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Sunday Something Different – Decoding the Numbers – Angel Messages



Something a little different today as once again, I’m behind in my reading and have no new review this week. So today I’m sharing my post on Angel Messages that I wrote for my collaborative blog on Sisters of the Fey.


Decoding the Numbers – Angel Messages


What are these repeated number patterns telling us?


Are you noticing patterns of sequence numbers around you? When you look at the clock are you regularly seeing sequence numbers such as 1:11, 11:11, 2:22, etc.? Are you seeing these sequences around you in public places, license plates, ads, or anywhere else they may be trying to get your attention?  These are divine sequence numbers where the angels are sending you messages, trying to get your attention, and all these numbers have numerological and vibrational meanings. These numbers that continue to show up around us are messages, letting us know something divine or magical is in the works so make note of these numbers. Different numbers indicate different meanings.

Angels don’t barge into our lives to tell us things, they have their own way of letting us know things. Angels are bound by the laws of God and exist in a higher vibrational frequency than humans. They don’t invade our space unless we request their help or presence. It’s up to us to become aware of their messages and learn how to interpret them. But they can send us hints to beware of, and using number sequences is one of the methods they use to gain our attention – something like a nudge from an unforeseen force. So the angels communicate with us through our minds, often through repetitive numbers that will occur frequent enough to call our attention to them.

For example, you may have noticed your last glance at the clock when heading to bed may have shown 11:11. You may have woken up for a bathroom break and looked at the clock to find it showing 1:11. The next day you might have purchased something with a receipt showing $11.11. You get my drift? This sequence may show up for a day or a few until it grabs your attention, making you curious enough to look up the meaning.


Decoding the numbers


Let’s take 1:11 or 11:11 for example, it’s usually a wake-up call reminding us to take notice of what’s happening right now in our life – an indicator we are on the right path. Have a look at the video below for this number combination then click on the sources I’ve chosen to share below, which will give you more in-depth meanings for numerous number combinations.



More numbers decoded. A little longer video, but many more combination numbers are explained:



Source: More decoding the numbers


Source: Find out what sequence number combinations mean here:


Do you have any experiences you’d like to share here regarding repeating numbers showing up in your life?

Original post:

Originally Posted Source: Decoding the Numbers – Angel Messages – The Sisters of the Fey


If you love all things magical, angels, fairies and spiritual, please do visit our other blog – Sisters of the Fey, where along with myself, my Fey sisters, Colleen Chesebro, Annette Rochelle Aben, Deborah Bowman, Tina Frisco, Marjorie Mallon, Adele Marie Park, and Wendy Ann Darling contribute posts to the blog. We’d love to see you there!


Sisters of the Fey


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  • Stevie Turner

    I’ve never had experience of anything like this – probably because I’m more or less number illiterate. I was always 3 books behind everyone else in the Maths class at school.

    • dgkaye

      You don’t have to be a number officionado Stevie. It’s all about being aware when you see sequence numbers appear several times a day, like when you look at the clock, etc. 🙂

  • Jacqui Murray

    Geeks (like me) love number sequences. Like the odometer reading “246810” or “5141” being the only four-digit number that is reversed in hexadecimal. How about “1701”–the Starship Enterprise’s NCC #?

    OK, I’m done. Love numbers, Deb.

  • Hilary

    Hi Debby – I’m certain this is interesting … time and other things are against me just now – so I’ll need to get back here at some stage. I really do need to find out more … thanks for this post – cheers to all the Sisters of Fey – Hilary

  • D. Wallace Peach

    I used to see 11:11 all the time when I was married to my ex-husband. I guess it was a “wake-up call” to pay attention. It was weird. And pay attention I did – divorcing him. Hehe. 🙂 Fascinating stuff, Debby. Thanks for sharing!

  • Norah Colvin

    This is really interesting, Debby, and maybe the numbers showed up to tell me something significant. I used to often see 11.11 on the clock as I was getting into bed. I didn’t ever plan it that way. It just happened and Hub and I often commented on it. Then I didn’t for a while, and it’s recently started happening again. I haven’t watched the second video yet so I don’t know about other numbers, but when I wake during the night or look at the clock during the day, it’s often a sequence of similar digits, e.g. 2.22, 3.33, 4.44, or 13.13, 15.15 etc. It has amused me. I’ll have to find time to watch the second video to find out what they signify. I hope it’s something good. 🙂

    • dgkaye

      How wonderful you are noticing the sequences Norah. The most common sequence I see is also 11:11 or 1:11, This is all good, just calling your attention to prominent matters on your mind. It’s interesting to learn what the different combos mean so you should enjoy the video when you have time. I can’t remember them all either, but it’s not difficult to look up. 🙂

  • Carol Balawyder

    Oh, I’d love to receive such a numerical message! I often get 518, which happens to be my childhood address. Interesting post, Debby and don’t worry about being behind in your reading. Most of us are. 🙂

  • sally cronin

    Just as interesting the second time around Debby.. 7 comes up quite often for me alone and my life seems to go in 7 year cycles..will pay more attention to numbers in sequence now.. ♥

    • dgkaye

      Thanks so much Sal. Seven is also my cyclic number – are you surprised? LOL. The angel messages are usually sequential. 11:11 Follows me around daily! <3 xx

  • Kate Johnston

    Love stuff like this! I never knew the significance of such sequences, but I must pay more attention. Growing up, we used to make a wish any time we saw 11:11 on the clock. Never knew why other than it was a fun reason to make a wish! Now I have a bit more foundation to work from , thanks to your post!

