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Writer’s Tips – All about Making our Books Stand Out

This week’s edition of Writer’s Tips, I’m sharing some great articles I came across for authors and their books. Learn about eye-catching blurbs, the role of beta readers, how to use Amazon author central to spruce up our blurbs, and what makes a book great.



All about making our blurbs for our books be the best from Sacha Black

Book hooks and blurbs – Can you catch a reader? #Mondayblogs







The importance of using beta readers for our books

#BetaReaders ~ what to look for and how to get the best from them #AuthorAdvice #AmWriting #AmReading #AmEditing #CreatingPerfection



Great help article on how to add to your book’s product description (blurb) by using author central on Amazon, not your KDP dashboard.

Source: Making Your Book’s Description POP on Amazon | Celebrating Independent Authors





Excellent article on Joanna Penn’s (Creative Penn) blog on how to write our books with ‘greatness’


Writing Tips: 8 Ways To Take Your Book From Good To Great







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