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I was honored to be invited over to ADD Coach and Mentor, Madelyn Griffith-Haynie’s blog to talk about growing a self-esteem and to share an excerpt of my book, Words We Carry.


Working through the past
to live powerfully in the present

Guest Blogger:  © Debby Gies (author D.G. Kaye)

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Returning the favor

In mid-August I was honored by a request to write an article for blogger Debby Gies, (author D.G. Kaye), so that she could spend her time getting her latest book ready for publication.

I chose to focus on the brain-based benefits to those of us who take frequent vacations between the pages of a book.

(CLICK HERE to read the entire article on her site)

I had a wonderful time putting something together for the writing/reading followers of Debby’s blog.  However, I made her promise that she would write something suitable for the readers of ADDandSoMuchMORE.com — as soon as she had a bit of that illusive free-time that seems to be in short supply for most of us.

And so she deliberately set aside time in her super-busy life to return the favor. I was thrilled when I discovered that she decided to feature self-esteem, one of the topics she covers in “Words We Carry,” a wonderfully heartfelt book I devoured on my Kindle and recently reviewed.

Because so many of us in Alphabet City have heard so many times that “we’re not doing it right,” we frequently develop low self-esteem as a result. A few of us struggle with it still.  I’ll let Debby explain a bit about how she battled that particular demon below.


Words We Carry by D.G. Kaye

Thank you for inviting me here today, Madelyn, to your esteemed blog. For those who don’t know me, I’m D.G. Kaye, a Canadian nonfiction writer/author. All my books are written from my own experiences about some of my life’s triumphs and tribulations.

I wrote Words We Carry by taking what I’ve learned through life, relationships, people, and growing up with a low self-esteem.

This book contains short essays on those elements, sharing my own insecurities and how I overcame them, creating awareness on relationship pitfalls, and sharing some of my own hang-ups and quirks I developed through the process of growing my own self-esteem.

I titled the book Words We Carry because much of our character is built on the way in which we’re treated by friends and family when we’re young. When we’re not given any confidence boosts by the people in our lives and endure teasing about our flaws, those are the qualities our self-doubt tends to focus on. Alternatively, if we grow up in a healthy environment where we’re made to feel secure and loved and appreciated for who we are, we will look at ourselves in more positive light. Continue reading . . .


Source: D.G. Kaye on growing self-esteem | ADD . . . and-so-much-more

54 thoughts on “D.G. Kaye on Growing Self-Esteem | ADD . . . and-so-much-more

  1. Thank you Debby, I enjoyed reading your posts from Diana, and the intro to Lisa, and Sallys, to Madelyn’s
    And your words within the quote of Words We Carry really spoke to me..
    And your acknowledgement of how long it takes us to put those words down I nodded in agreement..

    Much love my friend. Thank you for being YOU. And sorry I did not comment upon all posts today.. But way behind my followers this week..

    Sending LOVE. ❤ and many thanks xxx ❤


    1. Thanks so much my friend for visiting and spending time on my blog. Never apologize! I know all about our short time. 🙂 It’s always lovely to see you over here when you can. ❤ Sending hugs back to you. ❤ xxx


      1. Haha.. thank you Madelyn, just logged in and saw your comment.. yes the tissues were needed for sure.. 🙂 Many thanks and likewise.. WP is amazing in that we get to meet and greet the most AMAZING People.. 🙂


      2. I, too, am grateful. My virtual friends seem more “congruent” with my thoughts and desires than most of my “friends with bodies” here in Cincinnati.

        I have the thought that I might otherwise feel very lonely here without interactions with the blogging community – so it is well worth the considerable time it takes to engage with everyone I want to visit (and the fact that I’m always playing catch up – lol)


      3. I am in total agreement.. It seems we are blessed with like-minded souls,for WP companions .. it is the unconverted we need to reach, 🙂 But each small step is another step up the Consciousness Ladder. And yes Catch up is my middle name.. ❤


  2. Wonderful post! It’s true that words can bless or curse, and as children we don’t know that we have the power to agree or disagree with words aimed at us, so everything seems to stick. Until we become adults, and hopefully learn that we have the power to unpack the bad words and decorate our lives with the good ones. Thank you for sharing this, Deb. Have a lovely weekend, my friend.




    1. Thanks so much Marianne for dropping by and leaving your kind comments. Often adults don’t realize what they think is a cute name is damaging to a child’s delicate psyche. I’m glad this subject I write on opens awareness.
      Wishing you a beautiful weekend too my friend. Hugs ❤


  3. It took me a bit to get here and find this post but, even tho’ WordPress did not notify me with a pingback, I knew it had to be here when the comments started coming in again on your wonderful book – all positive, of course, and all underscoring the importance of the points you make in such a personal and heartfelt manner. You da’ bomb!


    1. Aw thanks M. I did send the pingback, but you know how fussy WP can be sometimes. I’ve also popped in occasionally on this post first featured at your blog and I will do so again. I love that it’s resonating with so many. Thanks again for the opportunity to share on your magnificent blog. ❤ xxx


      1. I have NO doubt that you did, Deb. Intermittent glitches are endemic on the WordPress domain – some they fix, some they don’t (and some they replace with features I find insanely un-useful!)

        When you make it over to your hosted post, you will be pleased to note that it currently has collected 196 comments!!


  4. Debby, fantastic extract from your book – it is powerfully written, clear and cuts to the thrust of low self-esteem issues. Your inner strength and courage to move on from your early years is inspiring and your book will be a positive force in so many people’s lives.

    I was taken with your words on Madelyn’s blog about undermining pet names…I knew someone who called his young daughter ‘little sausage’ and saw her wince and almost cower under these words. I talked to the guy and said how it made his daughter feel, he had no idea (!) but from then on found a different pet name. I just hope it wasn’t too late.


    1. Thanks so much Annika for your kind words. And thanks for sharing that story about such an unflattering pet name. It’s true that often people don’t see any harm in those names they think are cute. I’m so glad you pointed it out. These things need to be brought to light to avoid future hurts through the years. ❤


  5. Every time I go to Madelyn’s site, I find something interesting and thought-provoking. I’m thrilled you’re there. Sounds like a wonderful post. Off to read. (Playing catch-up on blog reading…)


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