Out of the mouths of Babes

out of the mouths

I had a brief interlude yesterday from my packing and organizing which has been monopolizing all of my time lately. I joined my sister and my grandbaby niece for an afternoon outing at the mall. We went for lunch and fridge hunting for my sister. We took little Mikeala in the stroller, as she enjoys going out on shopping ventures.

Me and my sis
Me and my sis

My sister isn’t a fan of shopping, a complete polar opposite to me and ironically also to her daughter and grand-daughter Mikeala, as we all love to shop. I’m sure the love for shopping is definitely a trait my nieces have inherited from me. As I don’t have any natural children of my own, my sister and I both refer to her daughter as my child born from her body. Little Mikeala is like a grand-daughter to me, and my sister graciously shares that honour with me.

My niece and grand-niece
My niece and grand-niece

Every time I see that child, my heart is full with love. I always look forward to seeing her beautiful, smiling face and hearing the latest humour that she so innocently dishes out. She is quite clever and I laugh at so much of what she talks about and can’t help but wonder how she comes up with some of the things she says. A child’s mind is pure and they don’t hesitate to say what they are thinking at the innocent age of three. I love the sound of her little voice with her little lisp.

Words with ‘s’ are pronounced ‘eth’ and she loves colours, especially purpo, gween and lello. While my sister was getting a demo on a fridge and the saleslady opened the freezer door to show how much space there was, my little monkey, Mikeala, was so engrossed with the demonstration and commented, “Oh look, we can put ornge and purpo freethies in there.” I burst out laughing at her logic and the excitement in her eyes when she said it. This child just lights up my heart!


Earlier this month when she turned three, my nephew had asked my niece what Mikeala wanted for her birthday. He wanted to buy her a Mickey/Minnie mouse tea set as she loves them both. But my niece had mentioned that Mikeala now loved watching Spiderman on cartoons. So my nephew decided to get her the tea set and a Spiderman action figure.

When Mikeala opened the Spiderman figure, she decided she didn’t like it. She said it scared her dolly. It was a good thing she was given the tea set as well. Mikeala decided that she needed to bury the Spiderman figure under a pillow so it wouldn’t scare her doll. I asked her if she has made tea yet and she replied, “No thilly, children don’t drink tea!” I am busting a gut remembering the seriousness of her voice with her reply.

I don’t currently live very close to my sister’s house, thus I don’t often get to see her or the baby. But when I move in January, I will be back in her vicinity, about a five minute drive away. When my sister dropped me off after our afternoon out, I kissed Mikeala goodbye and with her big wide smile she said, “Aunty Debby, why can’t you move your house closer to Bubbie’s house so you can come and play with us?” Again my heart melted.

Just one more good thing about my move, I will be able to see my precious girl a lot more. There is nothing like the joy of a child to fill our hearts.


22 thoughts on “Out of the mouths of Babes

  1. Debby, your family is precious!!! And to think you’ll be 5 minutes from them. Life is good (even if moving is hell, lol!) ♥


    1. Lol,you said it Mandy! 🙂 Yes, from a once sizeable family, I am blessed to have left my siblings and their children and one aunt. ❤


  2. Mikeala is adorable and you captured her essence completely – even down to the lisp-y dialogue. It sounds like your move is perfectly timed with a 3-year-old ready to embrace her aunt.

    I applaud you for writing this post having just recently staged a move-out and sale of our Mother’s home while trying to keep up a blog. Best wishes in both endeavors, Debby.


    1. Thanks as always for visiting Marian. It’s been quite hectic around here, so I left everything aside and stole an afternoon out. My book writing is suffering terribly, although I am still jotting down chapters and ideas to stay in touch with them. But I have to keep posting, to stay in touch and feel as though I am at least keeping myself involved in the writing community. I try and get blogs written in the wee hours, in draft at least. You may notice, my reading of the over 100 blogs I follow is also suffering. I am trying hard to keep up with those as well as the crunch to moving gets closer. So bear with me, as you know I always show up eventually. 🙂


      1. Helllo beautiful girl! Yes, I should think within another year or so Mikeala will be ready to blog. ❤


  3. So so so awesome sweet! She is adorable and it is easy to see how she stole your heart, especially after reading your loved infused words about her. I am proper happy you will be closer to her, to family. It is a wonderful thing to look forward to! The biggest move I made was only four hours away to a different state. Knowing your current move is far more epic and at such a crazy time of year, I will repeat myself and say again that you are my hero!

    I can well imagine how crazy it must be for you right now. Though I’ve not been around much, I pop on when I can and read and always…all ways, send all my love and the very bestest thoughts for you sweetest friend! Take care of you and keep smiling gorgeous girl! ♥♥♥ ~


    1. Thank you my lovely! So nice to read your smiling words and see you here. I have noticed your absence 😦 I hope you are well and happy. Miss you! ❤


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