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I’ve been trying to make it a habit to get outside for an hour or so a few days a week for some reading time. Our complex has beautifully manicured parkland with various walking trails and park benches and gazebos. I found myself this lovely secluded spot, able to catch some rays, yet shaded by trees with a slight breeze on the bench, below in the photo. And one particular afternoon while reading in my spot, I found myself distracted by ongoing chatter as the birds seemed very busy on this particularly sizzling hot day. Ringleader was large and in charge. I put down my book and listened for awhile since it was difficult to concentrate with the swarm of birds flying back and forth and from the boisterous chatting and chirping banter.


Pond party


I envisioned this conversation as it continued on, and named the boss Ringleader who appeared be the party organizer and bouncer.

Sitting on a park bench, taking in the beauty of peace and quiet, basking in the beautiful sunshine while reading a book, it appeared the birds, a mere ten feet away, were having a grand old time and taking in the calmness of the blue skies.

No doubts the birds adored their sanctuary – away from the humans, chirping in the trees and enjoying the man-made birdbath some kind gardner had created for them. Ringleader seemed unaffected by the blazing sun and scorching heat as he tirelessly led several groups of birds to indulge in the birdie pond. He’d fly away for a few minutes and return with a new flock who wasted no time splashing down in their private pool. As though their time had expired, Ringleader began squawking, to announce their time was up. Once again he’d lead the flock away, and within minutes, he’d return with a new group of winged friends, landing directly in the grassy bath patch to enjoy their secret garden.

It appeared that some, kind human must have spent time manicuring the vast parkland that surrounds my home, and purposely left the approximate 50 square foot patch of concaved weedy patch as a cooling spot for the numerous birds who frequent the area.

In a moment’s notice, Ringleader is up and out again, and streaming behind him were the various feathered friends who’ve enjoyed their visit and were venturing back off to their homing hangouts, only to be followed with a new crowd upon Ringleader’s return.

While I sat there with sweat beading up on my forehead, I have to admit, I was getting envious of the party of birds having a splash.


Masked me






40 thoughts on “Nature’s Hideaway – Pond Party! – Observations – Fiction/Nonfiction or Somewhere In Between

    1. Thanks Stevie. Oye! Thanks. I always seem to get the upside down photo when I send from my phone – despite my viewing the post and it looks fine! Grr! Thanks for telling me. I’ll go fiddle again. x


  1. You know I LOVE this. Even with the chattering birds, you created an amazing blog post. I get outside every day. In fact, I just returned from a neighborhood walk, early morning, the only time my part of the world is cool (until the evening.)

    My strolling in the preserve has inspired a blog post for August. We are on the same page when it comes to the benefits of bathing in nature. Here’s to more bird splash and walks by the pond, Debby!


    1. Hi Marian. Thanks so much. Yes, it’s amazing what inspires with sometime with nature. I was trying to read, but distracted by their shenanigans. It was like the story told itself. How could I not share? 🙂 x


  2. that sounds like such a great place to just sit and read. And how wonderful that you were able to observe the Ringleader bringing back new flocks of birds every few minutes. I’m not sure I would have picked up on that! I need to be a bit more observant of what is going on around me!


  3. Bird activities can be quite entertaining and amusing. We have a group of hummingbirds who are always fighting over the flowers in our yard. We’ve nicknamed their encounters “The Hummingbird Wars.” I wonder what Ringleader thinks about that.


    1. Lol, that’s so funny Pete. And lucky you, I don’t see hummingbirds around where I live. But I saw some and some beautiful butterflies when in Mexico, only a few months ago, but of course now a lifetime 🙂


  4. What a lovely spot Debby and I have to admit to getting distracted from my readings once the starlings begin a pool party.. they get so wet they can barely take off and land in the nearest tree to dry off…. good job in identifying the ringleader.. I wonder what he charges for being a tour guide. You created a lovely spot for us all to visit. ♥♥


    1. Thanks bunches Sal. Honestly, those guys were LOUD, of course I had to investigate what the buzz was about. I’d taken a picture of their play pond but the sun was glaring and it wasn’t worth putting up lol. ❤ xx


  5. Nice mask! How nice to get outside and relieve cabin/unit quarantine fever.

    We have too many birds at our house. Go through 20-30 pounds of seed a week. The hummingbirds are finally here in force, two quarts a day for them. There’s no ringleader–just a very territorial rufous that wants to keep one bottle to himself and chases off others. When it rains, a truce is in effect.


    1. Lol so Rufous is Ringleader. Sadly, no hummingbirds here. I’m no bird expert so I wouldn’t know how to identify most other than robins, crows and hummingbirds 🙂


  6. This is so perfect, Sis. Like you, I find that time in nature to be the stabilizing force behind my writing. Sounds like you had the best day. ❤


  7. Our robin loves a bath, but the magpies make a mess soaking their bread crusts in the bird bath. The blackbird has the sweetest song, herring gulls and crows are very noisy, the magpies chatter non stop, but you would never be able to read under the tree if the wood pigeons were having ‘fun and games’; they are so clumsy, crashing through the branches, it sounds as if a parachutist has landed in the apple tree or a burglar is climbing over the back fence.


    1. Thanks for that lovely lowdown on the various birds Janet. I do think I heard some kind of bird, a woodpecker? banging away at a tree too LOL 🙂


  8. I often feel jealous of the birds, Debby. When I used to look out of my window at work, I would see the birds flying free and my shoes would feel to tight and constrictive.


  9. So pleased that you have some open space to go and read and ponder, Debby. We have a lot of bird wildlife that visits our garden. It’s fascinating to watch. I also like to sit in the garden, close my eyes and listen to the sounds (mostly birdsong). It’s very relaxing.

    I’m pleased with our summer this year. We have a one-day heatwave coming tomorrow (if you can call the high 70sF a heatwave) and haven’t had the added foe of humidity joining it. The Atlantic ocean keeps our shores fresh. I think the birds like it that way too.

    Enjoy your outside space.


  10. How lovely that someone left a patch for the birds. I think that’s pretty cool. I’m glad you’re getting outside everyday, Debby. It’s hard to be cooped up all summer. ❤


  11. Birds are always fascinating creatures.. I love sitting on our garden swing, we set up a birdhouse and feeders and have two bird baths which we keep topped up with water… The sparrows are always in there and the blackbirds… They love nothing better than to play and splash around…
    Loved what you had written on your mask also Debby.. 🙂
    Sending Love your way ❤ 🙂


  12. This sounded like a lovely summer day lounge around, Debby. The birds seemed to have put on quite a show for you. Sounds like the Ringleader wanted every other bird to know there is some nice cool water to enjoy. Hope you weren’t too warm that day. It is winter over here and I would love for it to be summer right now. Stay safe with your mask


  13. I think it’s OK to be envious of birds. Especially in these restricted time, any resemblance of freedom has our attention. Yet, I wouldn’t want to be Ringleader or his compatriots in winter time! 🙂 By the way, how do you know it wasn’t the same flock arriving over and over at the birdie pond?


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