

Thank you We Work, for taking interest in my space. We Work locations

And how are your spaces working out for you writers and bloggers?   DGKaye©July 2015

#Women’s #Health Week – Saving your own Life


Sally Cronin from is doing a wonderful series on Women’s Health and has graciously asked me to contribute one of my health issue stories to her series. Please take note that what happened to me certainly can apply to anyone, not just women.

“Welcome to the second post in the feature today and I am so pleased that author D.G. Kaye accepted my invitation to guest post. She shares her story about a health issue that could have gone unnoticed at great risk to her life.”


Connecting the Dots by D.G. Kaye.

It was the tiniest of dots; not much bigger than the size of a pinhead. Most people wouldn’t even have paid it any mind. But I am not most people.

As a girl who has experienced her fair share of health concerns, I made a pact with myself to practice a healthier lifestyle and to become more in-tuned with my body. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a hypochondriac, but because I have been challenged with cervical cancer, glaucoma, and a near fatal diagnosis of Crohn’s disease at the age of forty, my instincts instruct me to pay close attention to any suspicious “red flags” that capture my attention. . . READ MORE by clicking on the link below: