Sunday Book Review – Jim Fosse’s Expense Claim by John Dolan – #ShortStory

Today, for my Sunday Book Review, I’m sharing my review of John Dolan’s – Jim Fosse’s Expense Claim. This is a very short read that I chose for getting a taste of Dolan’s work, who is known for his page-turning thriller/suspense books, which I’ve read rave reviews from ace reviewer Olga Nunez Miret. This book gives us a snarky sampler of one of John’s characters, Jim Fosse, in his series books. In this short story, Fosse has an email back and forth with his HR department over trying to claim back over inflated expenses for a  questionable business trip.





Once you’ve met Jim Fosse you’ll never feel quite the same about opening your e-mails …

A darkly humorous short story of obsession from John Dolan, author of ‘Everyone Burns’.


My 4 Star Review:

This book is a very short read at just under 40 pages – more like an ongoing email banter, back and forth between Jim Fosse and the person responsible for HR in his fictional power company he works for, as Fosse demands to be paid back for ‘odd’ travel expenses for his recent trip to South Asia.

Jim is trying to recoup his business expenses from what seems like a tawdry trip  – sans expense receipts. The emails become snippy and politically incorrect by Fosse with each response from Ortiz of HR and his refusal to compensate for Fosse’s outlandish claims for compensation. Such requests include, and are not limited to – hookers and massages required to lure in potential clients.

A fun and humorous dark read listening to Fosse’s struggle to win his argument, with a twisted and vengeful ending.


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28 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Jim Fosse’s Expense Claim by John Dolan – #ShortStory

  1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it, Debby. John Fosse is a pretty unique character, and he plays a very interesting role in Dolan’s novels (not in all of them, but, he keeps coming back, and I, for one, do like him. He is one of my favourite likeable villains).
    I think anybody who had to regularly battle red tape will enjoy this one.
    Have a fabulous week.


  2. Did you say it was fact or fiction, Debby? I’m sure there’s a bit of fact in it. At forty pages, it sounds more like a chapter than a whole book. Is that the way Dolan does his stories?


    1. It’s fiction Norah. Yes, it’s like a Kindle single, or short novella. Dolan has a few series out that have tons of rave reviews. Fosse is one of his characters who appears in a few of his books. It’s really a taster. 🙂 xx


  3. This sounds very interesting, Deb. I know many (ahem) men who have done same as Fosse 😛

    Um, just curious, how are these ‘novellas’ priced on Amazon? It is a bit of a pet peeve of mine to pay full price for books that are actually more like a chapter. Although this one sounds excellent plus as Olga stated it relates to the author’s novels.

    Thanks for sharing your review, Deb. I value your opinion.
    P.S. I could not access your site yesterday. 😦


    1. Hi Lis! Glad you finally made it through! Sorry about yesterday, I did reply to your email? Yes, half the servers were down all day with my webhosting! Sooooooooooooooo annoying. About novellas, most of them at 99 cents, really, a buck for a short good read. Personally, I’ve seen a few maybe more from trad authors that will charge 2.99 maybe more! I don’t buy those. ❤


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