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Sunday Book Review – The Body in the Snow – Christoph Fischer

Body in the snow by Christoph Fischer

  Today’s review is on another book I recently read from by a friend an author whose books I enjoy very much, Christoph Fischer’s , The Body in the Snow. Christoph is known for his writing in the historical fiction genre and dived into a new genre with this book, a cozy mystery, which I thoroughly enjoyed! […]

Sunday Book Review – Waiting in the Wings – Stevie Turner

Waiting in the Wings by Stevie Turner

  Today’s book review is on friend and author Stevie Turner’s book – Waiting in the Wings, a memoir. I’ve read a few books of Stevie’s now and I’m am quite fond of her writing style. Stevie doesn’t hold back with her thoughts and as a memoir writer myself, I couldn’t wait to sink my […]

Sunday #Book #Review – The Gamblers – Christoph Fischer

Book reviews by D.G. Kaye

Today’s book review is about one of Christoph Fischer’s many fascinating books, The Gamblers.  Christoph is one of my favorite authors. His writing never disappoints, no matter what genre he writes in. He is known for his award winning historical fiction books Ludwika and The Luck of the Weissensteiners but is the author of many […]

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