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Today I’m going to share a reblog of something interesting I came across while visiting my friend Alexander Zoltai’s site Note From An Alien . Alex is an incredible writer and his blog is always chock full of great articles of interest for writers. If there’s something new ‘out there’ Alex will find it and share it. He also offers his book Notes From An Alien, free on the sidebar of his website.


This particular article discusses a site called Spritz . This is an app designed to help us read faster! Yes, you heard me, and it works! By downloading what’s called, the spritzlet, when you’re reading web articles AND BLOGS, this app can train your eye to read much faster, YET RETAIN the info you’re taking in. If you download the spitzlet and click it while you’re reading a blog you will see the app showing what you’re reading, one word at a time, and you can adjust the wpm accordingly to how fast you can zip through.

I think Alex’s page with the links to the site can explain it much better than I can. But suffice it to say, I found it extremely helpful for quicker reading. Below find a tiny snippet from the post. Then make sure you continue reading to find out more about this site.


“One of the very serious things I followed up on was his recommendation of a particular web site and new “Reading Technology” called Spritz.

My new synchronistic-friend in Kitely had shared that he’d only read 4 books in his life due to a particular mental-syndrome he has—he just couldn’t pay attention long enough to finish more than a few dozen pages…

After he’d played with Spritz for awhile, he found himself reading so quickly and retaining so much that, in a relatively short time, he’d finished about 70 books…

Spritz lets you adjust your reading speed from 40 WordsPerMinute to 1,000 WPM!. . .” CONTINUE READING


Source: Read Faster? With More Retention? Really?!? | Notes from An Alien 



16 thoughts on “Read Faster? With More Retention? Really?!? | Notes from An Alien

    1. I hear you Sue. There’s a time and place for everything. I don’t use it for reading blogs, although I’ve tried it. But it comes in handy for lengthy web articles. 🙂


      1. I think those who have spent a lifetime reading for pleasure probably have their own way of speed reading when they need to anyway, by scanning the patterns in a line as much as reading each word.


    1. Exactly Diana. Like I commented to another reader here, there’s a time and a place. When I read blogs, I prefer not to use the app, as I like to linger around and reread certain parts. But for reading web articles and the like, it comes in very handy. 🙂


  1. Pretty cool concept. I’m a slow reader, which is fine when it’s for my enjoyment. When it comes to work-related reading, it would be great to be able to get more done. I may have to check this out! 🙂


    1. It’s great for reading web articles. It works for reading blogs, but I prefer to read those slower in case I like to reread parts. 🙂 If you try it, do let me know what you think. 🙂


  2. I picked up “Rush Reader,” an app powered by Spritz last week. It’s a little buggy, but after switching on the “turn pages manually feature,” it’s been working well. I’m currently up to 700 words pr minute, and it actually makes reading PDF files on my phone fun–which is great for work, and those times when I’m out and about with extra free time and no book. I like that it takes each word from my PDF files and makes the words big enough to read on my phone, with ease 🙂

    Thanks for the great article. I’m visitng via #TheBloggersPitStop


    1. Thanks so much Jed for visiting and sharing that app with us here. Now I’m going to have a look at that app. They both seem very similar, I’m wondering if they are the same app, they’re both called Spritz? Maybe different version for mobile?


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