Writer’s Tips – Gutenberg How To, 89 Instagram Secrets You Need to Know, Free Logos

I’ve picked a few articles to share for today’s edition of Writer’s Tips after visiting fellow blogger’s pages. Nicholas Rossis shares some great info on where to pick up some free fonts and a site for 3D mockups for our books. I have to great informational  articles from blogging guru Hugh Roberts on how to add images and slideshows to our blogs. A complete step by step guide to using Gutenberg editor by Natalie Ducey. And some useful information for authors on using Instagram and social media by Anne R. Allen. Something for everyone!


I recently posted about free fonts and free 3D mockups. This latest resource rounds up nicely these two design-related posts by throwing some great images into the mix. PNGkey has a stunning number…




Hugh Roberts with some helpful information for bloggers on embedding slideshows on your blogs.




More helpful hints from Hugh Roberts on how to add images in the comment section of a blog – make sure you have permission first!




Block by block – A step by step guide to using Gutenberg editor by Natalie Ducey





89 Helpful tips to use Instagram as an author’s tool

Source: Instagram Online: 89 Instagram Secrets You Need to Know





And another informative post from Anne R. Allen – How to use social media effectively for authors

Authors, Don’t Run From Social Media: 10 Tips to use it Efficiently and Avoid the “Cesspool.”