The Trip – Part 2, Puerto Vallarta

Welcome back to Part 2 of my fun trip to Puerto Vallarta. In the first part, I gave a brief introduction to some of the new wonderful friends I met while there. I left off in Part 1 with our day trip to various small towns we visited north of Puerto Vallarta.

Jaimie (Ukranie) rented a car and the five us squashed in for a fun-filled ride. Our road trip barely started before we were all in search of a bank machine to get some shopping Pesos. Some of us had been having problems with certain bank machines that kept spitting out our cards and wouldn’t give us money. Finally we were all set. We piled back into the car and Jamie announced, “Everyone in?” Before he heard me say that Shelley was only half in, the car jerked in forward motion. I screamed stop as Shelley hobbled to keep up with the car. Thankfully, she was fine, but we did laugh our heads off after the moment.

We headed north to La Cruz where it’s been touted to be one of the biggest and best markets in Puerto Vallarta. It was located around a marina where all kinds of things were sold from home made goods to eco-friendly goods, to leather, hats, dresses, art, food and more.

Marina surrounding market
Market kiosks surround the marina
Musical entertainment and a shelter from the sun
Seems like miles of market kiosks
A monument to a musical philanthropist community leader whose ashes were spread in front in the Bay
A glorious hot day walking the market
Me and Pat
Watching a man blow glass at his booth

After spending around four hours at this fun market, Jamie chauffered us to nearby Punta de Mita, a quiet gem about 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta where there are many hidden getaway spots for the rich and famous, spectacular golf, and so quiet as though nobody knows it’s there. We stopped into a little area for a pitstop Margarita and beers.

Marg and beers at Punta de Mita
Punta de Mita

After that pitstop, we drove over to Sayulita, an old fishing village turned into a surfer paradise, big gay community and artist hangout.

A bar sign in a local bar
Outside view from the bar with outdoor seating

Shelley me and Pat headed to have a look at the beach, and laughed as we saw people wearing the dreaded ‘Speedo’ bathing suits. As we were entering the beach, it seemed someone parked their horse there. The town is very small and narrow roads so not surprising to find horse transporation along with many driving golf carts. When we came back off the beach it seemed when I took that photo, I stepped in horse shyte. I got off the beach and was puzzled at what on earth is stuck to my sandal – stinky black and full of straw. Pat offered to take a closer look and announced it was horse shyte. And the good friend she was, proceeded to clean it off my shoe as I remained laughing out loud and ultimately grossed out. In the end, when I got back to the condo, I just threw out my shoes.

Shelley and the dirty horse

After leaving Sayulita, Jamie gave us a quick driveby tour on the way back to Puerto Vallarta, to Bucerias, another small, yet, bustling tourist town. Then we drove by Nuevo Vallarta, Paradise Village where there are many all inclusive resorts and time share rentals. We had the day together, lots of laughter, a few drinks, good sightseeing and of course, shopping.

I hoped you enjoyed reading about out little daytrip. Next time I’m going finish with Part 3, which will include more stories, random photos, trip to Bucerias and a few video captures.


60 thoughts on “The Trip – Part 2, Puerto Vallarta

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, minus stepping in the horse poop πŸ˜‰ Glad your friend wasn’t hurt getting into the car too. Lots of beautiful pics.

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  2. Four hours at a market? Shoot me now! πŸ™‚ Nope, I don’t like shopping at all… I do remember visiting Sayulita when we explored mainland Mexico for a few months by camper in 2006. I think there were palapas along the beach where we could camp for a few dollars a night.

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time after all in PV, Debby! I’m so glad about that. Having friends around can make all the difference. Throwing shoes out after stepping in hose shit? If I would do that, I wouldn’t have any footwear left. By the way – even though Maya is cute and sweet – she LOVES eating horse poop, so we have to keep a close eye on her everywhere in Mexico, especially in the arroyos and ranchos!


    1. Lol Liesbet. I’m a looker, always curious to look for great finds. And yes Sayulita isn’t too expensive at all. About the horse poop, oh my, that’s just nasty Maya! Lol, I couldn’t get it off well enough without being totally grossed out, so yes, away the sandals went. LOL ❀

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  3. Even scary stuff can be fun with friends, which you seem to attract in person and in the blogosphere. Mexican weather looks great and the shopping fab-zy. You definitely have a vibrant record of your grand vacay, Debby. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I’m with Liesbet and the 4 hrs are a definite no-no for me too…Sounds like a lot of fun for shopaholics though, great images and horse shyte is one the best smells in the world we used to keep horses…Great post, Debs Hugs xx


  5. Thanks for inviting us along, Debby. I am sure I would have enjoyed visiting all these places as well (not the horse poo experience, but well, let’s say I’ve had my own share of similar… “events”). I look forward to the next episode!


  6. Wow, that was really a great adventure, but also a very wonderful thing. Wanderlust is getting to me now. Lets have a look. Prague is not like Puerta Vallarta, but at least a little bit the bigger world. Lol Best wishes, Debby! Many thanks for sharing! xx Michael


  7. Hi Debby – sounds like fun …with lots of laughs thrown in … and so glad you were able to have a good look around – excellent not having to worry about driving … but I so agree about looking, not buying! I’d have got over the ‘shyte’ … it happens doesn’t it – I fell over recently as I’d slipped on some dog shyte! No damage done thankfully … landed at a man’s feet and his elderly dog – he was concerned – but I was grateful to have someone around to look me in the eye and say ‘ok’ … you look it! Cheers Hilary


  8. Like the old saying–“And a good time was had by all.” You really know how to enjoy a vacation, my friend. Our upcoming one may be a little more sedate but I’m confident that we will be as happy as you with yours.


  9. I realize no explanation is needed, but I’ve been away for a few days and just returning to read more adventures and short stories. WHAT a day!!! The best part for me is the thread of happiness and spontaneity woven throughout your day…and lots of laughter. I smiled all the way through and wanted to join you for that margarita. πŸ™‚ What a great day.


  10. What a fun day, Debby. I can see why you love it there. It’s beautiful and so alive.
    At least horse shyte isn’t usually too moist. πŸ˜‚ But I agree with your decision about the shoes.


  11. Hi Debs, Great to hear of you letting your hair down, so to speak. Margs and colourful markets sounds good to me. Add good weather and company and you’re off…Great photos too. Thank for sharing. Hugs xx


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