    • dgkaye

      So happy to enlighten you Kate. We have free will and angels will never invade our space unless invited to. Numeric sequences are their way of trying to pass on a message to us. 🙂

  • Jennie Fitzkee

    I do get these, rarely, but I do. I need to pay more attention. I have to question that angels don’t invade our space unless we request their help or presence. I have made that request, yet my strongest presence of angels just appeared, on their own. Interesting. Great post, Debby!

    • dgkaye

      Fabulous Jennie. Yes, we all have free will and the angels will never invade our free will, that’s why we must ask. The number sequences are often attention getters that your angels are trying to tell you something but only if we choose to be aware we will receive. 🙂 x

  • lisa thomson

    This is fascinating, Deb. thanks for sharing it. I watched the entire second video. I haven’t paid much attention to the numbers but will do so now. On Remembrance day I always look at the clock and remember for the moment of silence at 11 am. This year though when I checked I had missed it but smiled when I saw it was 11 minutes past 11 am. Interesting.

    I’ve begun more meditation and invested in some soul cards that are absolutely beautiful. I use them as I ask for guidance from my spirit guides. I also have tarot cards but do those draws more as readings. Anyhow, this is all very interesting to me. Thanks again for sharing. You obviously have lots of angels with you, Deb! 🙂

  • Liesbet

    I’m always in awe when I notice numbers like these. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to happen frequently. I’ll try to be more aware, as I could use some help and good luck to find a house sit in January! 🙂

  • Sue Dreamwalker

    As you know Debby, numbers are always turning up to make their presence felt.. learning to be aware and notice them and their meanings often bring a smile t my face.. As I can wake up exactly as the clock says 3:33 ect.. 111 was one of the first repeat numbers for me.. I would even get till receipts adding up to 111 🙂 I would see them on car number plates etc..
    Now they are part of my life, adding more confirmation that the Angels guide us at all times.. If we open our awareness and allow it..
    As they can not interfere with free will..

    A wonderful post Debby.. Time is speeding by ever faster… Already the 11th month is almost done.. Hugs and much love my friend <3

  • Pamela S. Wight

    I see sequences of numbers frequently, and always take them in as a positive. 11:11 is often on my radar (and I don’t plan for it; I just happen to look at the clock or the computer and there are the numbers, as if they’ve been there for an hour, waiting for me to see). The other combination I see a lot is 4:44. Everywhere. Happened to me yesterday afternoon, and I burst out laughing. Yes, it’s a message. I don’t know what it means besides the fact that ‘something’ is saying hello in a loving way.

    • dgkaye

      Absolutely Pam. I see 11:11 every single day when I just happen to glance the clock, there it is. Watch the video to read about the different combinations and their meanings. 🙂 x

  • Janice Spina

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Debby. I find it all fascinating! I do see 11.11 many times during a week. I feel as if I am connected somehow to my guardian angel. That is even more reason to be positive. That I try to do daily.
    I listened to the first video and will listen to the second soon.

    I’ve been so busy trying to catch up with everything since my trip. It’s not easy to do. I apologize for not reading your blog lately. I haven’t read too many but promise to read more regularly soon. With the holidays upon us I am scrambling to get all my gifts bought and wrapped. Our kids are coming over before Christmas on two different days to celebrate. We will be crazy busy cooking and celebrating those days and then again on Christmas Eve with the rest of the family. Sigh!

    • dgkaye

      Never apologize Janice!!! I know very well what it’s like getting back settled after a lengthy time away. The beauty of blogs is they’re always here 🙂 We all get there when we get there! And thrilled you have so much going on with family for the holidays. That’s what it’s all about! <3 xxxx

  • Lisa Hutchison

    Thanks for your post Debby! I have a special connection to the angels and love reading about them, especially around the holiday season. Synchronicity, such as numerical sequences are just one of the many blessings the angels bestow to us. The numbers are a wonderful reminder; we are not alone, we are deeply loved and always guided. Many blessings- Lisa xx

    • dgkaye

      Thank you so much Lisa for visiting and adding your lovely comment. You are so right, we are never alone and I wouldn’t want to be without my angels for sure! 🙂 <3

  • Monica

    I hold a torch for a certain man and ask for signs from my Grandmother above…I continually see his initials in license plates, all day every day! Could it be? And, what is she trying to tell me??
    I wish I was more fluent in spirit!

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