Sunday Book Review – Falling by Stevie Turner #Booklaunch, Women’s #Fiction

My Sunday Book Review is for Stevie Turner’s latest release – Falling, now on pre-order. This is a story of both the literal falling and everything else that falls around James Hynde’s world after his intended demise falls apart, leaving poor 19 year old, Olivia Benet to take ‘the fall’. As always, Stevie always delivers a good story in the women’s fiction category.

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Death seems preferable to wasting what remains of his youth in prison.

James Hynde, fortified by several tots of whiskey, climbs up onto the roof of Parker Mews’ multi-storey car park and peers over the parapet. The game is up. The police will soon seize his millions, the Maserati, the London townhouse, and the Caribbean mansion on Windjammer Island.

Should he jump feet first or hold out his arms and topple over and over like a somersaulting gymnast? He closes his eyes, feels the breeze on his face, and pitches forward into the unknown.

Sixty feet below, Olivia Benet, a budding ballerina, rushes along Parker Mews towards the entrance to the multi-storey. Her interview for the Royal Ballet had taken much longer than expected, and she has but a few short minutes left before her parking ticket expires.

James has no idea of the consequences his action will have on his and Olivia’s lives.

Falling‘ made the finals of the 2022 Page Turner Writing Award.


My 5 Star Review:

This is a story of both the literal falling and everything else that falls around James Hynde’s world after his intended demise falls apart, leaving poor Olivia Benet to take ‘the fall’. As always, Turner always delivers a good story in the women’s fiction category.

James Hynde was in a world of trouble due to his greed and decides the only way out of his mess is to commit suicide – but he couldn’t even get that right because when you’re running bad, the streak continues. Sadly, James’ lame attempt of jumping off a building landed him right on top of poor, innocent 19 years old, Olivia Benet, below. She broke his fall and got the brunt of injuries and paid the price by ending up in a wheelchair and losing her dream to join the ballet company.

Olivia decides to visit James in jail before she began her suing endeavor, to see if she can detect any remorse. Her visits became more frequent to the jail as the more James was rude, the more she felt she had to hear something compassionate. On one of her visits, he finally opens up to her and apologizes. This broke the ice, and we see an ‘interesting’ relationship develop between them. James eventually bares his soul to Olivia, telling her some juicy scoop about some of the money he’d swindled and where it was. This interested Olivia.

When James gets out of jail, his relationship with Olivia heats up. They get together, and then again separate. Later when they reunite, they decide to start up a new business together, out of the city, away from the competition. Some new shady characters are introduced in the new business, along with some baggage from James’ past – mainly, a greedy ex wife.

 So, what happens when ex-wife Fiona shows up? Well, you’re going to have to read on to find out what exactly she is after!

Stevie’s books never disappoint. With engaging characters and wonderful plot lines, this book is a lovely escape read.


Visit Stevie’s author page and check out her vast array of engaging books (many of which I’ve read). #Womens Fiction


105 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Falling by Stevie Turner #Booklaunch, Women’s #Fiction

  1. I always enjoy Stevie’s books, so it’s good to see she has another one coming down the pipe. One of the things I like about her writing is the plots always move forward.

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  2. An excellent review for Stevie’s new book! I am definitely intrigued. She knows how to weave a compelling tale. Thank you for sharing, Debby, and congrats to Stevie! Heading over to get my copy pre-ordered!

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  3. You are a prolific writer and reader. Stevie’s book sounds like such a page turner if the blurb, the cover, and your review are any indication. I trust your opinion and the price is unbeatable. I must find out what happens in the love triangle between James, Olivia, and Fiona.

    Congratulations, Stevie. And thank you, Debby! 😀

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  4. I’ve got a review in the pipeline for this. I won’t take any credit for it because it was all Stevie, but in haggling with her to edit the snot out of “His Ladyship” she turned a corner. Hint. This is easily her most well written book to date and takes a big step out of the standard Indie Author realm. Thanks for reviewing it for her. Turn it up!

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  5. As much as I’m reading these days, I should be making a dent in my Kindle. Instead, I’m like a rat on an exercise wheel, running in place. I’ve got one of your other books waiting for me. I’d better get to that one before I pick up this one. Best of luck, Stevie.

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