Is #Windows10 Hijacking Your Computer?



Thank you Windows 10 for taking the liberty of thinking you can sneak your updates into my computer with secret codes and then automatically download onto my computer when I try to close the box asking me to download. If I closed the box, obviously this meant I chose not to upgrade from my 8.1.


One would think that we still have choices when it comes to using the operating system of our choice. But Microsoft has been making it more difficult to circumvent downloading the upgrade.


At first I thought those pop ups were becoming more plentiful as I clicked off the download box more and more frequently. But today was a little different. I clicked to close off the annoying pop up once again, and the next thing I knew, another box came up telling me that Windows 10 was now downloading. This form of tricking us into downloading is now being talked about as ‘clickjacking’.


I quickly stopped the installation, but that didn’t stop it from letting me know that next time I restart my computer it would continue loading. That’s when I went into detective mode and surrendered 5 hours of planned writing time to figure out a way to get rid of Microsoft’s infringement on my personal freedom.


I’ve done all the legwork now, so I’m going to spare you guys this agro, and save you countless hours of reading on Google how to get rid of this annoying and potentially corruptive problem.


Let me begin with saying that I have 4 computers. My big desktop has Windows 8.1 on it, which I love, and it’s also the one I use to write my books on. My laptop also has 8.1, and I have an old laptop which still functions with Windows 7 that I haven’t used in a few years. And then there is my new Windows Surface with 10 built into it. So this nightmare of Windows 10 wanting to take over my 3 other computers had me running between the 3 of them to see if they had already been possessed.


I will add that on my newest laptop, I’ve adjusted to Windows 10 and haven’t had any real problems with it. The problem for many seems to be that once you download Windows 10 as a replacement to a previous other operating system, many things can and have gone wrong, not to mention that some software programs used in 7 or 8 aren’t compatible with 10. I’ve heard many writers complaining how downloading 10 as an upgrade had screwed up their computers, and many had to go visit the ‘Geeks’ to restore their computers.


When I began my Google search I started typing in things like: stop Windows 10 from downloading, how to get rid of Windows 10 updates, and so forth. After reading several articles and trying various things to get rid of the updates on the 3 computers, I finally came across some immensely helpful information.


One article I read, informed me of the code of the update to be on the look out for that automatically will transform into Windows 10 once updated. I then had to search my computer(s) for that update that was already ‘installed’ but not yet downloaded. The next time I would have restarted my computer(s) that update would have overtaken the system without consent. So began the mission to try and rid my computer(s) of this update.


In my investigations, I learned, how to stop the pop up from the task bar from popping up asking me to download, and how to disallow the update from taking effect upon restarting the computer. This is what I’m sharing with you.


The offending update code is kb3035583. If you go into your control panel and then your Windows updates installed, you can scroll down through them all and if you find that offending code, you can ‘uninstall’ the update. Keep in mind that ‘installed updates’ don’t mean they have yet been downloaded. But the thought of having it there and taking action while I’m away from the computer was frightening. And to keep that pesky pop up from continuing to visit your screen randomly, you can left click on the taskbar, which will bring up ‘properties’, click that then click ‘customize’ in that box then scroll down to ‘hide Windows 10 icon and that will stop the pest from asking you to download Windows 10 and waiting for you to accidentally click it to download. I also changed my ‘how I want my updates installed’ from automatically update when there’s a new update to let me know when there are updates so I can keep an eye out for that nasty code, in case it comes back. I also found that Microsoft is on a tear to get people to download 10 till the end of July. That’s when Windows 10 will no longer be offered ‘FREE’ and hence, there should be no more updates for it.


But we aren’t done yet. In my deep Google search, I came across a Geek article recommending a program called Never 10. Apparently, this is one of the best and possibly only fix available to completely disallow Windows 10 from loading on your computer ever! (Unless YOU choose to undo it.)


I’m going to list 2 links below. One of the links will give you more insight about how to get rid of the pop up and links to the download of the Windows 10 blocker, and how to deal with that update code. All pages lead back to referring to the Never 10 download to forever block the nuisance.


Let me say that I spent quite a few hours between investigating, checking all my computers and testing by closing them off and restarting and searching again, and I’m happy to say that the devil did not possess me!


Here are the links:


And if you’d like to read more about how Microsoft has underhandedly shifted around the function of the ‘close screen’ feature to eliminate the option to decline the update to 10, read HERE


I hope none of you have yet fallen prey to this nuisance and if you’re experiencing any of these problems, this information should get you out of the jam. There are also various links on Google offering instructions on how to undo the process should your computer have already downloaded 10 on its own accord.

I’d be curious to know if any of you have run into this problem?