Book Cover Unveiling – Words We Carry

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I am very excited to share with you today, my cover reveal for my newest book –  Words We Carry. I worked with my graphic artist Yvonne Less to capture what I wanted the book to represent.

The concept of this book is a deep look into the events and criticisms I experienced in my own life which impacted the way I saw myself; the way I felt judged by others. I wrote these essays based on various incidents and emotional slights I incurred when I was younger, and I share my strategies I created to overcome them.

My stories examine how these remembered insults play a big part in the way we begin to see ourselves, resulting in the residual damage to our self-esteem.

Much of who we are is created by the things we’ve experienced. Some people get so deflated and feel inadequate throughout their lives, not knowing how to get out of that funk, and others may not even recognize they are living it. I chose to overcome my feelings of inadequacy with whatever methods I knew how in an effort to better myself. Although some of the things I tried may sound a bit crazy, the point was, that I used what I could to help me feel better about myself and I share my inspirations and quirks in this book.

Nobody can say what it will take to make one feel comfortable in their own skin. By sharing my experience about what I learned along the way to help boost my own confidence level, I hope to inspire others to finding a positive path in finding their own happiness.


“I have been a great critic of myself for most of my life, and I was darned good at it, deflating my own ego without the help of anyone else.”


What do our shopping habits, high-heeled shoes, and big hair have to do with how we perceive ourselves? Do the slights we endured when we were young affect how we choose our relationships now?

D.G. takes us on a journey, unlocking the hurts of the past by identifying situations that hindered her own self-esteem. Her anecdotes and confessions demonstrate how the hurtful events in our lives linger and set the tone for how we value our own self-worth.

Words We Carry is a raw, personal accounting of how the author overcame the demons of low self-esteem with the determination to learn to love herself.

“D.G. Kaye offers hope to those of us imprisoned by the negative words and scripts engrained in our minds. WORDS WE CARRY, her own true story, tells us how to re-establish our self-esteem and attract the positive relationships we all deserve!”–Deborah A. Bowman, Author, Publisher, and Advanced Clinical Psychological Hypnotherapist (ACPH)

27 thoughts on “Book Cover Unveiling – Words We Carry

  1. Wonderful. I think my graphic artist husband would approve too – the bold title and author name tied together vertically with sharp imagery. Sensational, including the warm, fuzzy teddy bear! I think it will hold up admirably to the 7-second rule of a reader’s decision to buy a book.


    1. Wow, thank you so much Marian. That really makes me feel great. It’s so difficult when consulting on covers to make sure all the elements speak without confusion. Thanks again. I’m touched! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Adam, for dropping by and leaving some positive feedback. As you well know, there are so many elements we need to capture in a cover, hook, font, etc., so I really appreciate your comment. 🙂


    1. Thanks again Deb. I was hoping it would convey the content and I seem to be getting good positive feedback. Now, let us see what Mr. Friedlander will have to say about it! LOL 🙂


  2. I’m sorry it took so long for me to respond but I was away in Winnipeg and just got back. Your cover is perfect. It says so much and definitely the kind of cover that would make me pick up your book. All the best. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Carol for your encouraging words. And yes, I did notice your absence! But you never have to apologize for it. Life happens, just as I wrote about in my Author Overwhelmed article. Sometimes we get used to our usual visitors and wonder where they are when we don’t see their wonderful feedback on our posts, that’s why I included in my post for those who are used to seeing me around their blogs. I’m not gone but juggling way too much right now, but I have no intentions of abandoning my favourite places to read; I just may be a little late getting there. My book will be out by last week in October. I cannot wait to get into your new book which will be after I sell my house and of course you can expect a review! So now you see how our messages are similar in what we convey in our new book covers. Thankfully they don’t look the same though. And, I haven’t forgotten that you and I will be doing a collaborated blog post on both our books. I am hoping we can do that in November. 🙂


      1. Although I don’t have as much as you do on your plate right now, I too am excessively busy these days and am trying to figure out a more efficient way to respond to bloggers I like to follow. Right now all I’ve come up with is to respond less often. Maybe you have suggestions.
        Blogging takes up a huge chunk of my time, as I’m sure it does for you as well. I have decided to put out a print version of Getting To Mr. Right so I am working on that and also I want to enter a crime writing contest that closes October 15th. And then there’s taking care of a house, my daughter moving out and taking care of a new puppy. Oh, I forgot…yes, my own writing! 🙂
        November sounds great to do collaborative blog post. Let’s think of ideas as to how to do it. And, really, Debbie, if not November than whatever will be will be. Enjoy your day. 🙂


      2. Thanks as always Carol. If we could only buy more hours in our days. And yes, I have been trying several different ways to organize my blogging. In the past few months I have at least organized that I will do 2 posts a week. Usually one of my own and one that I’ve read and find helpful for writers. Of course the odd week things may change, like this week, my memoir interview with International Book Promotion is and 8 part series and I do want to share my process as well as Linda Gray Sexton’s excellent share on her life and writing memoir.
        I usually allot an hour or so a few evenings a week to read blogs and comment. I write and draft blog posts as they come to me. I enjoy posting and the interaction so I know I have to fit it in my schedule.
        Perhaps, you can schedule a time-frame once or twice a week where you respond to comments. I know I like to check them twice a day but what I’ve got coming on my plate, I won’t have that luxury, so I will also be making a schedule, hence my recent post. Good luck with your plateful! 🙂


      3. Responding to comments once or twice a week is a good idea; otherwise, I tend to spend way too much time blogging. But it’s not only responding to comments but also giving them.
        I tried editing my reader so that I would receive in my e-mail posts only once a week but when Monday came along I was overwhelmed (there’s that word again) by the number of e-mails I had!
        It’s like I’m in a losing battle with my inbox.
        Thanks for your input. It’s always appreciated. 🙂


      4. Yes, Carol, I agree again. I set up my inmail that it should come on Mondays and then I could allot my time accordingly how many I would read and respond to throughout the week, but it seems they also pour in daily. Every night, like now, I open my mail box and find 100 more! It’s difficult because the blogs I signed up for, I do enjoy reading, after all we learn so much from others, but it is ‘overwhelming’. Perhaps between you and I we may find some resolution and if one of us does, we should be sure to share the secret! 🙂


      5. Absolutely!
        One of the things I am doing right now (8 am) is answering the comments I received. I find this important because 1) I want readers to read other bloggers’ comments and while I’m there I’ll check out if I missed any of their posts 2) I want the person I interviewed to read the comments.
        But, then it will be it until, I told myself, later this evening. Otherwise, it’s too tempting to stay and spend hours reading other posts and responding to them. Oh, I will periodically check throughout the day to see if new comments on my post have entered and respond to them.
        I’m trying this “method” for now and will see how it works. 🙂


      6. Well let’s see if that works. That was my problem. ‘just checking in’ ends up lots of time, reading and commenting. I like to check first thing in morning and try not to go back until the evening, time permitting. 🙂


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